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November 20, 2009

A viewer in Decatur, I'll leave his name out, pointed out to me that I have not blogged in 27 days.  I guess that's a new record.  It's not that I don't like to write in this bad boy, but as you've probably guessed... we've been pretty busy up here. Plus... I've been waiting for a good topic to talk about and I have one.

I just got back(late last night) from Washington, D.C.  My father, who as many of you know is in the Air Force was just promoted.  Lt. General Ralph J. Jodice, that's got a great ring to it.  What a day, and what a great ceremony.  The promotion was done by the Chief of Staff of the United State's Air Force, General Schwarz.  He was a great guy, and we were able to spend some time with him before the promotion.  Further proof that even though these men are high ranking military officials, they are all very down to earth.  The promotion was at the Pentagon in the Hall of Heros.  A very cool experience to say the least.  I am very proud of my dad for his accomplishments in the Air Force.  This has been well documented in this blog.  Wednesday re-affirmed my admiration and pride in him.  It is also a testiment to my mother, Judy.  She has been there every step of the way, from assignments in Columbus, Mississippi to Beijing, China.  I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure she is atleast a 1-star General here self at this point.

On the home front here... we've got a BUSY weekend of high school fotball playoffs.  We still have seven local teams in the semifinals, so should make for a fun Saturday Frenzy.


October 24, 2009

IHSA Football Playoffs - The IHSA has released the playoff pairing and brackets.

Here is a link to everything you need to know.  Stay tuned this week as we break down the pairings and talk to local teams.




October 19, 2009

On this day in 1956 Illini head basketball coach Bruce Weber was born.  Happy Birthday Coach!

Today is a good day to be a sports anchor and I'll tell you why.  I'm at work, TCB(taking care of business) and watching playoff baseball at the same time.  A TV at your desk is a must people, and I'd like to hear about more people out there in the business world watching the tube when on the clock.  Trust me, it doensn't slow down your productively...

... sorry I got distracted, Andy Petitte just got out of the inning and the Angels left a runner on second.  Yes, as you know from this blog I am a Yankees fan.  You can send all your hate mail and Yankees-dislike to  Just kidding, sorry JC.  I'm trying to keep this blog updated as much as I can.  I have to now since my Mom got on today and saw I wrote yesterday.  She's keeping me honest.




October 18, 2009

Too long without a blog update.  Thanks to Dave Jordan of Decatur for calling me out.  I'm at work on Sunday afternoon watching the Giants(my favorite NFL team) get spanked by the Saints.  Big Blue defense is getting torched by Drew Breese and company.  So, not a good day to be a Giants' fan.  On the flip side, and I know this is giong to make a lot of people mad at me, how about A-Rod and those Yankees?  Another big win last night in the playoffs.  I have to give my wife credit.  We were in the news truck last night driving back from the Illini-Hoosier football game, and she kept me updated with scores via the text message.

Ok, speaking of Illini football.  What has happened?  Gone is that magical season that eneded at the Rose Bowl.  In all honesty, this team has not recovered from that.  Since losing in Pasadena against USC in January of 2008, Illini footall is 6-12.  They have looked like anything but what we expected this season.  I picked this team to go 8-4 on the first episode of "Inside Illini Football" (which airs every Sunday morning at 10:30 and then again after our late newscast on Sunday night... shameless plug).  Have a doctor head over there and check for lower leg injuries, because this team is constantly shooting themselves in the foot(lame joke right?).  I'm not 100% sure what the problem is, but I do know they have issues all over the field.  I for one keep hoping this thing will just come together, they will wake up and win a game.  We'll have to see how it plays out, but as of today, it's not looking good.




September 22, 2009

Illinois High School Football Top 10 Poll

The Associated Press

 Here are the latest rankings of Illinois high school football teams in each class, according to an Associated Press panel of sportswriters:

Class 8A

School W-L Pts Prv

1. Maine South (8) (4-0) 80 1

2. Lincoln-Way East (4-0) 77 4

3. Fremd (4-0) 63 3

4. Gurnee Warren (4-0) 61 6

5. Belleville East (4-0) 45 7

6. Chicago Mt. Carmel (3-1) 38 2

7. Glenbard North (4-0) 30 8

8. Loyola (3-1) 29

9. Stevenson (3-1) 16

10. Hinsdale Central (2-2) 15 9


Others receiving votes: Bolingbrook 14, Marian Catholic 10, Lockport 8, Palatine 6, Machesney Park Harlem 3,

Class 7A

School W-L Pts Prv

1. St. Rita (6) (4-0) 86 1

2. Glenbard West (3) (4-0) 83 2

3. Wheaton Warrenville South (3-1) 66 3

4. Prospect (4-0) 57 4

5. Geneva (4-0) 53 5

6. Rockford Boylan (4-0) 49 6

7. Crystal Lake South (4-0) 38 7

8. Carmel (4-0) 29 8

9. Hononegah (4-0) 17

10. De La Salle (4-0) 10


Others receiving votes: Glenbrook North 2, Lake Zurich 2, St. Charles North 2, Huntley 1,

Class 6A

School W-L Pts Prv

1. East St. Louis (11) (2-2) 123 1

2. Lemont (1) (4-0) 114 2

3. Cary-Grove (1) (4-0) 104 3

4. Providence (3-1) 98 4

5. Danville (4-0) 80 5

6. Rock Island (3-1) 52 7

7. St. Viator (3-1) 39 6

8. Bloomington (3-1) 38 8

9. Morgan Park (3-1) 23 9

10. Richwoods (4-0) 20 10


Others receiving votes: Springfield 8, Normal Community 4, Crete-Monee 4, Quincy 3, Oak Lawn Richards 2, Oswego 2, Galesburg 1,

Class 5A

School W-L Pts Prv

1. Springfield Sacred Heart-Griffin (10) (4-0) 109 1

2. Joliet Catholic (1) (3-1) 95 2

3. Cahokia (4-0) 88 3

4. Washington (4-0) 80 4

5. Decatur MacArthur (4-0) 60 5

6. Metamora (3-1) 53 7

7. Morris (2-2) 25

(tie) Kankakee (3-1) 25 10

9. St. Francis (3-1) 20

10. Montini (2-2) 16 6


Others receiving votes: Hillcrest 13, Nazareth 6, Champaign Central 5, Carbondale 4, Kaneland 3, Triad 2, East Peoria 1,

Class 4A

School W-L Pts Prv

1. Bloomington Central Catholic (8) (4-0) 115 1

2. Rochester (2) (4-0) 106 2

3. Quincy Notre Dame (2) (4-0) 102 3

4. Bishop McNamara (4-0) 74 5

5. Coal City (4-0) 65 7

6. Effingham (4-0) 57 8

7. Rock Island Alleman (3-1) 37 9

8. Geneseo (3-1) 30 4

9. Mt. Zion (4-0) 28 10

10. Richmond-Burton (3-1) 14


Others receiving votes: Illinois Valley Central 12, Breese Mater Dei 7, Mendota 6, Althoff Catholic 4, Herscher 2, Chicago Christian 1,

Class 3A

School W-L Pts Prv

1. Illini West (Carthage) (9) (4-0) 108 1

2. Wilmington (2) (4-0) 97 2

3. Stillman Valley (4-0) 90 3

4. Decatur St. Teresa (4-0) 78 4

5. Pittsfield-Griggsville-Perry (1) (4-0) 64 5

6. Tolono Unity (4-0) 56 6

7. Greenville (4-0) 51 8

8. Elmhurst Immaculate Conception (2-2) 49 7

9. Champaign St. Thomas More (4-0) 19

10. DuQuoin (4-0) 14 10



Others receiving votes: DuQuoin 14, Columbia 9, Sherrard 6, Aurora Christian 6, St. Joseph-Ogden 5, Sesser-Valier 3, Auburn 2, Winnebago 2, Anna-Jonesboro 1,

Class 2A

School W-L Pts Prv

1. Casey-Westfield (8) (4-0) 107 4

2. Orion (2) (4-0) 82 5

3. Morrison (4-0) 67 7

4. Amboy-LaMoille (4-0) 63 8

5. Maroa-Forsyth (3-1) 62 1

6. Mercer County (3-1) 51 2

7. Bureau Valley (1) (3-1) 47 6

8. Eastland-Pearl City (4-0) 42 9

9. Clifton Central (3-1) 26 3

10. Williamsville (4-0) 17


Others receiving votes: Stark County 10, Chester 8, Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley 8, Wethersfield 4, Red Bud 4, Watseka 3, Milford 3, Alton Marquette 1,

