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Warm April
This was the warmest April on record across the state of Illinois. The state wide temperature was 58.4 which is 6.2 degrees above average. This beats the record set in 1955. Here are other numbers from central Illinois from the National Weather Service office in Lincoln.

April 2010 will be remembered as one of the warmest on record across central and southeast Illinois.  While few daily record high temperatures were set, most days saw both high and low temperatures well above normal.  The official climate sites at Peoria and Springfield set their warmest April on record.  Records at these sites date back to the late 1800s.  Lincoln, IL had the 7th warmest
April on record in the past 105 years.

The average temperature for April 2010 in Peoria was 59.1 degrees. 
Here are the 10 warmest Aprils on record:

 1      59.1        2010
 2      58.8        1915
 3      58.6        1955
 4      57.8        1925
 5      57.7        2001
 6      57.2        1886
 7      57.0        1977
 8      56.9        1985
 9      56.3        1942, 2006
10      56.1        1941

Records for Peoria date back to 1883

The average temperature for the month of April for Springfield was 60.9 degrees.
Here are the 10 warmest Aprils on record:

 1      60.9        2010
 2      60.4        1981
 3      60.0        1896, 1915
 4      59.9        1977
 5      59.8        1955
 6      59.4        1925, 2001
 7      58.4        1942
 8      58.3        1941
 9      58.2        2006
10      57.8        1985

Records for Springfield date back to July 1879

The average temperature for April 2010 in Lincoln, IL was 57.7 degrees. 
Here are the 10 warmest Aprils on record:

 1      59.6        1955
 2      59.5        1915
 3      59.4        1977
 4      59.0        1981
 5      58.8        1925
 6      58.0        1954
 7      57.7        2010
 8      57.2        2001
 9      57.0        1942, 1948
10      56.9        1906, 1941, 1959

Records for Lincoln date back to 1905

Decatur 58.9 this was the 6th warmest recorded.

Urbana 58.3

Charleston 61.7 this is a new record!

Effingham 59.7

I don't have the information on how some of these sites stacked up against previous years. Also the warmest temperature for April happed on the 14th when most places soared into the middle 80's

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I was looking around on the National Weather Service site and found this interesting fact today.
May 3, 1958
A tornado in Vermillion County, IN, moved north northwest into Edgar County, IL. Damage from this tornado was confined to the Indiana segment. This is believed to be one of the few tornadoes, if not the only one, to move from Indiana to Illinois.
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Wine Weekend…

What a weekend it was but it always seems like Monday rolls around so quickly. Ashley and I headed to Carbondale this past weekend to the Shawnee Wine Trail. If you are looking for a quiet weekend just hop in the car and head south. Its only about 3 hours to get there and it's a great time. We headed to several different wineries and they all are a great time. The one we like the most is Pomona and they have different fruit wines. My favorite is Orchard Spice. It's an apple pie in a wine bottle! All of them are great down there and people who are working in these places make you feel right at home and are very fun.

This week's winner in my BBQ contest is Amy from Altamont! I will be headed there on Friday to have a cookout. Also this week the Stormrunner is making a trip back to its home at the O'brien Auto Park in Urbana. If you want to stop by and see the Stormrunner or just to say hey come on out. I'm sure while you're out there someone will help get you into a new car.


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Do you need a new gas grill?
We are having a contest called JC's Backyard BBQ. All you have to do is register online or be the 17th caller during WAND Stormcenter 17 at 6 pm. On Monday we will draw the winner and you will get a new grill and enough food for 10 people. Plus, I will come to your backyard and we will cookout on a Friday afternoon on the air. So get your entry in and we will have a great time!!!!
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Red Flag Warning?
Today for the first time in Central Illinois a Red Flag Warning was issued. You typically see them across Florida and mountain states in the west in areas where wild fires are present. It has been dry here for the past several days plus the winds have been up helping to dry things out. We call this evapotranspiration or ET. No I'm not talking about the alien but that's the term used to see how much moisture is lost on a given day. You can take that number and subtract it from the actual precipitation that has fallen and it will give you an idea on if we have a surplus of water or if we are in a drought situation. Here is the actual definition of a Red Flag Warning....
Red Flag Warning -- A term used by fire-weather forecasters to call attention to limited weather conditions of particular importance that may result in extreme burning conditions. It is issued when it is an on-going event or the fire weather forecaster has a high degree of confidence that Red Flag criteria will occur within 24 hours of issuance. Red Flag criteria occurs whenever a geographical area has been in a dry spell for a week or two, or for a shorter period , if before spring green-up or after fall color, and the National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRS) is high to extreme and the following forecast weather parameters are forecasted to be met:1) a sustained wind average 15 mph or greater 2) relative humidity less than or equal to 25 percent and 3) a temperature of greater than 75 degrees F. In some states, dry lightning and unstable air are criteria. A Fire Weather Watch may be issued prior to the Red Flag Warning.
Next time you come across this warning being issued here in the CI please don't burn anything!!!
I want to wish all of you a very happy Easter Sunday and it looks like its going to be a great day weather wise!
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Happy Friday everyone!

Friday's are always energizing as we work our way to the weekend. This Friday is special because it's my baby brothers 16th birthday. It's hard to believe, but he will driving soon and that is way too scary. I can remember when he was just a little guy he was always getting into something. Whether it was trouble for just being a kid or trying to have a wienie roast in our livingroom. Kids will always be kids but it's funny when we look back on times in our lives and just think how easy it was when we were a kid. You didn't have to work when you were little you just hung out with your friends. Your biggest worry was what is for dinner and can I go outside and play a little while longer. I remember when I turned 16 it seemed like there was a since of freedom. You could now drive and you didn't have to relay on your parents all the time to take you places. Being an adult is also so rewarding because if you are in a career that you enjoy work doesn't seem to bother you because it's something you enjoy doing. That is the difference between work and a career. Work is something you do to make money and a career is something you do because you enjoy it, don't let me fool you the money is important too, let's face it we have to eat.

