Local students witness shooting at Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.


Gunfire erupts at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., and a group of students and teachers from Maroa-Forsyth Middle School were there when it all happened. Besides being shook up, the 41 students and three chaperones are all okay. They've been in D.C. on a field trip since Monday, and teacher Rebecca Nashland says they are continuing their trip as scheduled. She says all the students handled the situation very well.

The group was doing a walking tour at the Holocaust Museum, when they thought they heard something loud drop on the floor, then they realized it was gunshots. Five minutes later they were evacuated from the museum, running across the street and across a field to get to their bus. Nashland says she saw police and helicopters everywhere, but everyone remained calm and collected during the ordeal.

Police say a man with a gun walked into the museum and fired at a security officer inside the entryway. Two other security guards returned fire and the suspect went down. One of the security guards and the suspect are now at a hospital. No word on their conditions or a motive.

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