Class 1A

School W-L Pts Prv

1. Dakota (13) (4-0) 147 1

2. Brown County (1) (4-0) 127 3

(tie) Triopia-Meredosia-Chambersburg (1) (4-0) 127 2

4. East Dubuque (4-0) 101 5

5. Alexis United (4-0) 75 7

6. Lena-Winslow (3-1) 67 6

7. Jacksonville Routt (4-0) 55 9

8. Lexington (4-0) 53 10

9. Salt Fork (3-1) 20 4

10. Tuscola (2-2) 14 8


Others receiving votes: Aquin 13, Lewistown 8, Greenfield-Northwestern 4, Calhoun 2, Polo 2, Palestine-Hutsonville 2, Pawnee 2, Bushnell-Prairie City 2, Cerro Gordo 2, Pecatonica 1, Flanagan-Woodland 1,



September 21, 2009

A busy weekend wrapped up

It was a busy weekend for me. Started on Saturday at Lake Shelbyville. I was invited to come down and race boats during Hydrofest. I was joined by Scot England(WAND), Doug Wilson(TLC Tradings Spaces), and Tim Dudley(running for Senate). If you've never seen a hydro boat, they are basically a one-man speedboat, made of wood, with a jet engine on the back. OK, OK, maybe not a jet engine, but these bad boys can get up to about 60-70 mph if you go full throttle. IT WAS AWESOME. You skip across the water! We did a three lap circuit over at the Wilborn Creek recrational area. Doug got the win, but I have to contest it. We were supposed to all start at the same time... that didn't happen... and it was kind of a free for all. None-the-less, I had a great time and the folks down at Lake Shelbyville were great hosts and did an excellent job teaching us how to race across the water top. I'm hoping they ask me back in the future, because I would love to get back out there in a hydro boat.

That was Saturday, Sunday was the Shoreline Classic. Most of you know I have been training for 13 weeks for the 15K. I was part of the Shoreline Squad group who ran together every Thursday night in Nelson Park. I owe so much to the Shoreline Squad. Without the groups runs this process would have been much harder. At the begning running 5 miles was tough. By the end, a 5 mile day felt like a short run. Race day in Decatur was great. I ran with a small group from the Squad(probably about 6 of us). We stayed together for the majority of the 9-mile course. My goal going into race-day was to break the 1:30:00 mark. My watch read 1:29:48 when I finished... the official race result says 1:29:51. I'm pumped to get it done faster then I had hoped. This entire process was great! Props go out to Zach Sowa and everyone at St. Mary's Athletic Care for running the Shoreline Squad. The group was great, made some friends, and will miss banging out miles with you guys on Thursday nights. Also props go out to Bruce Bennett, race director, for the Classic. He had over 1,000 people signed up this year and race day went off without a hitch(as far as I can tell). Great job to everyone who ran! Next stop for me... maybe a halth marathon or something.




Sept. 1. 2009

A few things.  Illini football coach Ron Zook said today that Josh Brent will not miss any games, he is set to play on Saturday against Missouri.  Brent plead guilty to, and served a brief stint in jail, for a DUI during the offseason.  I agree with Zook here not to suspend him any games.  The kid did the crime, and in turn, did the time as well.  He had to sit out of spring ball, so why make him sit longer?  Good move by Zook, great news for the team.  Brent is a beast in the middle, and the Illini probably have the best D-tackles in the Big Ten.

My prediction for Saturday against Missouri:  Illinois gets off the schnide here and takes down the Tigers.  The Illini have too much offense to contain.  Illini 35 Missou 24.

Week 2 High School Football rankings are out... here they are.

Illinois High School Football Top 10 Poll


The Associated Press


Here are the latest rankings of Illinois high school football teams in each class, according to an Associated Press panel of sportswriters:

Class 8A

School W-L Pts Prv

1. Chicago Mt. Carmel (1-0) 71 3

2. Maine South (7) (1-0) 70 1

3. Bolingbrook (1-0) 56 4

4. Naperville North (1-0) 49 5

5. Hinsdale Central (1) (0-1) 45 2

6. Fremd (1-0) 36 6

7. Lincoln-Way East (1-0) 34 8

8. Gurnee Warren (1-0) 23 9

9. Downers South (0-1) 13 7

10. Belleville West (1-0) 11

Others receiving votes: Belleville East 9, Machesney Park Harlem 8, Naperville Central 8, Loyola 6, Brother Rice 1.

Class 7A

School W-L Pts Prv

1. Wheaton Warrenville South (7) (1-0) 79 1

2. St. Rita (1) (1-0) 72 2

3. Glenbard West (1-0) 65 3

4. Prospect (1-0) 50 5

5. Geneva (1-0) 38 8

6. Rockford Boylan (1-0) 34 10

7. Carmel (0-1) 29 4

8. Crystal Lake South (1-0) 27 6

9. Lake Zurich (0-1) 12

10. Wheaton North (1-0) 11

Others receiving votes: Huntley 10, Hononegah 6, Glenbrook North 4, Fenwick 2, Rolling Meadows 1.

Class 6A

School W-L Pts Prv

1. East St. Louis (9) (0-1) 91 1

2. Lemont (1) (1-0) 89 3

3. Cary-Grove (1-0) 73 4

4. Morgan Park (1-0) 61 8

5. Crete-Monee (1-0) 56 5

6. Providence (0-1) 53 2

7. Oswego (1-0) 39

8. Danville (1-0) 26

9. St. Viator (1-0) 19 10

10. Normal Community (1-0) 15

Others receiving votes: Antioch 13, Oak Lawn Richards 8, Bloomington 5, Hubbard 1, Rock Island 1.

Class 5A

School W-L Pts Prv

1. Joliet Catholic (3) (1-0) 96 2

2. Springfield Sacred Heart-Griffin (6) (1-0) 94 10

3. Metamora (2) (1-0) 91 1

4. Cahokia (1-0) 74 3

5. Nazareth (1-0) 61 5

6. Decatur MacArthur (1-0) 43 6

7. St. Francis (1-0) 38 9

8. Kankakee (1-0) 32 8

9. Morris (0-1) 24 4

10. Montini (0-1) 17 7

Others receiving votes: Washington 9, Wheaton Academy 9, Sterling 8, Champaign Central 7, Triad 2.

Class 4A

School W-L Pts Prv

1. Rochester (8) (1-0) 109 1

2. Bloomington Central Catholic (2) (1-0) 108 2

3. Quincy Notre Dame (2) (1-0) 91 4

4. Geneseo (1-0) 87 3

5. Richmond-Burton (1-0) 81 5

6. Bishop McNamara (1-0) 52 6

7. Mendota (1-0) 42 T9

T8. Coal City (1-0) 20 T9

T8. Effingham (1-0) 20

10. Pontiac (1-0) 19

Others receiving votes: Waterloo 9, Rock Island Alleman 7, Mt. Zion 7, Breese Mater Dei 3, Althoff Catholic 3, Mahomet-Seymour 2.

Class 3A

School W-L Pts Prv

1. Illini West (Carthage) (8) (1-0) 117 1

2. Elmhurst Immaculate Conception (4) (0-1) 102 2

3. Wilmington (1-0) 86 5

4. DuQuoin (1-0) 80 3

5. Stillman Valley (1-0) 75 6

6. Tolono Unity (1-0) 50 4

7. Decatur St. Teresa (1-0) 49 7

8. Pittsfield (1) (1-0) 48

9. Columbia (1-0) 27 8

10. Greenville (1-0) 23 T9

Others receiving votes: Auburn 20, Breese Central 16, Nashville 10, Anna-Jonesboro 8, Aurora Christian 2, Sterling Newman 2.

Class 2A

School W-L Pts Prv

1. Maroa-Forsyth (5) (1-0) 90 1

2. Bureau Valley (2) (1-0) 87 2

3. Mercer County (2) (1-0) 78 T4

4. Clifton Central (1) (1-0) 75 3

5. Westville (1-0) 47 6

6. Casey-Westfield (1-0) 41 T10

7. Stark County (1-0) 39 7

8. Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley (1-0) 31 8

9. Orion (1-0) 17

10. Morrison (1-0) 15

Others receiving votes: Amboy-LaMoille 14, Alton Marquette 5, Eastland-Pearl City 4, Williamsville 3, Wethersfield 1, Moweaqua Central A&M 1, Deer Creek-Mackinaw 1, Pleasant Plains 1.

Class 1A

School W-L Pts Prv

1. Dakota (10) (1-0) 117 1

2. Triopia-Meredosia-Chambersburg (1) (1-0) 96 2

3. Brown County (1) (1-0) 92 3

4. Tuscola (1-0) 71 6

5. Galena (1-0) 68 4

6. Salt Fork (1-0) 67 5

7. Cerro Gordo (1-0) 39 7

8. Greenfield-Northwestern (1-0) 36 9

9. Lena-Winslow (0-1) 26 10

10. East Dubuque (1-0) 13

Others receiving votes: Jacksonville Routt 10, Alexis United 8, Milledgeville 7, Bushnell-Prairie City 4, Villa Grove 3, Calhoun 2, Durand 1.





