Meet the Team


Ray Eldridge Jr
With 50+ years of experience in the buying and selling of diamonds, Ray is a true expert. For years Ray traveled the overseas diamond markets; including Belgium, Israel, India, Africa, and even Russia. A legend in the diamond market, Ray has purchased directly out of the diamond mine sites to the most obscure cutting offices all over the world. From "rough" to finished product gleaming in his stores showcase, Ray is one of a select few to be truly considered a diamond "EXPERT" worldwide.

Tempest Eldridge Grader
Tip has been involved in diamonds and the fine jewelry business her entire life. As co-owner of Ray Eldridge Jewelry, she not only specializes in diamond sales, but also manages the business and its website.

Mike Roche
With over 40 years of retail experience in jewelry and general merchandise, Mike's philosophy is to offer value with unsurpassed customer service. Certified in Diamonds with GIA, Mike can assist in watches where he has specialized training as well.

Steve Bell, Bench Jeweler
Since 1986, Steve has manufactured and repaired gold, silver, and platinum jewelry. Steve thrives on "the impossible", creating and/or repairing the piece that all others say "can't be done". Steve's workmanship is known and trusted statewide.

Jill Delong
With over 30 years of experience selling diamonds and fine jewelry, Jill has worked with GIA certified trainers providing her the knowledge to assist in making the perfect diamond or jewelry selection.

Maryann Evans, Sales

Michelle Sloan, Sales

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