Happy Birthday Josh hope is a memorable one for you.




Florida, Georgia, and points in between….

Ashley and I headed out on a road trip this past week and what trip it was. It's always nice to get to take a little vacation to recharge the batteries. We took off early on Thursday morning and stopped in Atlanta for the night to see a friend. Atlanta is a really cool city. We went to the Georgia Aquarium which is supposed to be the largest one in the county. They have the largest shark in the world, "Whale Shark." After the aquarium we went over to CNN and took the tour there just to see what it's like in a huge station. Finally, soul food was on the list. Gladys and Ron's which was on Man vs. Food. It was so good and I would go back tomorrow if I had the chance. It's a lot of fun to see places that you have been to but have never explored.

The next stop on our tour took us to St. Augustine, Florida. If you are looking for a small town that is historic then you have found your place. St. Augustine is the oldest city in United States, even older then the Jamestown colony. This was the northern outpost for the Spanish which offers so many unique options to explore. We stayed out on the beach because we are beach people but we got the best of both worlds with beach and history. We took a tour of the Castillo of fort and it was really cool to see how people lived back then. We took a historical pub crawl and learned about the whole city and visited some really cool watering holes.

Finally, we made it to Orlando on the trip. Universal City Walk is a great place if you are looking for clubs, food, and just a place to hang out. A little FYI, if you don't want to pay to park, go after 6 pm if not it's going to cost you 14 bucks to park. The next day we headed down the coast for a little grapefruit league action. I know that I am a Cubs fan but I tell people that I am an equal opportunity baseball watcher. Nothing is better then going to a game and smelling the smells of the ballpark and just sitting out in the sun when it's still cold at home. After the game we wanted to go to the beach so we went to Sebastian and hung out there at a really cool restaurant called Captain Hiram's. It stated to pour so we didn't get to sit outside but o well it was still a good time. I want to thank our friends for letting us stay with them and we had a great time. It's always nice to get home to your own bed after vacation but its also nice to go on vacation.

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Baseball Season is here!!!!

Chicago Cubs baseball is on the air…what a great sound. Hearing Pat Hughes and Ron Santo on 720 today reminds me that spring is right around the corner. I can't tell you how bad baseball withdrawals' have become over the past few months. The winter Olympics are fun to watch but nothing beats baseball. The smells of the park, the atmosphere of the venues and just watching the game there is nothing better then this. It doesn't matter how far out of the race the Cubs and Cards are and for that matter the White Sox but when the Cubs and Cards meet up it's always a fun time. I have several friends who are Cards fans and we are always talking trash during the season. These games really are more like playoff games then regular season games. Opening day is only 31 days!

Are you ready for the Season of Change? Check out Season of Change Friday at 12:30 and learn about severe weather and what to look for on Stormcenter 17 this season. Typically during an El Nino season we expect to see fewer severe weather events but with that said it can still happen and we need to be prepared. This week is also Severe Weather Preparedness week so please take the time to think about what you can do to help protect your family.

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Alright its time for an almanac update.
It was calling for a period of snow across the great lakes from February 12 to 15th. This has happened as a low was sitting just off to the east of the lakes that was providing snow showers there. Then the almanac called for fair conditions from the 16th to the 19th and so far it has been dry and fair. With more snow in the forecast for this weekend the almanac is saying snowstorm February 20th through the 23rd. This will be interesting as we have a chance for some measurable sow by Sunday evening. Lets keep a watchful eye on this system to see what come about.
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The Almanac nailed this one right on. It was calling for and 8 to 14 inch snow fall in the lakes and that's what happened. The rest of the month it is saying snowy. The forecast models are calling for a chance of snow on Friday of about an inch. Then more comes in on Saturday evening into Sunday afternoon. This one may provide us with another 2 inches or more. So far the almanac is close for February. If you get weather pictures please send them to us at I want to try and continue to keep pictures coming in during the spring when we have severe weather. Also we found out today the you can pick up your noaa weather radios at Walgreens this year and Schnucks stores. If you don't have one please think about getting one in March when the promotion starts.
I had a chance to get out and play in the snow today. I went to Bethany and took a lap on the snow mobile. Jack in Bethany who I have talked about here is really excited about what I mentioned above with the almanac calling for a snowy February. Jack here's to hoping! Thanks again for letting me come and ride today! Be careful if you are planning on driving on the rural roads on your way to work they still are slick.
Sizzle Out!!!


Farmers Almanac!?!?!?!?!?

I was in Bethany today and we got on the discussion of the farmers almanac. My friends down there "Almanac Jack" said he has been paying attention to the almanac all winter and it's almost been spot on. So over the next several weeks I want to do a little study to see how close the Farmers Almanac comes to getting the forecast right. Here is a little look back in January with what the Almanac has to say.


 January 1st to 3rd…Clearing Skies

4th to 7th…. Fair then cold and snowy

8th to 11th…. Heavy snow spreads in from the west 7" to 14" possible

12th to 15th….Snowy then fair, Cold

24th to 27th… Some snow, flurries

28th to 31st …Fair and cold


Recorded Weather

January 1st to 3rd …Cold and Sunny

January 4th to 7th…Cold and 5" snow on 7th

January 8th to 11th…Sunny and cold

January 12th to 15th…Warm highs in lower 40's, Mix sun and clouds

January 24th to 27th…Warm start then cold, 1" snow 25th and then tonight 27th 1" snow

January 28th to 31st….Forecast looks to be cold and sunny

An interesting side note in South-central 24th to 27th almanac is calling for stormy Texas and snow southern plains. Looks the almanac will miss by just one day on this one.

