Never thought your company could afford VoIP or IPT phone systems. WELL YOU CAN!
You can get the same great phones and features that you see large commercial companies going to and heard so much about, but without the big price tag.

We can install and support the big system phones without the big system price tag.

IPT allows you to keep your current phone provider and get all of the features that VoIP offers
such as: virtually unlimited voicemails, conference calling to each desktop, integrated communications with your contacts, email, and instant messaging.

IPT provides a more efficient and cost effectives communications channel for today's business environment.

VoIP (Voice over IP) provides all your telephone services over your existing internet connection.

Is your company looking to save on local and long distance plus all those extra features that you have to pay for with existing analog and digital telephone providers then VoIP is your solution.

Current legacy analog and digital systems are too expensive to support or upgrade.
For example you would have to pay a fee to move an analog or digital phone to a different office with IPT and VoIP you just unplug the phone and take it with you.

Here are just a few of the great features with IPT and VoIP phone systems:

  • Virtually unlimited voicemails
  • Receiving voicemails in emails
  • Unlimited ways of forwarding calls
  • Ability to hold conference with every phone
  • Computer messaging client
  • Integration with virtually any application
  • Ability to select your on hold or park music and even upload your own music, radio, or website ads.


We offer in store and onsite demonstrations. Please call us to schedule your demo!

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