Decatur's South Side Under A Boil Order


DECATUR, IL- The City of Decatur has implemented a boil order for some of the southern part of Decatur.

The boil order will continue until at least 1 p.m. Tuesday.

The area impacted by the boil order is bound by the Sangamon River and Lake Decatur to the north, County Highway 7 (also known as Baltimore Road) to the East, County Highway 30 (Elwin Road) including the Shepherds Hill subdivision south of County Highway 30 to the south and Wesley Road to the west. Mt. Zion Water customers are not included in this boil order.

Water customers in the boil order area should not drink or use water from the tap without boiling it for three to five minutes first.

The boil order is being issued as a precaution after a closed water main valve on the south side of town caused water pressure to fall below required minimum pressure for a short period of time.

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