Take this for what you want but just looking at the almanac it's was pretty close for the month of January. The only real deviation is during the thaw that we saw 12th to the 15th. I told Jack that I'm not a believer in the almanac so I thought this would be a fun little project to talk about on the blog. Jack and "the Coronel" are huge snow mobiles and they are the ones who got me into this sport along with another friend who oddly enough his name is JC too. They are always calling me to ask about when the next snow storm will be here because there thumbs are twitching and they are ready to ride. Guys this is going to be a fun little adventure over the next month tracking the almanac and I hope you out there enjoy this too.

 Here is a look at what it is saying for February.

Great Lakes and Midwest….

1st through the 3rd….Wet then clearing and cold

4th to 7th …Clearing then cold

8th to 11th…Major storm brings heavy snow, accumulations of 8" to 15" inches.

12th to 15th…More snowy weather especially Great Lakes

16th to 19th…Fair

20th to 23rd…Snowstorm

24th to 28th…Fair and cold


If you are a football fan the almanac says fair and pleasant no problems for Super Bowl XLIV in Miami.

Here to this little adventure I am about to embark on….

Sizzle Out


Stating facts I guess is wining now…

Alright we finally got some sunshine today which ends the streak of 11 straight days of cloud cover. Last night I was on the air and said, "Man we need some sunshine." I didn't realize that it made me sound like I was wining about not seeing the sunshine. I had a person call and tell me I was wining about not seeing the sun and we live in the Midwest and we get days of dark and gloomy weather. Yes I know we don't have a lot of sunshine this time of the year and that leads to people's moods being altered. I wasn't wining about this I was speaking the truth about how most people feel. Yesterday was the saddest day of the year on record while the happiest day of the year happens to be in June. This is a direct correlation from how much sun we usually see. Sorry if I offended anyone for saying it would be great to see some sunshine but I'm just trying to tell you the truth we are human and we need sunlight. That is part of what I do as a meteorologist and it's hard to get used to people calling and being upset but it's their right too. Thank you for the call and yes I will take your opinion into consideration.

On to brighter news what did you think about the football games this past weekend? I have had some discussions with friends on the NFL's sudden death overtime rule. I'm not a big fan of this rule because NFL kickers have a long range and even though you might make a stop on defense they still might be able to beat you with a 50 yard field goal. There is a rule that you can't make contact with the receiver after 5 yards to help make the game more exciting. In college both teams get a chance in overtime. Yes just like in the NFL there is a coin toss to see how gets to choose defense or offense first. Then the ball is places on the 40 I believe and they get to try and score. After 2 overtimes you are required to go for two. Some of my friends said well you are taking away the game from the defense. I don't see how that is taking the game away from the defense you make a stop and get the ball back then your defense has almost won the game for you. If you want to make the game more exciting don't let it be determined but a coin flip how about you let the players on the field make it more exciting and let both defenses and offenses try and win the game. What do you think?

I'll see about getting some more sunshine for us….

Sizzle Out!


Freezing Rain on the way…


Looks like our morning commute could be a bit tricky this morning. Freezing rain will begin across central Illinois early this morning and cause travel headaches. If you are going to venture out for work or school give yourself some extra time. Bridges and overpasses along with secondary roads will be very hazardous this morning. Plus sidewalks will be slick too.


Who's ready for some more snow? There are some guys I know out there and you know who you are who want more snow so we can snowmobile. Have you ever had the chance to ride? You want to talk about a thrill, just you and this sheer horse power around you and open fields its like nothing you have ever done. It's nice because you can control where you're going unlike a sled down a hill where there are trees. Trust me a tree on a round saucer doesn't feel very good. It's cold so if you don't like the cold too much then it's probably not for you. You would be surprised at how many people around central Illinois have them.


I've been thinking about all those resolution we have all made again. I didn't set any in stone this year because as they say resolutions are meant to be broken. Have you already broken yours already? If you are still on it keep up the good work!!


Sizzle Out



Fog, Fog and more Fog,

If you're going to be going out tomorrow morning please give yourself more time. With temperatures dropping below freezing in most areas we could see some scattered slippery spots on the bridges and overpasses and on roadways.

I can't believe it's already the 3rd week of January. It just seems like yesterday we were celebrating Christmas Day. Today was Martin Luther King Jr. Day as this pioneer believed in his cause and took it to the people. It's amazing how powerful some people can become as they fight for a cause they truly believe in. If you can be an effective speaker people will listen and stand up with you and that's exactly what he did. Is there a cause you truly believe in?

Have a great Tuesday everyone.

Sizzle Out!

Hello Thursday....
This week has flown by and I cant believe its almost the weekend. Time flies when you don't stop and think about things. Take a second one day and stop and just look around. I was thinking this morning that as of the first week of February I will have been here at Stormcenter 17 for 8 years. It doesn't seem possible that 8 years ago I was a punk kid looking for a weekend job in the business as a way in one day. Now 8 years later here I sit at 9:15 at night getting ready for the 10 o'clock news. When I was a little kid I had a goal I wanted to become a meteorologist and do the weather on TV. Now that I sit back and think about the days of doing the weather in a living room in Lovington Illinois when I was just 6 years have come a long ways. Do you have any memories like that you can look back on and say, "yeah I remember when I said I was going to be a ________ (fill in the blank) and now your doing it. Just something to think about tonight when you are reading this maybe stop for a few minutes and just watch the world go by. This world doesn't stop turning it just keeps on going whether we like it or not. No matter what we do we cant stop the hands of time but we can always go back in time inside our brains. Maybe sometimes we need to stop and go back and remember who we are and our purpose here. We get so busy and wrapped up in the small things too much sometimes and just taking a few minutes at lunch or maybe that afternoon break to stop and view the world and is always spinning around us. Sometimes I find myself not stopping and just enjoying what around me at that moment. I'm so thankful to have a beautiful wife who loves me but you just have to stop and look at the person for a few moments and say to yourself how did I get this lucky. Think about that person you are with all the time and enjoy their presents. We don't always have to talk to each other to communicate but just being their is sometimes just as good. If you don't stop and enjoy that one moment you may look back one day and think, " I really wish I would have taken a second and enjoyed what wonderful things are around me." If you ask some people what they are happy for they might say nothing but you know deep down if the were to stop and just let the world go by for a few minutes they might look or think about a moment and say, "Aw that's what I'm thankful for." Have a great weekend and like I have been talking about maybe just take that minute or a few second to surround yourself with the world you might be out of touch with.
Sizzle Out!


