Statement from Purdue Head Coach regarding Lewis Jackson


The following is a statement from Purdue University Men's Basketball Head Coach Matt Painter regarding the judicial decision on freshman Lewis Jackson.

"I am disappointed in Lewis for the decisions he made on the morning of April 12 and for the situation in which he placed himself. I believe Lewis will learn from his mistakes. Upon return from a recruiting trip, I will visit with him to better understand the sanctions imposed by the court and discuss the matter with him before finalizing any additional disciplinary action. Since he will be here in school this summer, I would expect the 50 hours of community service to be done locally and for him to have it completed by the end of the summer provided this is acceptable to the court. We will work with local authorities to ensure some of the service involves youth work and some exposes him to what can happen in a traffic accident where alcohol is involved. Other conditions, including those required by the court, will be established after we speak and satisfying those conditions will impact whether any playing time will be forfeited next season. Any conditions or disciplinary action will be handled within the team."

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