Karen Murphy, DeWitt Savings Bank


I have been working with MR Systems Technologies for almost a year now.  I am the EVP of a local bank and have used consultants for network services for 5 or six years.  I am the head of the IT department and rely on my consultants for all the technical knowledge.  We have a main bank with one remote location.  We have various software companies that we deal with which adds a difficulty to the job.

MR Systems Technologies has vast knowledge of networks.  I have yet to run into an issue that they haven't been able to correct.  Their experience with larger companies shows in their professionalism.

It can never be said that MR Systems is not an "industrious" company.  They believe that there are actually more hours in the day than 24 and they try to use all of those hours.  I also feel that one of MR System's greatest qualities is that they are able to bring the subject down to my level and I can actually understand what they are talking about.

Dewitt Savings Bank - Clinton IL
Karen Murphy

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