Proposal to cut budget for Springfield Public Schools


A meeting Thursday will allow people to comment on a Springfield Public Schools proposed plan to cut the budget by 5.3 million dollars.

Teachers jobs are among the proposed cuts. Eliminating 56 positions would save about 3 million dollars.

A statement released Saturday with the budget adjustment proposal says the district expects revenues to be flat, if not decline for FY2011. The district says it is financially healthy and wants to take preventative measures. It adds there is some chance the adjustments would not be unnecessary.

School Board President Art Moore says trimming the budget now will prevent a "doomsday scenario" during the next school year where educational programs could be cut and teachers' forced to take concessions. Moore says last year the school board dipped into its savings account when revenues fell short. So the district is drawing up a tighter budget this year.

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The meeting on the proposal is this Thursday at 6:00 p.m. at Grant Middle School Gym.

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