Springfield Park District takes step to keep outdoor fun safe


Below freezing temperatures can't scare off everyone from having fun outdoors.

Many people are visiting parks to play in the snow or on the ice. The Springfield Park District is trying to keep people safe by monitoring conditions.

Parks are popular for snowboarding, sledding, ice hockey and even frisbee golf. Those who brave the cold say they rely on wearing several layers of clothes, walking up and down hills, and drinking hot chocolate to stay warm.

But that type of fun can be dangerous. In late December, two sledders who took a short cut across a pond marked "no skating" fell through the ice. They were not hurt.

To help make sure people know when the ice is safe, park district representatives check ponds daily. They drill a hole through the ice to determine the safety of outdoor rinks. The ice must be four inches thick in order for it to be safe. You can now go online to check the ice condition by visiting www.springfieldparks.org.

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