LipoTherapy, a form of mesotherapy, is an alternative treatment for cellulite and localized fat deposits. Injections of phosphatidylcholine, a fat melting substance, mixed with powerful enzymes and other medications are given every other week for 2-8 treatments.  While this therapy is new in the United States, the French Society of Mesotherapy has been in existence since 1964. Mesotherapy is an effective way to lose fat without surgery, anesthesia or dieting.  Multiple injections force the fat from the adipose site, which is melted away and excreted by the body.  Dr. Simmons is one of a select few Physicians to be board certified in mesotherapy.

Made to Order Lipotherapy-Problematic areas of fat deposits, which can scar your overall appearance and can be impossible to reduce by exercise, can be injected with a fat melting substance to dissolve the fat over treatment time.  Some of the more common areas to treat are listed below.  Small areas need three to six treatments, while larger areas need eight to twelve treatments.

LipoTherapy/Mesotherapy Services:

Eye Bags To Go — This is a quick and easy way to rid yourself of infra orbital herniated fat pads. This procedure consists of three tiny injections under each eye. Three to four treatments are nedded.  $200 per session

Turkey Wobble Melt — Multiple injections under the chin dissolve the fat and minimize this unsightly bulge. Three to four treatments are needed.  $200 and up per session

Skin Smoothie — Smooth out the dimpled cellulite skin with multiple injections into the problematic cellulite areas. Please note that cellulite treatment works best when combined with Laser treatment. Price dependent on the size of the area to be treated.  $300 and up per session

Male Breasts — This can be an embarassment to men and is treatable with LipoTherapy in six to eight sessions.  $400 and up per session
Tummy —  (fat on the front of the abdomen below the navel) $400 and up per session

Love Handles —  (fat on the sides of the abdomen) $300 and up per session

Saddle Bags  — (excess fat deposits on the outer thighs) $400 and up per session

Banana Bum —  (the upper back thigh which causes an extra crease below the buttocks) $200 and up per session

Anterior Bra Fat — $200 and up per session.

Posterior Bra Fat  — $200 and up per session

Back Fat  — $200 and up per session

Upper Arm Fat —  $200 and up per session

Knee Fat—  $200 and up per session

ThreadLift/Feather Lift

A minimally invasive procedure using threads under the skin to give a subtle lift to forehead, cheeks, neck, or jaw line area.  At least two threads on each side are used.  $1600 per area.


This FDA approved treatment for cellulite requires two treatments a week for four weeks.  It is relaxing and totally pain free.  Cellulite is reduced and new trials are on-going to measure a decrease in circumference.  $2000 per area.


VASER LipoSelection is an advanced procedure that is an 'in office' procedure that uses ultrasound to melt unwanted fat while preserving vessels, nerves and connective tissue.  Smooth body contouring can be on any area, recovery is fast, results are predictable with minimal pain and bruising. $2500 & up per area.

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