National Bird-Feeding Society moves to Millikin


Beginning this month, Millikin University in Decatur will serve as the new home to the National Bird-Feeding Society. The NBFS is the all-around resource for everything you need to know or would want to know about bird feeding. The organization's goal is to improve the hobby of bird feeding and watching by connecting bird lovers with education and research about best practices for wild bird feeding.

"Really bird feeding is about connecting with nature," said David Horn, an Associate Professor at Millikin. "We live in such a busy time right now we don't have time to really connect with the natural world and bird feeding brings nature's most beautiful sights and sounds right to your window."

The National Bird-Feeding Society does research for you. For example, the best kind of bird seed. Horn says birds prefer black oil sunflower seed and elevated tube feeders.

For more information on NBFS, click here.
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