What a terrible situation going on in Haiti today.

 The government of Haiti believes that thousands of people have died in that country. I was reading today about that area had been shaking for sometime and they were expecting a big quake and they believe this was the one. Looking at the pictures it's scary to think this could happen in part of the US. We have already had big quakes in California that shut down the LA area and in San Francisco. Did you know we have a fault line that is just to our South? The New Madrid fault zone has been very active and it shakes all the time. We had a quake just a couple years ago we felt all the way up here. If there was a major quake like the one in Haiti we will feel it here and we could see some damage. That's why it's so important that we stay prepared for anything. That's why our government spends millions of dollars on preparedness every year. This brings me to my point that some people don't take these things seriously. We see the pictures on TV but we think that won't happen here it only happens in other countries. This goes for any natural disaster not just an earth quake. We don't just say these things for our own health you really should take preparedness seriously. Next time when we have a tornado warning don't go outside looking for the storm head to your safe place the way you should. Millions of your tax dollars go to protecting you and you should heed the warnings. If you have a moment over the next few days stop and say a little prayer for all those people in Haiti who are struggling with their daily lives just to get a meal, water, or who are without their families.

18th day with snow on the ground.....
I was sitting here thinking tonight and I haven't had a chance to update the blog in a while. I have been reading a book called "Tuesday with Morrie." If you get a chance pick it up you will have a smile on your face and will look at the world in a different way. It's about a sports writer who loses contact with a former college Professor and one night catches him on TV and calls him up. Come to find out he has ALS and is very ill. He starts to travel from Michigan to Morries on the east coast home every Tuesday to have a final lesson. Even though Morrie is sick and knows he will die he never gives up on himself and continues to share is life and more knowledge to his former student right up to the day he passes away. Have you ever had someone in your life that you look to for knowledge whether that is your parents, a former teacher, or a sibling? What is life? What purpose do we have on this earth? What is it that you want people to remember you as or how you want to be remembered? Just a few questions I thought of when I was reading this book. Sometimes its uncomfortable to think about things like life and death but to be honest we need to face those tough questions. If you don't explore these one day we will be faced with a tough situation/decision and may be better prepared to handle tough situations if we would have taken a moment in the past and thought about it. Education is the key to most everything, but it doesn't have to be from a text book look around yourself and take it all in. Take every piece of knowledge that you come across and process it. Take a step back during a day and just think about what questions you may have or process things you have done during that day. If you can learn something new everyday you will be one step ahead of that person next to you who is so focused on their phone, work, or just themselves. Life is to short to be stressed about the little things. Morrie said that wealth is not in money or things you buy or own but loving what you have spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.
After reading this book I have been thinking about some of my wealth's and what comes to mind are these.....
A wonderful wife, my health, a job, a roof over my head, and a family who loves me.
I want you to think about these thoughts and come up with a list of things you wouldn't normally think about or would look past during a typical day.
Just some food for thought tonight....
Sizzle Out.


2 Days til Christmas….


We had an emergency toy's for tots drive here at the station today. I wanted to thanks all of you who stopped by the station today and donated to this wonderful cause. Because of your efforts today no kid in Macon County will have to be without this coming Christmas morning. The weather wasn't very nice today but it wasn't a big deal to stand outside today because we all could see the kids on Christmas morning with smiles on their faces. So once again thank you so much for coming out today. The final total was over 3800 toys.


If you are going to be out of town and not here at the blog I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and safe travels if your going to be on the roads your in the air. Enjoy every minute with family or friends this holiday season. Christmas Eve night I will be tracking Santa Clause on the air so you will have to tune in at 10 PM and see where he will be. Still waiting on more people to send in their favorite Christmas present and their bucket list items keep them coming.


Sizzle Out


3 Days til Christmas!!!!

It's getting closer and closer by the second. I had the chance to watch Christmas vacation the other night for about the 10 thousandth time and its still funny just like the first time I saw the movie. I'm waiting to hear from more people about your one thing you want to do while you still can. Send them in and I will post them here on the blog and we can comment on them.

I had an interesting encounter tonight as my wife and I went out to dinner tonight. I usually am a very bubbly person but tonight's one of those nights where I'm just in a daze. Do you every get like that? Some one might say something to you but it takes a second to register and then it's too late to say anything back. We were walking into a restaurant and there was a group of people walking out and I was standing there looking down and I thought someone said something but it took a second to register and then I looked up and they were out of the restaurant. I heard someone say I was going to ask him what the weather was going to be like but he isn't very nice. I am usually a person who always smiles and talk to people but for some reason I thought they were talking to the people in front of us in line. That was something I was always taught to do was to speak when spoken to and be courteous to others. It made me fell bad because I'm not that type of person and if you talk to me I will at least say hi back. So if you see me out don't hesitate to say hey. Just a bad feeling because no one wants people to think they are not a nice person.

Well keep sending in those responses and we can get them posted. Also since its Christmas, tell me what your favorite all time gift you have received! My favorite Christmas gift of all time was when I was young my parents took me out that night and told me were going to go look for Santa and when I got home there was a note on the door that said, "I had to stop by early so that you could enjoy this gift tonight, SANTA." It was a water bed and I still to this day don't know how my parents pulled that one off. Have a great Wednesday and stay dry everyone.


Sizzle Out


Hello Winter....Today is the first day of Winter as the Winter Solstice happened today at 11:47 AM making this the shortest day of the year.

