• I-TEAM: Taxpayers Hit With Extra Retirement Costs

    Decatur - Superintendent Gloria Davis was scheduled to retire in June after the end of the school year. In February, she announced she would retire two months earlier. "My last day as superintendent
  • I-TEAM: Saving The Homeless Body & Soul

    Decatur - As temperatures dropped this month the homeless looked for help. Many living under bridges in the city sought shelter from agencies like the Salvation Army in Decatur. The Salvation Army operates
  • I-TEAM: GPS Cannon - Satellite Police Chases

    Decatur - It's something out of a James Bond or Star Wars movie. Ending high speed chases using satellite technology. A Virginia company called StarChase has developed a GPS Cannon that can be mounted
  • I-TEAM: "Storm Chasers" Target Storm Victims

    Decatur - The Illinois Attorney General is warning storm victims be beware of so-called "Storm Chasers." Storm Chasers are con artists who are looking to exploit homeowners and businesses needing repairs
  • I-TEAM REPORT: "Wiped" Computers Still Have Data

    DECATUR-We use computers for everything:to pay bills, to watch videos, to send e-mail, to do our taxes. But in the wrong hands the information on your personal computer can be the key to stealing your
  • I-TEAM Investigation: Public Housing Incomes

    CENTRAL ILLINOIS- There are more than 4,000 people on "the wait list" for public housing - or -- section 8 vouchers. But does everyone who gets it really need it? A WAND I-TEAM investigation revealed
  • Forgotten Heroes - Thousands Of Vets Wait For Disability Dollars

    Decatur - A Gulf War veteran Robert Walker, 41, of Findlay is fighting a new battle. This time against for his veterans disability benefits. Tens of thousands of veterans are waiting a year or more to
  • ITEAM Uncovers Health Violations at Local Restaurant

    DECATUR-Health inspections are to safeguard you from getting sick when you go out to eat. The WAND I-TEAM looked at inspection reports for Macon County restaurants for the past year and a half. Dragon
  • Local Teens Land in ER after taking Molly

    DECATUR-At the St. Mary's emergency room, they've seen more and more of it. Teens and young adults coming in after having adverse symptoms from a drug they thought was safe. 15 year old Florida teen
  • I-Team Investigates Gas Stations with Inaccurate Pumps

    DECATUR-When we fill up on gas we all want the best deal. But how do you know - you're getting your money's worth? The I-Team found out which local gas stations have the most inaccurate pumps. Four thousand
  • Think Before You Send with SnapChat

    DECATUR- Snapchat is a popular app for the android or iphone. Take a photo, send it, and it disappears in a few seconds. "I actually had a friend who asked me to get the app so we could send each other
  • Illinois Residents Recover Millions Through ICASH

    DECATUR-there's nearly two billion dollars in unclaimed property and cash in the state of Illinois It's a program through the State Treasurer's Office called I-Cash. You can look up your name and see
  • Family Suing Energy Drink Co. for Wrongful Death

    DECATUR-The FDA is looking into the deaths of at least five people who consumed Monster energy drinks before they died. This comes after a Maryland family has filed a wrongful death suit against the maker
  • City Approves Provider for Operation Uplift

    DECATUR- Operation Uplift helps people with disabilities get around town. And Monday night the Decatur city council approved a change to that program. Through Operation Uplift people with disabilities
  • Investigation: Decatur Railroad Crossings Cause Major Delays

    DECATUR- With more than 40 railroad crossings in town, you've probably gotten stuck behind a train. Many of you on Facebook, told us you've waited more than half an hour. Most of those crossings, you
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