August 23, 2009

Getting Closer

We are getting closer by the day to the start of the football season. Local high schools start up again on Friday the 28th. College ball for Eastern Illinois gets going on the 3rd of September, with the Illini and everyone else on the 5th. Illinois will once again make the trip to Saint Louis for the Arch Rivalry game against Missouri. This will be the year that the Orange and Blue get over the hump against Mizzou. Their offense has too much fire power for the Tigers to handle. They lost a lot of guys at Mizzou(QB, WR, TE). I like Illinois to take game one on the road... and then take down Illinois State the following week to start 2-0. The question after that is how will the start of Big Ten play go? It's not going to be easy with Ohio State, Penn State, and Michigan State to open up the confernce schedule.

As you may know, I have been training for the Shoreline Classic. It's a 15K in Decatur on Sunday, September 20. I joined the Shoreline Squad and we run together every Thursday night. You can check out our progress on this very website... just look for the Shoreline logo. Last week we talked to Hollie Lugten. She teaches for District 61 and is the girls soccer coach at MacArthur. Her Dad is Decatur Golfer, Lon Lugten. Hollie started her own program called Kilometers for Kids. She is running to raise some funds for DPS 61. If you want to help her out just send her an email at... - our reports air Monday night's at 5 p.m.




August 9, 2009

Illini football left for Camp Rantoul this afternoon. Illinois will take over the old Air Base for the duration of training camp as they get ready for the season and game one against Missouri. My thoughts after watching the team a few days at practice.

1. Juice has a great shot at leading the Big Ten in offense again this season. The senior from Chicago threw the ball all over the field last year. His recieving core is very good... check that... they're awesome. Arrelious Benn is a possible first round pick, and now you add Jarred Fayson to the mix... they've got some weapons. This group is loaded. Big Jeff Cumberland, Rejus, Fayson, AJ Jenkins, Michael Hooman(TE), etc. The Illini will have no problem scoring the football.

2. They have a stable of running backs. Every RB is back from a season ago. Daniel Dufrene, Mikel LeShoure, Jason Ford, Troy Pollard... all back. Add to that freshman Justin Green who snubbed Ohio State to play for the Illini. They can throw a group of backs at you that will can run all game long. If Juice opens it up with the passing game... look out for any of these guys to have big games. LeShoure, who is from Champaign, looks jacked this season. He's down about 15 lbs and looks ready to run. So does Dufrene for that matter. This group will be a strength.

3. The defense is going to be better then most people might think. Yes they lost the B10's leading tackler from a year ago, Brit Miller. Yes they lost 1st round draft pick Vontae Davis. They still have Martez Wilson, who nexted to Benn is probably the best athlete on the entire team. Dude is a beast and he will head up the linebacker unit. They have some really good cornerbacks too including Dere Hicks, who playing opposite of Davis the last two years, has loads of experience defending the pass.

4. Their schedule is not easy. This will be the year they finally beat Missouri in Saint Louis. Starting B10 play on the road at Ohio State is no joke. Then it's back to Champaign for back to back weeks against Penn State and Michigan State. It will be a challenge for the Illini who don't want to start confernce play 0-3. I think if they can win one of those three they will set themselves up for a 9-3 or 8-4 season and back in a bowl game. Then again, you never know... I never thought they would lose against Western Michigan last year.

Prediction for 2009 Season

vs. Missouri - W

vs. Ill. State - W

@ OSU - L

vs. PSU - L

vs. MSU - W/L

@ Indiana - W

@ Purdue - W

vs. Michigan - W

@ Minnesota - W

vs. NW - W

@ Cinncy - W/L

vs. Fresno State - W

10-2 would be a long shot... more like 9-3 or 8-4




August 4, 2009

Hey Guys,

Back from a week on the east coast.  We hit D.C. and Philly to see a bunch of friends and family.  It's always great to be in the Nation's Capitol.  I am a fan of that city.  Good to hang out with Mom and Dad too.  Took this picture as we were driving around D.C. 

All-in-all a good trip... now back to reality and the realization that Camp Rantoul and the start of Illinois football practice is now right around the corner.  They guys hit the field for the first time on Thursday afternoon.  The first three practices will be in Champaign before heading to Rantoul on Monday the 10th.  I think Illinois is going to have a pretty good year, and they will be back in a bowl game.  The big question is the defense.  They have some new faces playing in pretty big spots.  I know the offense will be able to score points... so can the D hold?  That's what we'll try and find out leading up to the season.




July 25, 2009

It's been a fun and long week. On Wednesday we took off for Central Iowa and RAGBRAI. For those who don't know it's a huge week long bike ride... Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. My parents are avid cyclist and were riding the entire week on their tandem with the Air Force Cycling Team. They are part of it, and represent the USAF well, as they always do. I decided a little while back that I would meet up with them, if only for one day to ride. The plan was for me to meet them in Moravia, which would be the midway point for the Thursday ride, and then ride in with them to the end town of Ottumwa. Instead I pulled a little trickery and meet them in Chariton and road the entire day with them... 78 miles. They were pumped to have the entire day with me, as was I. We had Elizabeth in the team car and she met us at the mid-way point for lunch and then at the end. It was a lot of fun. I have done some 100 mile days in the Hotter 'n Hell in Wichita Falls, Texas. That's was great ride, but nowhere near the event this is. This thing is a week long right across the state. I saw some real characters out there and have to admit I tip my cap to them for rolling the entire week. Impressive. All-in-all it was a lot of fun, great to ride bikes with Eagle One and Mom Bon Jovi again.

Speaking of riding bikes... props go out to the big bad American winning machine that is Lance Armstrong. I know some people are like... "what's the deal with Lance? He didn't win?" The dude took four years off from the elite level of the sport and is going to take third at the Super Bowl of the sport, the Tour de France. I'm pumped that he will be back next year, and very excited that it will be on the American Radio Shack team. Vive Lance and Vive le Tour.




July 14, 2009

All-Star Game Stuff

We made the trip to St. Louis on Monday for All-Star game stuff. Got down there to talk to all the players and then the workout and homerun derby. Interviews with the players was a lot of fun. We talked to all the big names; Albert Pujols, Derek Jeter, Joe Torre, Mark Buehrle, Ted Lilly, and more. Growing up as a huge Yankees fan, I will admit interviewing Jeter was really cool. When it ended I was kind of like... "Did that just happen?" It was cool. All of the players were really cool too.

For those who say St. Louis is the best baseball city in the country, I would have a hard time arguing that. The city looked great this entire week on the big stage, and Busch Stadium was a great host for the event. The Cardinal fan base knows the game of baseball. Albert constantly said they have the best fans in the game. I'm sure all of the other guys in the room say the same thing about their fans, but Albert might be right. And I'm not even a Cardinals fans. I am an Albert fan after this week.

The homerun derby was pretty cool to watch. Our seats in the media area where down the right field foul pole. We could see a lot. When the ball was hit really high up, I'd lose sight of it, only to see it reappear in the stands. Prince Fielder and Nelson Cruz were crushing the baseball. I saw some balls hit to places in that stadium that I'd never seen before. It was intense.




July 7, 2009

Yesterday(Monday) we aired our second episode of Shoreline Classic training. We took the day to talk to Kelly Finn. She works at St. Mary's Hospital and is running the 5K. Kelly recently found out that she has emphazema. She is using the Shoreline to keep her body strong and in shape. I'm proud of her, and you can check out her story right here on our website. Remember every Monday we air what we did on the Thursday before. Let me tell you what a difference a week makes. Week 1... was brutally hot. Week 2... was about 15 degrees cooler, which made for a much better run. We logged 4 miles for our squad run... and I felt really good. Got in under 40 minutes, which was my goal at the start of the day, and had something left in the tank for the final 1/2 mile kick of the run, which ends up a small incline. So good news there. We go for 5 miles this Thursday... hopefully it will go better then my Monday run(which was supposed to be 4 miles). I only did 3 and felt like crap. Hopefully better on Thursday.

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July. I know for folks here in the C.I. it wasn't the greatest thanks to a lot of wet weather. It's one of those whaddya gonna go situations. Still a great day to celebrate our nations birthday.

