“Expanding Your Horizons in Math, Science, and Technology” conference at University of Illinois Springfield


Springfield, IL - The "Expanding Your Horizons in Math, Science, and Technology" conference took place on Saturday, 19 March, at the University of Illinois at Springfield.  Sixth, seventh and eighth grade girls from all over the central Illinois area were invited to attend these seminars.  Dozens of female professional are recruited to conduct workshops in which the young girls get to experience various activities, showing them what it is like to work in these fields.  Various technological careers showcased included architecture, engineering, nursing, forensics, and veterinary medicine.   

"We know that there is a is still a disparity when it comes to the representation of girls, or women versus men, in some of these fields, and girls in particular at this age need this type of encouragement," says Sally Vogl, General Co-Chair of this conference.  These workshops emphasize demonstrations and hands-on learning.  Vogl says, "We know that the girls want to be engaged, and that this is the way they can learn best, and certainly this underscores their ability to participate in those activities when we show them how to do it." 

Almost 300 young girls attended this conference.  Additional "Expanding Your Horizons" seminars were also held for about 30 parents and other adults. 

The EYH conference was sponsored by the American Association of University Women (Springfield Branch), The Children's Center of Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois, and the University of Illinois Springfield.  This marks the 24th year for this event with plans to return next year. 

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