4 days til Christmas

 We are in the home stretch towards Christmas! I hope all of you have your shopping done. Last week we were all getting excited as the forecasting models where calling for a chance of snow in time for Christmas. I leave for the weekend and come back and I log onto the computer from home to look at the models and I just about lost it. I have wanted a white Christmas for a while now and the way it looks now won't happen. The low track takes it across eastern Iowa which will keep us in the warm and rainy side of this storm. This is good news if you are traveling for Christmas but if you travels take you to the northwest this will have a major impact across Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Well once again as we say as a Cub's fan wait until next year.

My wife and I headed into southern Illinois this past weekend for a wedding and it was a great time so this is the first time I have had a chance to update the blog since Thursday. Did some thinking on the way down there and that is really scary sometimes when I actually do this, but are there things you want to do or goals you want to reach before you can't do them anymore? One goal of mine is to travel to all parts of the world. I want to so this while my wife and I are young and before we have kids. What are some of your Bucket list items? Lets post these and talk about them as we move towards Christmas incase maybe one of these could spur a gift idea. Have a great evening and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

 Sizzle Out!


8 days til Christmas...


I'm going to keep this countdown going on the blog. Looking at the latest model runs we could be seeing some snow just in time for Christmas. I know its a long ways out but if this system continues to stay it course we could have a white Christmas. For it be be considered a white Christmas we have to have at least 1 inch of snow on the ground by Christmas morning. This is a real possibility this year as that system I was talking about above makes it move towards central Illinois. Our average chance for a white Christmas is around 30 percent on a given year here in the CI. Below is a map that details the chances of a white Christmas every year here in Illinois.


On another note we are having a toy drive here at Stormcenter 17 on Wednesday afternoon from 8 am until 6 pm. You can bring a unwrapped toy to the station and drop it off during that time and then after the drive is over toys for tots will come to the station and collect the toys and take them to the Salvation Army so they can deliver the toys to kids in Macon County who don't have anything for Christmas. My wife and I did the angle tree at the mall this year and its such a great feeling knowing that a child will get something for Christmas this year and they will have smile on the their face that morning because we were able to help them. This brings up todays question...Does there come a point when the need for help out weighs the people who can actually donate? We as a country send all this money over seas to Africa, and other countries that need help. Here in this country everyday someone child, adult, or elderly person goes to bed at night without a meal. Could be at least take some of that aid that we are sending overseas and keep it here at home to help out our own people! I know we have a big debt in this country but if all talked with our representatives and senators maybe they would realize that their districts are more important and they could send some of that money to help out our own country. I am not saying we need to stop funding totally to other countries but we could use a little piece of that pie here at home. What do you guys think?


Here is some feed back from this week....


David from Decatur......


Hey JC. Great to see that you are writing on your blog. I too, am one of those that likes the traditional lighting outdoors. I have to admit, that I did not enjoy putting up the lights and decorations on Thanksgiving day, after the huge dinner. But my wife, at that time insisted. She would do the inside, and I got the outside.

David thanks for writing and I don't know if I could do the lights after Thanksgiving dinner either. I usually on Thanksgiving have to work but I try not to put up our decorations until the first of December. I don't know it seems like every year people put up lights earlier and earlier. I really enjoy working in the yard during the summer and if I had more time I would be climbing all over our house to put the lights up.


Shannon from Decatur...

Interesting that you bring up the drinking age dilemma. I agree with you that if you are old enough to fight and die for your country, you ought to be able to have a drink. I'm thinking that a long time ago, there were actually 2 drinking ages -- like at 18 you could have beer/wine, but no hard liquor until 21 -- don't know if that is really an issue. I guess drinking is drinking, but I totally agree that there needs to be some equality in the things we ask of people, and the privileges they get.


Thanks Shannon and it does bring up a good point about all these ages and privileges. What age is the right age? Its an interesting note and its also fun to think when you approach one of these ages it makes your birthday seem more important.


Phil from Cessna Park,


Good Morning J.C.It would be an honor to comment on your blog. First of all, I agree that the true meaning of Christmas is most often overlooked. It has become too commercialized and the internet with it's online buying power has even added to the decadence of the Holiday's true meaning.. Like you I am guilty of the presence of presents and all the fanfare, but over the years I have decided to spend more time realizing that we are celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus.

Secondly, I do wish for everyone to travel safely this Holiday Season. Toby Tucker, 95Q, posted a comment on Facebook in which I became quite vocal. As of January 1st, it will be illegal in Illinois to text while driving. I travel all over the country and on two instances I was run into a median by someome texting rather than driving so I am quite adamant about my support for this law. Others replied to Toby's comment, saying they were still going to do it. It is my hope for this Christmas, that the weekend doesn't bring any needless calamities for these people who think they can effectively text while effectively driving. The two don't mix and the two won't happen.If you want a discussion topic, this is a great one! Have a great day, J.C.

Phil I am guilty sometime of texting while driving and I think I have gotten worse since I got a blackberry. Its awesome how connected we are these days but this makes our roads a very dangerous place. What if they made the laws equal for drinking and driving and texting? I know it may not be the same thing but in both cases you are distracted or non at coherent. I don't worry about my driving but it all the other people on the road that I am worried about. Looks like travel this Christmas week will be a little slick.


Teri from Decatur


If you write we will come and read. I just never know when you have updated. I read Greg's everyday it is now a ritual that I must do.

Thanks Teri for the comment I am going to try and update this every weekday that I am at work at sometime when I'm not here. I love the Field of Dreams reference. Keep checking in and sending comments and we will try to have a good discussion on topics here.


Have a great rest of the day and a good Friday everyone.


Sizzle out.



