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The Value of a Meaningful Funeral



A funeral  is a life event that marks important time passages, and you only have one opportunity to make it as personal and as special as possible.  A well-planned  and personalized funeral service is a fitting end to a life lived well, and aids in the grief process that follows.  At Tanzyus-Logan you will find uniquely personal services and products that can help you express what you need at this very trying time of life.  No question or request is too small to ask or consider when arranging this event.  Overwhelming as it may seem, we will direct your path in defining what is required and what is desired, so that in the end, you will decide what is best for your family and your situation.


Funeral rites and ceremonies differ greatly from differing religions and cultures, yet different kinds of funeral fulfill the same purpose of  a dignified tribute, a way to remember and care.  A meaningful funeral will include the following keys:

1. A way to bring together a gathering of mourners of the one who has died.

2. Opening opportunities to express grief and emotional support from others

3. Allows us a mortal and spiritual connection as the search for the meaning of life expands on new horizons.

4. It gives the mourners a sense of closure.

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