Melinda's Moment: Big Results From Small Gardens


Big Results from Small Gardens, Strategies for Maximizing you Garden Harvest

No matter what size yard or balcony – there's always room to grow vegetables.

Try mixing a few vegetables into your container gardens.  I started the season with this colorful mix of lettuce and snapdragons. As the weather warmed I planted a mix of vegetables, herbs and flowers in pots for my patio.

Increase your in-ground garden space as well.  Try interplanting short season crops like radishes between long season crops like cabbage.  The radishes will be ready to harvest before the cabbage need the space.

Further maximize your plantings with wide rows.  Try planting onion sets several inches apart within rows 4 inches apart.  The secret is leaving just enough room for the plants to reach maturity. 

And don't forget to go vertical.  Growing cucumbers, pole beans and squash on teepees and tomatoes in towers can save planting space for other vegetables.

A bit more information:  Train cucumbers, melons and squash up decorative obelisks, trellises or fences to save space and reduce disease problems.  Provide support for the heavy fruits of melons and winter squash by creating a sling from old nylon stockings or a piece of cloth.  Slide the sling under the fruit and secure it to the trellis.  Or break out the jute and macramé skills and knot an attractive support for these heavy weight fruits and vegetables.

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