I don't know if you are, but I am hooked(once again) on the Tour de France. I got into cycling in 2003. When I graduated from college my parents got me road bike. I've since riden in a few 100 mile rides(Hotter 'n Hell 100 in Wichita Falls, TX). So since that point, I've been hooked on the Tour, and even more so when the big bad American winning machine, Lance Armstrong is racing. I was pumped to hear he was coming back this year, and I've been pumped to watch him and Team Astana every day. I'm also pulling for the two American owned teams, Columbia HTC and Garmin-Split Stream. Lance looks really strong so far, and it would be awesome to see him put that yellow jersey back on, and wear it on the final day in Paris. Drop me a line if you ever want to talk cyling... and maybe you'll see me out for a spin around town... that is when I'm not doing this Shoreline stuff... should be a good, exercise-full summer.




June 29, 2009



Shoreline Training


Hopefully you watched the 5pm newscast. Every Monday we are airing a special segment about Shoreline Classic Squad Training. Jennifer Rule(Sales) and I are running in the event in September. Jennifer will do the 5K and somehow I was talked into the 15K. Yes that's a little over 9 miles. For the next 13 weeks(down to 12 now) we will be training for this thing, and showing you updates.

Run #1 - Thursday, June 25

3 miles - 28:39, this was as tough one. Very hot... and VERY humid.

As you can tell, I'm not really built for speed, but much more for comfort. My goal during this process is to get a little faster, and be able to handle the long distance. I completed a 10K last summer and know I can do this too. I am really looking forward to going thru the process, and taking you guys along for the ride every Monday night.

I also did a 5K on Saturday for the Koman Race for the Cure in Decatur.  My Grandmother, Mary Ann Jodice was a survivor from 1986... so I ran extra hard for her.

Golf tomorrow morning with JC at Red Tail Run. I'm going to try and stay within 10... trust me, that would be huge!




June 24, 2009

Wednesday Afternoon

I have a confession. I just watched an entire soccer game on TV. It was the FIFA Confederation Cup and the USA just beat Spain 2-0. For those of you, who aren't big fans of soccer, this is a pretty big deal. The USA wasn't even supposed to be in this game. They're not on the same level as #1 Spain... until now. I'm down with everything red, white, and blue... so if that means sitting through 90 minutes to get a win over Spain, I'm down. Now let's see if we can take down Brazil to win the title.

As I write this, I'm talking to a buddy of mine who is in the Air Force and in Germany. For security purposes I will only call him The Lone Wolf. He's a good dude, that I've known since the 10th grade, and was my first friend when my family moved to Virginia going into my soph. year of high school. It's good to know that there are guys like him, my Dad, and little bro in the military holding it down and keeping all of us safe.

What else has been going on this week? It's really hot here in the C.I. It should make for a fun start to Shoreline Training. For those who don't know, I'll be running the 15K in September. We start squad runs on Thursday night. It's a 13 week program to get ready for the big run in September. I'm pretty excited about the training... for the most part. I'm sure it will be tough, but I'm ready to get at it. I'll keep you posted on the progress, and every Monday night(starting on the 29th) at 5 pm we will air updates about the training. You can check me out as I pound out the miles. Just remember, I'm built more for comfort and not speed.




June 20, 2009

Saturday was day one of two from the Signature Cup in Decatur. This is a weekend where Decatur plays against Bloomington in a team style golf match. This is the third year for this event, and I will admit, I'm a fan of it. It's a lot of fun, with good golf, right here in town. There are pros, ams, seniors... this thing has it all. Plus the people playing and running the event are good folks. Bloomington jumped out to a quick 6-1 lead after the morning, better ball, session. Decatur brough some more fight in the afternoon, alternate shot, competition. They won that 4-3. So at the end of day one, Bloomington is up 9-5. It should be a good Sunday, as long as the hometown guys, and girls, and can make a run at it early and get back in this thing.

Also on the agenda... I will be speaking at the Order of the Eastern Star banquet tomorrow(Sunday) night. I'm pretty pumped for that, and ready to hang out with some of the players and coaches. That is always a fun game, even if there hasn't been a lot of scoring in the last few years. My message tomorrow night... SCORE POINTS. They start practice on Monday at MacArthur and Mt. Zion High Schools. The game is Saturday the 27th, which by the way, is one day before my birthday. Feel free to send some gifts up to the station, just kidding.




June 17, 2009

Ok, let's be honest... 16 days inbetween blog updates is way too long.  The truth is I just got called out by a local viewer, and I can't say I blame him.  The basic jist of the email... update your blog, or don't have one.  Good point.  So I will really try to update this bad boy more.  Here's what's been going on. 

We just got back from Denver for a friends wedding.  By Denver, I actually mean Grand Lake, CO.  It is a little resort town about two hours northwest of Denver.  In a word the scenery was AMAZING.  We were about 8,000 feet up in the sky on a lake.  The town has one big road, and everything is within walking distance.  That made for a fun weekend.  Add to that a wedding for a good friend of mine from high school, and you can bet we had a great time.  Something you might not know about me, I do a mean Blues Brothers performance.  My friend who was getting married is the other half of our team.  And yes, as you guessed, I play Belushi and he's Akroyd.  So that was pretty fun.

Back to work this week and the schedule is starting to slow down a little bit.  There are still plenty of things to cover, but it's nice to have a little down time before we get going in the fall with football.  Drop me a line sometime to say hi, and I'll talk to you guys soon.




June 1, 2009

OK, we are into my birthday month, so start thinking of gift ideas.  I'm not too picky.  Monday is here, and so is the start of the LPGA State Farm Classic from Springfield.  The tournament actually gets going on Thursday, but there were still a lot of players at the course today.  Michelle Wie is in town.  I got to watch her hit some balls this afternoon on the driving range before heading out for some practice.  What a wild tournament she had last year.  She forgot to sign her scorecard after her second round and was disqualified.  Nuts I know, but also cool because were the only TV station there when she realized what she had not done.  It was great video, and made for some drama in the late rounds of the tourney.  It should be a good week out there.   Long and hot, but good. 

I want to make sure everyone knows about the Komen Race for the Cure later this month.  It's June 27(day before my birthday) in Decatur.  Here's a link, get signed up and head out there that day.  Even if someone you know has not been effected by breast cancer, it's still great to show some support.  I'll be running for Mary Ann Jodice (my grandmother).



May 30, 2009

Results Page

If you are looking for results from the IHSA State Track and Field meet... here you go.



May 25, 2009

Memorial Day of Rain

I am sitting here in the sports office, watching what has been a rain filled NASCAR race.  I have officially decided to stop watching, because... man this is taking forever.  So what's been going on as of late?  It's been pretty busy around here with the high school spring playoffs in full effect.  Baseball, softball, and soccer taking to their respective fields.  You also have state track and field, last week and this week. 

Today is Memorial Day, and it's been well documented in this blog just how proud I am of our service men and women.  You've heard me say it before, and I will always push the message, that without those who serve our country this world we live in would be very different.  So hopefully you took some time this weekend to think about what this day off from work really means.  People have died defending the United States of America.  That's powerful.  It's not all about the grill and a cooler of your favorite cold beverage.  Then again, because those Americans out there are fighting for us, it can be.




May 23, 2009

I've been using the blog this week to give people a link to the IHSA Girls State Track and Field results.  That is the case again today... here you go.  Congrats to all the winners.  How about Megan Stringer from Central A&M locking down the 100m hurdles.



May 22, 2009

For those looking for the IHSA State Track and Field meet... here is a link to the 2A results.



May 21, 2009

For results from the IHSA State Track and Field meet.  Congrats to the girls who are moving onto Saturday's finals.



May 19, 2009

For results for the Area's Best Track and Field meet...

Enjoy, and let's keep rolling through this busy week.  I'm playing golf with Big Puma(a.k.a JC Fultz) and Nitro(a.k.a Jon Nilles) tomorrow morning at Scovill in Decatur.  I'll let you know how it goes later in the week.




May 18, 2009

Playoff Scoreboard

High School Soccer Playoffs  
 1A Regional
 Urbana Uni.   3   St. Teresa   1  
 LSA   1   Monticello   2  
 Meridian   0   Rochester   9  
 Girard   0   Springfield Lutheran   2  
 Pleasant Plains   6   Riverton   0  
 Warrensburg-Latham   3   Williamsville   2   F/OT  
 2A Regional  
 Chatam Glenwood   10   Eisenhower   0  
 High School Baseball Playoffs  
 1A Regional
 Delavan   4   Athens   5  
 Judah Christian   1   Danville Schlarman   11  
 Martinsville   0   Stew-Stras   11  
 Bement   1   Villa Grove   15  
 Central A&M   8   Windsor   13  
 2A Regional  
 Vandalia   16   Shelbyville   5  
 High School Softball  
 1A Regional
 Hume Shiloh   3   Villa Grove   13  
 2A Regional  
 Tolono Unity   0   St. Teresa   4  
 Pana   0   Shelbyville   1  



May 12, 2009

What up blogosphere?  Just had to change the channel from ESPN after listening to about two minutes of a Roger Clemens interview.  I am sick and tired of this guy, and I'm a life long Yankees fan.  This of course all having to do with steroids in baseball, and a book release that links Clemens to performance enhancers.  I just can't listen to this crap any more.  I eagerly wait for the time when we don't have to hear about steroids and baseball eery other day.  I'm tired of it.  It's old news, it's old hat, it's just old. 