9 days until Christmas,


Its hard to believe that Christmas is only 9 days away. This is my favorite holiday of the entire year for many reasons. If my wife would let me our house would look like the Griswold house from the movie National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. That brings up this question where do you draw the line on how many decorations you put up? I am going to admit it I am not a big fan of the blow up things in peoples yards. I am a white light kinda guy too. For example, we have two trees in our house one that has gold and silver decorations on it and is kinda the more formal tree and another tree that has multiple decorations from childhood and all the ornaments that we have collected from trips we have taken. We started this tradition as a way to have an ornament for every Christmas we have spent together. I also put my train around the bottom of the tree as I have since I was a little tyke. Its just so much fun this time of the year with family, friends and all the treats that are out there. We have to remember the true meaning of Christmas and that is the birth of a baby in a manger in the city of Bethlehem. This brings hope to the world that a savior is born this day. I am guilty of just thinking about presents, decorations, and the food but take a second this holiday season and be thankful for all the blessing you have received because everything happens for a reason and don't hesitate to lift up your thoughts and prayers.


Also, remember that if you will be traveling this Christmas season please stop by our website and check out the forecast to see what you will encounter on the roadways. You can also get updates from twitter @jcfultz. Let count down the days until Christmas morning because every year it still feels the same to me as it did when I was about 5 to wake up and open those presents to see what I got. Finally, there still is a shortage of toys in Springfield and the Salvation Army needs your help if you can drop off a toy for some young boy or girl that would make someone Christmas because it would be sad if someone couldn't get the joy like most of us have had or still have on Christmas morning.

Sizzle Out


I know I should write in my blog more often but sometimes it get to discouraging because I don't get much feedback from it. I know it's probably because I'm not as creative with the blog but I also think it's more because I don't update it everyday. I thought with the last entry I would hear back from you about what you think and then we could open a nice discussion on what your thoughts were about the drinking age, other hot button issues but instead nothing not one solitary email! So tonight I sit here and once again type in the blog hoping that someone will read what it has to say. I am going to think of interesting things that I see on the internet and hopefully you will send me something back to let me know what you think.


Tonight's thoughts are about the Big Ten conference. Brian Jodice and I where talking today and picking our brain as the Big Ten announced its looking to expand. This would mean they would have 12 teams but where would that 12th team come from. Some ideas we had was the first obvious one Notre Dame. They already turned the Big Ten down in 1999 plus they have some big contracts in football that could cause some hang ups. Another team that I feel would be a good fit for the conference would be a Memphis strong in basketball, a decent football school and geographically wouldn't be a bad fit. They are in conference USA and that is a conference they dominate every single year. Then that brings me to Louisville and Cincinnati who just joined the big east not long ago.  Good schools with good athletics but already in a good conference. This will be interesting to see what happens as they are going to explore this over the next 12 to 18 months. One thing about this move they could divide the conference into two divisions like most of the other ones in the country like the ACC and Big 12 and have a conference championship game in football which would allow teams the chance to play that one extra week so they aren't off for two weeks before the BCS selection show. That also brings up the playoff system. It works in every other division of football except the FBS. Some people argue it takes away from the academia world with the players out of class the whole time but unlike the NCAA tourney you don't have to travel for a 3 or 4 day span and only one team makes the trip. There will never be a true national champ in FBS until there is a playoff.

Sizzle Out


Wow its cold today!! Our own Jon Nilles had a great quote today its physically hurt today just to pump gas. This polar air is the coldest of the season and the way it looks we will finally bust out of this over the next couple of days.

I'm getting really excited because my middle brother Andrew turns 21 this weekend! That means its time for a birthday party. I'm not going to go into the whole details but if you can remember what it was like when you turned 21 then thats about that is going to go on. This brings up a good point and that is do you have to really get plowed on your 21st as most people think you do? What if you just wanted to have a good time and have just a couple drinks? When we think of the age 21 we think of it as a right of passage. But I want to bring this point up. You can fight and die for your country at the age of 18, you can smoke which studies show can cause cancer and you could die and buy lottery tickets which could cause you to lose all your money. When is it ok to have a drink, 21. 18, 19, heck at 16 you can get behind the wheel of a basically steel bullet and go down the highway at 65 and one wrong move and you could lose your life? Drinking and driving is a terrible thing at any age and people lose their lives everyday because they get behind the wheel when they aren't supposed to. Also when is it ok to let someone drive? I have known a lot of people who lived on a farm and have driven since they were 14 and I know people who are in the their late 20's who shouldn't be driving. Its a game of numbers in this world and really if you meet kids who are 16 you could look at them and think wow you shouldn't be allowed to drive a car but there are also kids at that age who are mature enough to drive. Should there be a situation part to the drivers education courses where the instructors can determine who is mature enough to handle that situation or enough to drive? This point could be made for any stage of life with the drinking age, smoking age, gambling age. Other countries have different ages but we are stuck at 21 it seems like for a lot of things in the US. All of these questions would open up a huge debate among all groups of people who could argue for all sides of these topics.

There are so many things that big brother (our government) says we can't do because its supposed to protect us. When comes a time when we have to sit back and really think about these things? For example, in most European countries you can't get your drivers license until your 18. On the flip side when is it time to give up your privilege to drive. You don't have a right to drive in this country its a privilege and when you violate that privilege then your done. I see stories every day of people who have multiple DUI offenses and are still driving. I am all for second chances but there comes a point on the second chance when you get busted for the same thing again enough is enough you haven't learned your lesson and your done. These are just a few touchy subjects that sometimes are good things to bring up when someone you know or someone who is close to you reaches one of these milestones. What do you think about these topics? A little food for thought today.

Sizzle Out!!!

A very windy afternoon here in central Illinois. Here is a list of the wind gusts reported to the National Weather Service today. Stay warm if you are going out tomorrow morning as wind chills will be from 5 to 15 below zero.

