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The Value of Care


You know deep down  that the death of a loved one brings loss, and as a surviving member, you must live to deal with many issues and concerns of life that now present themselves in a whole new light.  You have honored the loss, but you now face a new "normal" of reality, the day after and the day after that.  That is often when new challenges present themselves.  Some you may have expected,...others have really surprised you.  What to do with their pet?  Who will take care of the car?  How to handle their remaining financial affairs?  And how do you now handle the grief that still lingers.  It can all seem overwhelming.  Yet, all good questions that must be addressed and answered.

Some aftercare programs are about excessive and pushy preneed selling.  Our aftercare program is focused on helping you answer the questions and more, with help for survival the year following a loss.  Check our website for more detailed information on free grief resources, community services, and other local links that offer real help, at a time when you may need it the most. 

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