Unfortunately I don't think it will ever go away.  So now the question is, should we just accept it and move on?  Should we allow these guys to take whatever kind of drugs they want?  They are paid millions of dollars to perform at the highest level.  If steroids helps them, then why not?  I know, that's a bogus excuse, and here's why.  It sets an awful example for kids coming up through the game.  Anyone who says, "let major leaguers use roids," isn't thinking about Johny Little Leaguer who sees and hears that.  It's not ok for a kid looking to get bigger or stronger to juice up.  That's the plain and simple truth, atleast how I see it.

Man I hate all this steroid crap.  And at the same time I just took the time to blog about it.  Looks like the 'roids win again.




May 2, 2009


Local softball fans might remember the name Amber Patton.  She was a standout player at Maroa-Forsyth, and is now in her senior season at De Paul.  She is one of ten finalist for the Lowe's Senior Class Award.  You can vote for her at .  Voting ends on Thursday, the 7th of May, so get on it.

Tough news this week, as Decatur Firefighter Bill Horve lost his life.  Horve was injured working on his truck and passed away yesterday.  I knew Bill from working out at the DISC.  I would see him on average about two or three times a week.  He was a great guy, who always had a kind hello.  It's a dam shame, when someone passes on too early.  I feel for his family, friends, and his fellow firefighters, and hope they know they are in our prayers.




April 28, 2009

Macon County Best Track Meet


Shot - Dejay(Warr-Latham) 43'2

High Jump - Rentschner(Sang-Vall) 6'1''

Discus - Salmons(Warr-Latham) 134'1

4x800 - Meridian

3200 - Sullivan(SV)

100 - Eichenauer(St. Teresa) 11.37

4x200 - Central A&M

300 - Corzine(CAM) 40.20

1600 - Acree(SV)

200 - Corzine(CAM) 23.21

4x400 - Warrensburg-Latham


Shot - Knight(CAM) 34'6''

High Jump - Jackson(CAM) 4'10''

Long Jump - Stringer 18' 1/2''

4x800 - St. Teresa

3200 - McCorneck(SV)

100 - Doyle(Meridian) 13.29

4x200 - Central A&M

300 - Godfrey(St. Teresa)

200 - Adcock(CAM)

4x400 - St. Teresa





April 26, 2009

Chicago Bears 2009 Draft Picks

Round 3, Pick 4 (68) (From Seahawks) Jarron Gilbert DE 6'5" 288 San Jose State

Round 3, Pick 35 (99) (Compensatory selection) Juaquin Iglesias WR 6'1" 210 Oklahoma

Round 4, Pick 5 (105) (From Seahawks) Henry Melton DE 6'3" 260 Texas

Round 4, Pick 19 (119) D.J. Moore CB 5'9" 192 Vanderbilt

Round 5, Pick 4 (140) (From Seahawks through Broncos) Johnny Knox WR 6'0" 185 Abilene Christian

Round 5, Pick 18 (154) Marcus Freeman LB 6'0" 239 Ohio State

Round 6, Pick 17 (190) Al Afalava FS 5'11" 213 Oregon State

Round 7, Pick 37 (246) (Compensatory selection) Lance Louis OG 6'2" 303 San Diego State

Round 7, Pick 42 (251) (Compensatory selection) Derek Kinder WR Pittsburgh


St. Louis Rams 2009 Draft Picks

 Round 1, Pick 2 (2) Jason Smith OT 6'5" 309 Baylor

Round 2, Pick 3 (35) James Laurinaitis ILB 6'2" 244 Ohio State

Round 3, Pick 2 (66) Bradley Fletcher DB 6'0" 196 Iowa

Round 4, Pick 3 (103) Dorell Scott DT 6'3" 312 Clemson

Brooks Foster WR 6'1" 211 North Carolina

Round 6, Pick 23 (196) (From Falcons) Keith Null QB 6'4" 220 West Texas AM

Round 7, Pick 2 (211) Chris Ogbonnaya RB 6'0" 220 Texas


Indianapolis Colts 2009 Draft Picks

 Round 1, Pick 27 (27) Donald Brown RB 5'10" 210 Connecticut

Fili Moala DT 6'4" 305 Southern Cal

Round 3, Pick 28 (92) Jerraud Powers CB 5'9" 188 Auburn

Round 4, Pick 27 (127) Austin Collie WR 6'1" 200 BYU

Terrance Taylor DT 6'0" 306 Michigan

Curtis Painter QB 6'3" 225 Purdue

Round 7, Pick 13 (222) (From Saints through Eagles) Pat McAfee P 6'0" 228 West Virginia

<, /strong>

Round 7, Pick 27 (236) Jaimie Thomas OT 6'4" 323 Maryland


Green Bay Packers 2009 Draft Picks

 Round 1, Pick 9 (9) B.J. Raji DT 6'2" 337 Boston College

Round 1, Pick 26 (26) (From Ravens through Patriots) Clay Matthews OLB 6'3" 240 Southern Cal

T.J. Lang OT 6'4" 316 Eastern Michigan

Round 5, Pick 9 (145) Quinn Johnson FB 6'1" 246 LSU

Round 5, Pick 26 (162) (From Ravens through Patriots) Jamon Meredith OT 6'5" 304 South Carolina

Jarius Wynn DE 6'3" 275 Georgia

Round 6, Pick 14 (187) (From Saints) Brandon Underwood CB 6'1" 198 Cincinnati

Round 7, Pick 9 (218) Brad Jones OLB 6'3" 230 Colorado

 &n, bsp;




April 24, 2009

Right at home

As previously mentioned, we took a trip to St. Louis over the week to celebrate our anniversary a week early. Lots of fun things to do there that included a Cards game and the STL Zoo. The highlight of the trip for me was going to The Hill neighborhood. It is an Italian-American Neighborhood just outside of downtown St. Louis. I am calling all I.A.'s to go check this place out if you have not. Honestly, I suggest anyone who is a fan of old school neighborhoods to check it out. The food there is great... the people we met... even better. We took a walking tour and hit a bunch of places. Bakery, Deli, you name it. We went into a place called Eovaldi's Deli and I had a sandwich that was incredible. The guy who was working, and I wish I had gotten his name because he was awesome, asked how it was. Elizabeth's response, "I feel like I'm back home." Home ofcourse being Philadelphia. For a couple of kids from the East Coast, the food we had through, out The Hill was just as good. That includes dinner at Gian-Tony's. Did our anniversary dinner there, and it was incredible.

The rest of the trip was great. Every time I go to St. Louis, I remember how much I like it over there. I have a buddy who is from Chicago. He always bangs on STL. What I like about the Gateway city... it's easy to get around. There are excellent neighborhoods like The Hill and Soulard. Busch Stadium is a great ballpark to see a game at. It's a great city to hang in, and my Chicago friend is off the mark. Sure the Windy City is great too, I love it there. But I will always defend St. Louis.




April 19, 2009

Sitting here on a Sunday night, looking back on the weekend. Illinois football is a week away from wrapping up their spring practice sessions. The Illini will do the spring game thing next Saturday, the 25th. That is also the same day as the NFL draft, and yes you can expect former Illini Vontae Davis to be taken in the first round. I have seen some number ("expert" mock drafts) that have Davis hanging in the first round. I would have a really hard time passing up on Vontae if I was an NFL team in need of a cornerback who is ready to start in the league on day one. He looks the part, and plays the same way too.

The Cubs and Cardinals were rained out on Sunday night. That's probably good for the Cards who have given up some late inning homeruns the last two games against their hated rival. I was hoping to watch round 4 of the week from that series, but mom nature had something else in mind. Watching the Cards in person this week will have to do instead.

So I am learning that I'm not able to bounce back as , fast from small injuries like I could when I was younger. Yes I know I'm not that old, but still, it takes time these days. Last week, Wednesday to be exact, I had my last night of bowling league. Let me add here I am proud of our WAND team for finishing in 3rd to last. That's up from dead last a year ago. And despite what others might try and tell you, we were defintily 3rd to last, this much I am sure of. So before that, I had worked out earlier in the day. NBD(no bid deal), but I guess I went a little too hard at the lanes later that night. Probably because it was the last night of the season, and my team was rolling. Thursday morning I head out to the golf course with STORMCENTER 17's own JC Fultz. We were playing with his Pops Big Joe Fultz and his Dad's buddy Skeeter. We got about four holes in, and upon crushing (really just a regular ole tee shot) a tee shot my right forearm and elbow was officially a wreck. The worst part, I had to leave early... could barely even grip the club. So that sucks, lost golf. Talked to my buddy at the DISC, Jeff, who is an athletic trainer at MacArthur. He put me on a stretching, ice, and rest regiment (also got a hold of some advil and activon). Good news is, it's Sunday night and I think this thing is back to about 90-95%. I will put it through a light weight workout on Monday and see where we're at. The point is, stretch more often and remember I'm not 20 anymore. Then again, I'm not 30 yet, so take that world.