================        ======      ========
CHAMPAIGN               55 MPH       902 AM
DANVILLE                55 MPH       945 AM
SPRINGFIELD             54 MPH       810 AM
BLOOMINGTON             52 MPH       815 AM
DECATUR                 52 MPH       938 AM
PARIS           &nb, sp;       52 MPH      1009 AM
TAYLORVILLE             52 MPH       905 AM
RANTOUL                 51 MPH      1146 AM
JACKSONVILLE            49 MPH       705 AM
GALESBURG               47 MPH       745 AM
PEORIA                  47 MPH       929 AM

================        ======      ========
3 W BISMARCK            56 MPH      1059 AM
ABINGDON                54 MPH       732 AM
OGDEN                   53 MPH       137 PM
3 S GREENVIEW           51 MPH       735 AM
MORRISONVILLE           51 MPH       830 AM
COWDEN                  50 MPH       900 AM
2 SE LINCOLN            50 MPH       745 AM
MOUNT ZION              50 MPH       815 AM
SULLIVAN                50 MPH       900 AM

COOP REPORT             SPEED       TIME
===============        =======      ========
RANKIN                  57 MPH      1000 AM


Happy Birthday Dad!!!

New 3D Arrives at Stormcenter 17….


Christmas has come early to Stormcenter 17 as we have a new weather system called MAX and we have one of only 16 in the entire country! This system zooms and pans and has much better transitions then what we had in the past. Plus we are able to make graphics that look better and are easier to understand. This is an exciting new time plus now we have Live Doppler 3D which will allow us to take you inside the storm to show you what's happening and pin point to you the viewer at home what we are looking at plus heights of storms as they roll through the area. We can now also show you the most severe areas of the storm and where they are going and how it could impact you. Yes we still have 5 LIVE radars which include Stormcenter 17 live neighborhood radar. We call it Live Doppler 3D because now we see the storms on a three dimensional platform. All these upgrades that we have made are so that you as the viewer will feel confident in what we are forecasting and you can relay on central Illinois weather source to plan your day.


In other news we went and saw the movie "Blind Side" what a great movie. It's a sad story but yet makes you feel good. You might think how does that happen, well it toys with your emotions but in the end it's a great ending. I wont tell you anymore about the movie but I thinks it's a must see. This movie has really inspired my wife and I to look at our blessing and think even though at times life may seem to through you a curve ball you still have all those great things like family, and friends and in my case I am blessed to have an amazing wife, a career I enjoy, wonderful families, and a home that is warm. Some people don't have any of these things and if you can take a few minutes to help someone out this holiday season even if it is a warm smile that is what this season is all about hope, and love. If you have a minute send something to my email that you fell thankful for this holiday season and I will post them for other people to see. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and will have a great holiday season.


Sizzle Out!


One of the wettest Octobers in record here in central Illinois. Here is a list of the places that have had a record set or close to the record.


Total as of 7 AM 10/31
Current Historical Ranking
3rd wettest
11.21" (1941)
2nd wettest
10.74" (1941)
Wettest on record
previous - 9.55" (1941)
3rd wettest
12.60" (1919)
2nd wettest
11.07" (1941)
2nd wettest
8.83" (2001)
3rd wettest
8.80" (1991)
Wettest on record
previous - 10.08" (1941)
2nd wettest
10.53" (1941)
3rd wettest
10.73" (1991)
2nd wettest
13.39" , (1941)
2nd wettest
8.03" (1941)
2nd wettest
9.01" (1941)
The state average for rain according to the state climatologist from the first of October through the 30th of October was 8.35 inches, that 5.6 inches above normal and the second wettest October in record for the state. As we look ahead in to the months to come usually with an el nino year we could expect to see warmer then normal temps and usually drier conditions which is good news for th, , , e farmers plus we already see this in the extended forecast with the greatest chance for precip on Tuesday night into Thursday morning but only sprinkles.
Sizzle Out



Rain Rain go away!!!!
This is one of the wettest Octobers on record. Here are some stats that you might find interesting.
Here are how 14 cities in central Illinois rank for wettest Octobers...
Springfield... 8.03" ranks 3rd wettest Oct
Lincoln....... 6.63" ranks 4th wettest Oct
Peoria........ 5.55" ranks 5th wettest Oct
Normal........ 6.82" ranks 3rd wettest Oct
Urbana........ 6.72" ranks 6th wettest Oct
Decatur....... 7.08" ranks 3rd wettest Oct
Effingham..... 8.92" ranks 2nd wettest Oct
Mattoon....... 6.09" ranks 5th wettest Oct
Flora......... 7.79" ranks 3rd wettest Oct
Tuscola....... 5.93" ranks 5th wettest Oct
Beardstown.... 7.00" ranks 6th wettest Oct
Clinton....... 7.38" ranks 5th wettest Oct
Minonk........ 4.86" ranks 9th wettest Oct
Rushville..... 6.37" ranks 6th wettest Oct

(Still a few days left in Oct to add more rain)
There will be some dry weather just in time for Trick or Treating this year which is nice because its been a few Halloweens with rain in a row in some places.
Sizzle Out!



Last week I headed to Norfolk Virginia for a weather conference. This conference focused on the future of weather and how it is delivered, forecasted, and new technologies. We will see changes in satellite technology and some new goes satellites will be launched soon. Also an upgrade will be coming to the Doppler radar which will help us to see storms in a better way. I got to meet a lot of people and got to visit places in Norfolk. That city is a huge navy port and those boats you may see them on TV and they don't look big but in person an aircraft carrier is huge. Also the USS Wisconsin the one that served in WW2 and Korean conflict is moored there and is now a museum it's the largest battleship ever built. There was one before that one and now today there is a new USS Wisconsin.
It's hard to believe that its time to turn the clocks back again. At 2 AM Sunday it becomes Central Standard Time 1 AM. It's always a great idea to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors. This also means its going to get darker sooner. Please keep in mind that the deer population are going to start to get more active as well so be aware when driving around, plus still keep an eye out for farmers as they are still working in the fields.
Sizzle Out



