Melinda's Moment: Landscaping Containers


Containers at Home in All Areas of the Landscape

Use containers to add color and interest throughout your landscape.

Planters have traditionally been used at entryways to create a colorful welcome for you and your friends. They also increase planting space and the ability to easily change plantings with each season.

Add a few planters to patios and decks to bring the garden into your outdoor living space.

But don't stop there.  Place containers right in your garden.  This pot of geraniums on an old chair adds height and a focal point to this garden.

Elevate annual filled containers to eye level and provide season long color in a perennial garden.  Look for stands that are easy to move and won't harm tree roots with yearly digging and planting.

And don't forget flowering vines in pots.  They can be trained up supports or the trunk of a tree like the black eyed Susan vine.  The bright orange flowers add unexpected color to the tree trunk.

A bit more information:  Include a few edibles in your containers.  A window box of herbs, a pot of lettuce, greens, Swiss chard and pansies, a tub of tomatoes or a hanging basket of everbearing strawberries can keep fresh-from-the-garden flavor at your finger tips. Look for more ornamental varieties of vegetables, and mix in a few flowers (many like pansy, calendula, and nasturtium are edible) for a beautiful and edible garden in a pot. 

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