April 13, 2009

New Coach, Legend Dies, Need your help

Jeremy Moore has stepped down as the head coach at Eisenhower High School in Decatur.  Moore coached the boy's basketball team there for eight years, posting a record of 113-98.  I wish him success in the future, and have to say it was a great ride in 2008 with his team.  You would be hard pressed to find a group with more talent then Lewis Jackson, Jeremy Robinson, and company. 

Legendary broadcaster Harry Kalas died today.  For those of you who don't know who he is, Kalas was the long time voice of the Philadelphia Phillies.  He was also the narrator for NFL films.  I know if you heard his voice, you would know who he was.  Personally, I think Harry had the best voice in the business.  He was a pro in this business and will be missed.

I need some pointers.  Planning a trip to St. Louis for our 2 year anniversary(where did the time go?).  We have been there a lot for baseball games, which usually means beer and dogs at the park, and an occasional pizza at Calecos.  So what about a good place for dinner?  Looking for somewhere to go that's good for the anni?  Your thoughts are much appreciated, just email me at  Also check me out on under brianjodice, no space.




April 7, 2009

Wie coming back

News out of Springfield today is that Michelle Wie should be back at the LPGA State Farm Classic in June.  I am told that they are in talks with Michelle's agent to get her back in the field, after last years score card malfunction.  You remember, Wie forgot to sign her scorecard after her second round a year ago.  She was DQ'ed and bounced out, after being in contention to win the tournament.  The field is loaded this year with players like Natalie Gulbis coming to town along with Cristie Kerr, Paula Creamer, and Christina Kim.  Should be fun, the tourney starts on June 4th, with coverage on NBC on Saturday and Sunday from Panther Creek.

So Michigan State... how did that National Title game work out for you?  Not good huh?  Unfortunately, the Spartans could not knock off Carolina and win it for the Big Ten.  I will admit that I did pick UNC to win it in two of my three brackets.  However, having grown up in the ole north state, and pulling for Duke, I was hoping the Heels would drop the title game.  None the less, it does show just how strong that team is.  It's pretty impressive when most experts pick you to win the title at the start of the season, and you make it happen.  Not bad for Roy Williams and the Heels. 

What is up with people who wear headphones in a crowded place and sing along to the music in their ears.  I hate it.  First of all, a one-sided version of Aerosmith's Dream On is annoying, as is when you only get out every other word, and you don't know the lyrics.  Hey Jimmy Sing-a-long... zip it.




March 31, 2009

New Trophy?

As you most likely know(or maybe not).  T, he Illini-Northwestern rivalry trophy, the Sweet Sioux Tomahawk, is no more.  They retired it after last season.  The two schools are in the works of coming up with an alternative trophy.  I wanted to make sure you guys have a link to vote for the one you want.  There are four new options, so check 'em out and vote.

Also, I want to make sure you know that Illini Football Coach Ron Zook is now on twitter.  For those who dont' know, twitter is a quick-hit mini blog.  I am also on there so check out RonZook and BrianJodice on twitter.  It's all the rage.




March 24, 2009

Back from Portland

Hey Guys, I am back from Portland and the NCAA tournament.  So the Illini got bounced in the first round by Western Kentucky.  Since my flight back was scheduled for Monday, we decided to keep it that way, and I stayed put.  The good news is my brother, and new sister-in-law live in Olympia, WA.  They were just about 1 hour away, so I got to spend some time with them for a few days.  Great to see them, especially since the last time we were together was at their wedding, and they were pretty busy then.   It was nice to just hang out.  Went up to Seattle and checked out the movie The Watchmen on the IMAX.  It was awesome, and that's coming from a guy who never read the graphic novel(fancy word for big comic book). 

I also want to make sure everyone knows that I am on now.  It's a quick hit blog styly site.  Check it out, I'm on there during the day, dropping little tid-bits throughout the course of the afternoon. 



March 18, 2009

Headed to Portland

Pacific Northwest, here we come for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. The Illini are the five seed from the south regional. Yes, even in the south they still have to play their opening round game(s) in Portland, Oregon. Weird right? It's 12 seed Western Kentucky for the Illini to start up against. A lot of the "experts" out there are picking the Illini to be upset by the Hilltoppers. A 12 always beats , a 5. That's a fact. I still like the Illini to win, and even if that is without Chester Frazier, and his busted paw. They did it in the Big Ten Tourney without Frazier, and I think they could for another game. Anything after that is up in the air. The Illini are good enough to beat Gonzaga. For that matter, they are good enough to beat a lot of teams in this field of 65. It just depends what team shows up. The guys who beat Missouri? Or... the guys who got crushed against Purdue? That's the question. I for one am pumped about making the trip to Portland, for the first time. Should be fun to head out that way, since I was just in the Pac NW a few weekends ago for my brother's wedding in Seattle.

Also an FYI... I am on now if you want to follow me that way. It's all very exciting stuff.




March 9, 2009

What up blog heads?  Just wanted to let everyone know I am also on Twitter now, so you can see what I am up to during the day.

Just got back from Seattle last night after my brother's wedding on Saturday.  We had never been there before and it was a pretty cool city to visit.  Not sure I would want to ever live there, but would definitily go back some time to hang out with 'lil bro and new sis.  We had a great time from the Bachelor Party on Thursday(sorry no details from that allowed), to the rehersal on Friday, and the wedding on Saturday.  Great times had by all.

What I want to tell you about was what happened on Friday, that changed my life forever.  I don't know if  you have ever seen the show Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel.  Basically it's a guy who goes all over the country eating... a lot.  There is a small hole in the wall cafe in Seattle called Beth's.  Their specialty is a 12 egg omlete.  So... all of my brother's buddies, and me decided we would challenge each other to see who could eat it fastest.  The catch, not just the omlette(which was filled with ham and cheese) but also the huge pile of hashbrowns, and four pieces of toast that came with it.  The rules were simple... first to finish, or whoever had the most eaten in 45 minutes.  I started strong out the gate and took an early lead.  As my competitors began to drop off, I pushed even harder.  At first the omlette tasted great, unfortunately that would not the be the case the entire time.  Towards the end, it was just cold ham and cold cheese.  When the 45 minute time limit was reached the competition was over.  And who had the least on their plate(which was actually a pizza dish)?  You guessed it... ME!  All that was left was about 12 pieces of ham, and some melted(yet very cold) AMERICAN cheese.  My bro had a trophey made and they gave it to me.  To add a visual as the size of the omlette, I'll put one here on the blog.  Enjoy, and happy eating.



Feb. 22, 2009

I really don't know what to say about yet another Illinois athlete getting picked up for DUI. Illini Defensive Tackle Josh Brent was nabbed on Saturday morning for suspicion of aggravated DUI and driving with a suspended license. What is going on here? 1 - Why would a high profile athlete even think about drinking and driving? 2 - With a suspended license? Really?

I don't understand how a kid who is having his entire education paid for can treat that with such disrespect. How many of us(and maybe our parents too) would like to have had a free ride through college? That's what I though. I don't want to sound too dramatic but I view this as a spit in the face of the fans, the team, and the University. It is RIDICULOUS!

On a better note, congrats go out tonight to Drew Blickensderfer. Blick is Matt Kenseth's crew chief on the NASCAR Sprint Cup level. Last week Blick and Kenseth won the Daytona 500, in what was Drew's first cup race as chief. They turn around this week, and do it again. That's pretty B.A. if you ask me. I'll head down to Macon tomorrow afternoon to catch up with Drew's dad Jack, who is a proud pappa once again... and yeah, at the same time trying to get ready for a big run himself in the high school basketball playoffs. His Meridian Hawks are number one in the state, and I expect those guys to be playing in Peoria next month.




Feb. 20, 09

State Wrestling

Here is a link to the State Results.  Congrats to the guys moving on to the State Finals!



Feb. 14, 2009

High School Wrestling

Here is a link to the Sectional Championship results.  Congrats and Good Luck to our local guys.



