BOTOX® Cosmetic
BOTOX® Cosmetic is a trade name for the FDA approved Botulinum Toxin Type A. It is a purified protein injected by a Body Perfect professional to relax facial muscles in the forehead, eye, lip, nose, chin, and neck areas. Lines fade within three to ten days and the effect lasts approximately four months. We charge a $14.00 per unit for Botox Cosmetic, the estimated cost is listed by the procedure. 


Frown Line Fader – The area at the top of the nose and between the eyes is known as the glabellar area. Vertical lines here make one appear angry or worried. Frown Line Fader gives one a more peaceful and pleasant appearance. $280 & up

Crows Feet Clean Up – Lines at the outer edges of the eye caused by squinting can make one appear mean, exhausted or skeptical. Crows Feet Clean Up restores a young, rested and kind persona. $336 & up

Forehead Finisher – Horizontal creases on the forehead may cause an aged, questioning or scared expression. Forehead Finisher relaxes these lines, resulting in a serene, youthful and smooth finish. $224 & up
Lip Line Eliminator – Vertical lines around the lip make one appear harsh and bitter. Lip Line Eliminator eases these lines and makes the person look as though they have a sweet, gentle demeanor. $112 & up

Choice Chin – Uneven muscle tone in the chin area may cause asymmetry and unwanted dimpling. Choice Chin will relax the muscles, resulting in a smoother and better proportioned chin. $56 & up

Brow Lift –A small amount of BOTOX®  can block the depressor muscles of the eye and give a slight lift to the eye. $168 & up
Other areas for BOTOX® Cosmetic use  Neck cords (strap muscles), Marionette lines (frowning mouth), and Bunny lines (horizontal lines at the top of the nose)

BOTOX® Cosmetic was FDA approved in 2006 for hyperhydrosis, which is excess sweating.  It can be used in the armpits, to keep you from embarrassing moments and ruining your clothes.  It can also be used for sweating of the palms, soles of the feet or the upper lip.

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