DJ Martin, HG&N, Inc.


Recently, our business software vendor recommended we update our computer hardware system.  We chose MR Systems Technologies for our hardware improvements and are extremely pleased with our choice.  Our installation included new network switches, servers and a wide area network dovetailed to meet our business' software requirements covering a large area of central Illinois.  MR provided everything from quotes to delivery to installation to service and monitoring.

MR Systems Technologies' pricing was very competitive.  However, their installation and service has been and continues to be outstanding.  Their Network Engineer really understands internet, network and WAN connectivity, packet losses and VLANs. As for PC troubleshooting, one of their PC Technicians actually made it to a plant site within 2 hours of receiving a "nasty virus" phone call to repair a vital PC, and, it's a 1 ½ hour drive!  Their Sales Department gets us specific detailed quotes in a timely manner without "hidden fees" charged by other service providers - what we see is what we pay.

For new hardware or software installations, MR Systems Technologies is like a "big box" store in pricing, but without the stereotypic lack of service and poorly informed salespersons.  They really provide friendly timely service that diagnoses and fixes the issue correctly the first time.  Should you experience a hardware, software or network problem, they will stick with it until it is resolved and your system is restored, and then monitor it for efficient performance.  This level and quality of service is often talked about but seldom seen.  Thanks MR Systems.

D. J .Martin
V.P. - Information Systems
H G & N / Harbrand
Clinton, IL

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