Feb. 9, 2009

Lew Jack City

I gotta give props to our guy from Decatur, Lewis Jackson. LJ was back in Central Illinois yesterday afternoon, doing what he does best, and what people are used to seeing, playing basketball. Jackson, now a freshman at Purdue, was at the Assembly Hall going against the Illini. Illinois got the better of the Boilers, however, , LJ got the better of the Illini a few times yesterday afternoon (just see our highlites here on the website). I'll be honest, I was definitely pulling for the hometown kid against our hometown team. He finished up with 12 points. It was great to catch up with him after , the game. He is still, and will always be, one of my favorite from the area. He's a good kid, that has his head pretty tight on his shoulders. I was also cool to see his former coaches, Jeremy Moore and Felipe Phillips there to watch the game. I hope he has a long career and continues to make people in Decatur proud.

A-Roid, or A-Fraud, or Kabbalah-Rod

OK, OK, OK... so Alex Rodriguez has admitted to doing steroids back in 2003 when with the Texas Rangers. This is a tough one, since I am a Yankees fan. All I can really say it... so what? Not so what, steroids are ok, but so what, what are we supposed to do about it. The unfortunate part is that a lot of guys did it, it wasn't illegal during some of that time, and his name on that report was supposed to be confidencial. The steroid era has without a doubt tarnished the game. The all time leader in homeruns (B. Bonds) is linked to roids. As is McGwire, Sosa, and really the whole lot of 'em. So I ask you, who can you trust? Do you believe that Albert Pujols is clean? What about Ken Griffey Jr. and Frank Thomas? These guys who abused the drug and took the sport for granted have ruined it for everyone else. I'm not sure what we, as fans, are really supposed to do about something that happened 6 years ago. I guess we can just hope, like we have in the past, that these guys have cleaned up their acts and our favorite player, whoever that may be, is clean.




Feb. 2, 2009

Tip My Hat

  So the Super Bowl , was last night. I know all of you are dedicated NBC viewers and I know you didn't miss a minute of the game. Hopefully you were watching atleast the last eight minutes... because in a word they were... incredible. 23 combined points in the last eight minutes. The Cardinals took the lead, only to see Big Ben and the Steelers, do just that, steal is back at the end. It was awesome to watch and I didn't care who won it. As most of you know, I am a devote New York Giants fan. I have been since my Dad put a Giants hat on my head when I was 2 years old. In all honesty, I think that finish was better then last years. Yes the Giants win over the Cheatriots was huge, and that David Tyre catch off his helmet was intense. But last night, just had more. It was a thrill to watch, and even more fun to call the highlites during our newscast last night. Congrats to the Steelers and their fan base that spans the entire great nation we live in. Also congrats to WAND alum Marcus Thorpe, a die-hard Steelers fan.

On another note... got something pretty big coming up I want to get some input on. My little bro (actually brother number 2 of the 3 of us) is getting married this March. I, along with youngest bro Adam, are best man for this shindig, so I get the pleasure of planning his bachelor party. The wedding is in Seattle, and the bach party will be there as well. So... if anyone has been to the emerald city and has any ideas(places that we have to go to) let me know. All I ask is that you keep it just between you and me. We don't need any details getting out to my lovely wife, because I fear I will end up on the couch for a few weeks.


p.s. What up Trumbold?



January 29, 2009

The Battle Rages On... for Now

OK, OK, OK... this is starting to get out of hand. I just got an email from a Trumbold supporter who says...

      "I faithfully read " Greg's Blog"every single morning!You go get"Thugs" from back home(The ones with NO future) And you will find that Greg has real thugs right here in Decatur that would eat your "futureless football freaks" just like good Hummus!!!

-Robert B.

That's intense right? This has gone on far enough and I aim to end it today. Can't we just agree that we both love hummus? Why must there be this divide? My goal now is to unite... even though Trumbold looks to divide. We are fighting against each other... fighting against each other??? That sounds more like something they do at stations in Champaign and Springfield. Not here in the Soy City. And we fight over what... hummus? That creamy goodness sent to us from the heavenly legume, the, chic pea. Trumbold, I say to you once and for all... we must ban together, now more then ever do we need to be strong as one, not two. Let us both dip our chip, or cracker, or carrot stick in the same bowl of hummus... and I'm talking about that bowl we call life. StormCenter 17 is no doubt the strongest in the market. You're five deep and have your own weather center on wheels. That has caused the competition to take shots at you, via promotional efforts. We cannot sit by and accept that. And let me ask you this... who has consistently promoted that StormRunner? That's right... the sports department. We are the ones who show video of it at local high school games night in and night out.

I conclude by saying this. We must follow the lead of our Commander and Chief and unite, not divide. We have no choice but to comply, right here at home. I am extending the olive branch... it's on you now to accept... I await your answer.

-Jodice the Compassionate



January 28, 2009

"Sports Boy"

For those of you who have not read Greg Trumbold's blog today, please take a moment and do so....

waiting... waiting... waiting...

Ok, welcome back.  Now that you are caught up it appears that Stor, mCenter, , 17 is a little upset over my recent eating adventure that may or may not have to do with some "hummus" that was presented to me by our News Director... let's call him "J." 

What appears to be reason for backlash from Greg is more of an attempt to turn you, the viewer against me.  This has been his plan since the begining, when my young, upstart blog surfaced on this very website.  I say to you... form your own opinions.  Don't let the views of this narrow minded weatherman lead you astray. 

Yes I ate the hummus, and yes it was amazing.  It's probably in the top 5 of hummuseses, or is it hummi, that I have ever had.  I will not apologize for eating the hummus.  What I will do is inform you about some very important details Mr. Trumbold neglecticed to bring up.  Not only did I enjoy the hummus, but so did many of my afternoon shift co-workers.  I will not reveal their names here, because as you can plainly see, this is between me and the StormCenter, not them.  I share, because sharing is caring.

Greg, I say to you.  You better be careful throwning around that term "Sports Boy."  And if you want me to go get some "thugs" from back home, I'll be more then happy to.  And I'm not talking about some geeks with weather radars, I'm talking about former football players who don't have a future!  So I say this... pack up that little truck of yours, flip on the dash board cam... and let's get nuts.




January 27, 2009

Getz a Hawkeye and the Gov

Let's start with the big news of the week, thus far.  Meridian High School senior Dakota Getz has verbally committed to play football at Iowa.  He was originally committed to play at Western Illinois, but after a trip to Iowa City, jumped on board with the Hawkeyes.  That makes back to back years in which a Central Illinois kid has switched from one school to Iowa(see Jon Wienke's recruitment , here).  I say congrats to Dakota, who I think, is hands down one of the best athletes in the area.  Kids got skills, that most of us can only dream of.  He is gifted both on the football field, and the basketball court.  For all you, used-a-bees out there like me, can you imagine having a chance like this?  It's gotta feel pretty dam good to head to college knowing you have a chance at playing football in the Big Ten.  I hope he gets on the field soon, and I feel the same way about Jon too.

So our Governor is in the middle of some pretty crazy stuff right?  This really has become the story that keeps on giving.  I have to be honest with you, last night on Larry King Live, he actually sounded a little sane.  In most of his press conferences he has spouted off about Cowboys and read a few lines from a poem.  Whether you like the guy or not, you have to admit that it's pretty crazy he is not allowed to call witnesses to defend himself.  Then again, maybe he had all this coming and the state will be better off without him running things.  I will say this, and if you are an Oprah fan, I'm sorry.  I am VERY thankful he did not apoint her to the Senate seat.  You have to be kidding me if you think a talk show host has any idea about serving in the Senate.  Seriousely?




January 20, 2009

The Presidential Point Guard

Today the United States of America was on display for the world to see democracy at work. Today we celebrated the inauguration of President Barack Obama, the 44th to take the oath of the office. Today we as Americans got to be part of what makes this a great country. I watched all morning, and if you're like me you took a moment to really appreciate it. Political beliefs aside, today is a day where there should be no Republican or Democrat. I am also proud to say that my father, Major General Ralph J. Jodice was there marching in the parade. My dad was part of four man line that was the first to salute the President on the steps of the Capitol My mother was also there at the inauguration and both attended the Commander and Chief's Ball tonight. I am jealous, and also proud of them for being able to be involved, even if in the smallest of ways, with what was a great day for our country to show off for the entire planet.

Let me also take a moment to talk about something that happened this morning that I was not proud of. As President Bush was announced there was a group singing... Nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, good bye. I will keep this pretty simple... that was classless and the actions of few unfortunately put a dark cloud on a great event in my eyes. SHAME ON YOU! That is not the American way that I know. That is not patriotism, that is not democracy. That was classless.

On a brighter note... we have a President, who is probably the most athletic of all time. President Obama is a known basketball junky who plays regularly. He has spoken up about a playoff in college football, and seems to know his stuff on the subject. I am excited to see what the youth movement will be like in the White House, and hope that a basketball court is setup A.S.A.P. and would love to see the Pres dunk on some guys if he gets the chance.

I'll wrap it up tonight, be finishing with this. To our President, I hope he has the resolve to keep shooting even if the jumpers don't always fall. The good shooters usually do.


January 5, 2009

Settlin' In

Hopefully everyone is settling back in after the holiday break.  For those of you who had off for the entire Christmas a, nd into New Year holiday, I hope you enjoyed it.  For those of you, who had to work a little here and there, I hope you had enough time to relax a little.  And ofcourse I wish everyone a great 2009.  What's instore for the year 2009?  That is still TBD.  2008 was a pretty good year.  It started in Pasadena with the Rose Bowl.  What a difference a year makes though, going from the best bowl game out there to... well... you know... nothing.  I for one am excited about '09.  My New Year's resolution is to get on this blog more.  We'll see how long that lasts.


December 22, 2008

What Up?

Hey people what's happening?  I'm sitting here, it's about 5:45 p.m. on Monday, waiting for the news to start.  It's nice when I get a night like this and there is a little down time.  Hopefully everyone is getting ready for a great CHRISTmas break(notice my stance on the holiday there).  The sports world slows down for a few days but then we get right back to it at the end of the month and then head into the new year.  I was wondering what folks of Central Illinois thought was the sports story of the year, here at home.  , If anyone is reading this blog(other then my mom) let me know what you think, and I will try and work them into a sportscast or two at the end of the year.

Have a very Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!


December 13, 2008


I've had it with this guy, Terrell Owens.  Incase you haven't heard  there is word out this week is that TO is unhappy again this year with his role on the Dallas Cowboys.  He is complaining that Tightend Jason Witten is getting too much attention, and he, TO is not.  Really?  TO is complaing?  Really?  I am sick and tired of this guy, he is a joke... a JOKE.  Every season it's always something.  In San Francisco, in Philly, and now Dallas... and according to TO it's never his fault.  This guy is more worst teammate in the history of sports.  That's my personal opinion.  I wish he would just quit and hang up the cleats so we wouldn't have to listen to his junk every season.  Drop me a line and let me know if you are as sick of this guy as I am.


December 1, 2008

Big Mike

Illinois Men's Basketball is back from the South Padre Invitational after winning the whole thing. Mike Tisdale from Riverton was named the tourney MVP. Big Mike has also been named the Big Ten Co-Player of the week. I'm happy for this kid and the progression he has made in his game over the last year. His put on some much needed weight(imagine being able to say that). The best part is... he's a good kid. He deserves to succeed and so far so good.

Turkey Day,

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break. Most of you probably had the entire weekend off. As you know by watching our newscasts that's not the case in local TV. None-the-less, we still had a great turkey day. In the past I've always fried a turkey, but this year it was to the oven for the big bird(by big I mean the smallest one I could find since it was just the two of us). I'll be honest, this is a somewhat intimidating task, since the turkey has a tendency to dry up in the oven. The good news is I am highly skilled in the kitchen so things turned out pretty well. Add to that, Elizabeth made what I think is the best pie of all time. I call it the triple threat pie. It has a layer of cream cheese, then pumpkin, then pecans. It's like three pies in one... let me give you a second to let that settle it... three pies in one.

Talk to you soon,


November 24, 2008

Illini "What Could Have Been" Football

What just happened? Illini football just lost seven games? Illini football missed a bowl game after going to Pasadena a year ago? This after all season long we were told this was a better team then in 2007 by head coach Ron Zook. I don't doubt Zook's knowledge of this team, or the game of football. But... in my honest opinion this was not a better t, eam then a year ago... and the numbers will support that. Just on wins alone. The '07 Illini beat three teams ranked in the top 25(one of which was No. 1 Ohio State). This year they beat Eastern Illinois, Louisiana Lafayette, Indiana, Michigan, and Iowa. Only one of those was a quality win, that's Iowa. The others are against losing teams, and a 1-AA(sorry I mean FCS) team in EIU. This was plain and simply a disappointing season for the O-and-B football team.

Losing too many games aside and missing out on the post season... there are some good memories, atleast for me. I had a great time watching Brit Miller play this season. He took a lot of flack at the start of the year, a lot of which was unwarranted and a bit off the mark. The guy plays hard, every play of every game. He's a tough dude, who will stick his nose in with anyone and won't back down. It also helps that he's a great guy, with a hilarious personality. You already knew that though. I will genuinely miss seeing #44 out there and hope he gets a real shot at life in the NFL. I'd take him on my team any day.

Here's hoping everyone gets to enjoy their Thanksgiving week. Eat a lot, drink more, and take some time to think about the good things you've got going.


November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

If you've read this blog over time, you can correctly assume that I am very proud to be an American.&, nbsp; Today is one of the days that I want to share with you how I feel about this great country we live in, because today is Veteran's Day.  As the grandson of two WWII Vets, I greatly appreciate the service of those men and women who have helped protect our country... whether that be here at home or over seas.  My mom's father was in the Army-Air Corps during WWII.  My dad's father was in the NAVY during that time, fighting in the Pacific.  One of my fondest memories of my Grandad Jodice was sitting at the kitchen table with him, as he recalled countless war stories.  The best of which was about Iwo Jima.  He had a front row seat from his Navy destroyer as the troops planted the US flag in that rocky soil.  What a moment, and I'll never forget him telling me about it.

The only favor I ask of you, is to thank a Vet if you get the chance, and not just the older generation, but those new Vets who come home from Iraq and Affghanistan everyday.  They are the heroes of this generation, and whether you agree with the war in Iraq or not... they still deserve our respect and our thanks.

You also know from reading this blog... my Dad and youngest brother are both active duty in the United States Air Force.  A huge thanks goes out to both of them for their dedication, commitment, and discipline.  I feel safe everynight I hit, the pillow with those guys keeping an eye on things for us!


November 9, 2008

Motown Blues and History Made

Just got back from the Illini trip to Detroit for football against Western Michigan. Incase you missed it,, the Illini lost 23-17 against another school out of the MAC(see 2006 vs. Ohio). I have to say, I'm very surprised by this one. First of all, Illinois got beat by a team they are better then. It's that simple. What bothers me just as much, is that this game should have never even happened(atleast in Detroit that is). Why is Illinois going to Detroit to play a school that's not even in their conference? I understand that the Illini get a little cash out of this deal... but they also got a loss in front of a half empty stadium, against a team, that I believe they would have beaten easily if the game were played in Champaign. Yes the players have prepare, and the coaches have to get 'em ready... but the athletic department(R.G.) needs to not put the team in this position. Now we sit back and wonder, if the Illini can win one of their next two against Ohio State and Northwestern, will that be good enough for a bowl bid? A 6-6 record doesn't guarantee anything. And if we are being honest, 6-6 isn't good enough for a team who all offseason said they were better then a year ago, a year ago when they were 9-3 and we got to take that trip to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl.

On the bright side, the employment staff at Ford Field in Detroit was probably the nicest I have ever run across in my five-plus years workin, g in television news.

I will finish by looking outside the sports realm for a quick political comment. We were all witness and a part of a historic night. Obviously I am talking about the election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America.  I am proud of our country for caring. I am proud of the voter turnout, and the renewed excitement in democracy. I am proud that we took a huge step forward in racial equal, ity in this country. And I hope in four years from now I will be proud of the job our new President has done, in keeping America safe, prosperous, and the best country on God's green earth. 


November 3, 2008



If you are reading this you now know that my blog is back up and running. We had some issues there for a little while. I think it was a lug nut or something, but we got 'er fixed. Just incase you haven't noticed(thankfully the national stations have this thing covered... *sarcasm*) the election, is tomorrow. I will not tell you who to vote for, but I will tell you this, VOTE. This is one of the most important rights we have in this great nation. It's the backbone of democracy and you need to make it happen. I don't want to hear any of that "I didn't have the time" or "My vote doesn't really count." Those are both very lame excuses, and you're lame if you don't vote.

Other news of the day. Mikel LeShoure, a runningback for the Illini, had his jaw broken by a teammate on Saturday night. There aren't a lot of d, etails out, just that it happened, and they're not saying who did it. The fact is this... teammates fight, it happens. Unfortunately this was a little more then a little throw down since he got hurt, and hurt enough to miss at least this weeks game in Detroit against Western Michigan. It's too bad for Mikel and the team to have to deal with this distraction, when they're in-need of a win and bowl eligibility. I personally think it will not effect them. Again, teammates fight, just like brothers do. Momma Jodice could tell you a few stories about Brian, Ralph, and Adam tossing the fists around. The three foot hole in our basement wall courtesy of a Bro-on-Bro tackle could tell you a few stories about it too. I just hope for Mikel's sake he's able to get back on the field soon, and they put this one behind them.


p.s. VOTE!

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