Wedding and Honeymoon...
What a last few weeks it has been and for a wonderful reason. I married the love of my life on the 26th of September. We got married outside at South Side Country Club in Decatur and the day started out very nice. Then as the ceremony approached the sky decided to open up with some rain. It was stressful as the rain started an hour and a half before the wedding. Then on cue the good lord cleared the rain and we got most of our pictures in. Then 5 o'clock rolled around we started the ceremony and just as we were pronounced man and wife the sun came out at that exact moment. My wife looked so beautiful. I am a huge golfer and we had a golf themed wedding with out clubs at the end of the chairs and when we walked out people put up golf clubs as a tunnel to walk under.
Then we moved inside for the reception and it was perfect. The stress for this day was totally worth it. The reception was a blast and the wedding was perfect. Aw the honeymoon the best week of our lives. We headed to Mexico on Monday and we stayed for 7 days. I know why they call it paradise the weather was amazing 90 and sunny all 7 day, s. We got to see one of the 7 wonders of the world Chitzen Itza. If you get a chance it is totally worth the visit. The rest of the time we spent in the pool or at the beach. I am so relaxed now and have a great tan. The last night we were there we did a private dinner on the beach and what a meal it was lobster and steak and a view that you can't get anywhere else. The Caribbean Sea and a full moon really help to set the mood. People in the Playa Del Carmen area are so nice and the area is very safe. If you get a chance head there and see how beaufitul , it is clear warm ocean water and Uno mas porfavor trip.
Sizzle Out!



This summer and last summer were very cool. Here is some interesting numbers over the last two years of how many days we saw temperatures at or above 90.
Avg: 25
Most: 58 in 1936
Fewest: 4 in 1950
2008: 5
2009: 12
Avg: 28
Most: 65 in 1936
Fewest: 5 in 2008
2008: 5
2009: 9
Avg: 20
Most: 43 in 1988
Fewest: 3 in 2008
2009: 4
Avg: 28
Most: 67 in 1938
Fewest: 3 in 1915
2008: N/A
2009: 14
This shows that last summer had fewer days in the 90's then we did this summer at these reporting sites, . St, ill waiting to hear back from more people about their favorite summer time moments so keep sending them in so we can all see what we find is the best part of summer.
Sizzle Out!



Another summer almost in the books...
What are some of your favorite summer moments? Email them to me and we can start a little feedback about them. Last summer which I can't believe its been a year already I got to go to Savannah Georgia which is an amazing city. Tybee Island is a cool little island that only has two commercia, l establishments on it so we got to see a lot of mom and pops places. Plus how can I forget the most nerve racking day of my life our engagement in Chicago.
 This summer has rolled around and I got to do the usual golf outing which this year we won! Then it was off to some baseball games and winery trips. There is a neat little place in Findlay its called Neimerg Family Winery so if you are in the Findlay area head down there and stop in and say hi to Dan, Don and Bill. Then there has been the wedding planning. What a great experience Men out there try to stay involved in the planning because it's actually fun to plan that special day. I can't believe it but its only 18 days away. I am so excited for the day because we have been planning and planning for so long its going to be great when the day comes around.
This summer has been cool but so enjoyable. Nothing better in the summertime then golf, baseball, lemonade, and spending time with friends and family members outside where it's so nice. As we go into the fall months take some time and look at the colors of the trees and think about all the blessing that you have in your life. Let me know your favorite memories whether that is childhood memories or memories from this summer. Over the next several days I will share a little more about my past summertime memories. If you are looking for a song that really solidifies summer time Rascal Flatts "Summer Time" will really make you think about summers past and present.
Sizzle Out!



Summer is winding down can you believe it. Today starts meteorological fall but the Autumnal Equinox isn't until September 22nd at 4:18 pm when fall really begins. This summer has come and gone and we really didn't see much in the way of heat. For meteorological summer which is June through August most of us here across the CI averaged about 1 to 3 degrees below normal. Here is how some of the cities in central Illinois ranked for coolest summers.
Bloomington #2 since 1893
Ch, arleston #19 since 1896
Decatur #17 since 1893
Lincoln #3 since 1905
Springfield #10 since 1897
Urbana #9 since 1888
This wasn't the coolest it has been during summer but these numbers are very impressive considering that records in most places have been kept since the 1800's.
Just some interesting information I thought you might find cool to read about. Let me know if you have anything you want to talk about on here and we can post your comments or questions you may have for me.
Sizzle Out.



El Nino and its influences on central Illinois....
It's hard to believe that the Pacific Ocean influences our weather here in central Illinois. Here is how El Nino works...
     Normally, trade winds blow from east to west causing a pile up of warm surface water in the west Pacific so that the sea surface is about 1/2 meter higher at Indonesia than at Ecuador. To replace the water that has been blown to the west, cold nutrient-rich water rises up from the depths along the coast of South America. This nutrient-rich water supports a diversity of marine life, and, in turn, supports the fisherman in South America.
     When an El Nino event takes place (every four years or so), these trade winds relax and the water that once "piled up" in the western Pacific, slos, hes back towards the west, causing the end of the nutrient-rich up welled coastal water (and thus a downturn in the fishing industry as well).
     Because of the close coupling of the ocean and the atmosphere, these changes in warm water also brings rainfall. This result in a wide variety of changes in global atmospheric changes, which forces weather changes in regions far removed from the tropical Pacific. For instance, the presence of El Nino reduces the number of hurricanes over in the Atlantic Ocean.
Here what things look like during an El Nino in central Illinois provided by the Illinois State Climotologists....
  1. Summers usually are wetter and cooler then average
  2. Fall tends to be cooler and wetter then average
  3. Winters tend to be warmer and drier
  4. Spring tends to be drier
  5. Snowfall is usually 70 to 90 percent of normal
  6. Tornado Activity is usually less
Looking at these points above I think you can see a direct correlation to how this year has set up so far. It has been a very wet and cool summer and as we march towards fall things are looking cool and wet so far. The winter will be something we should be looking into.
The 90 day temp out look for October, November, and December calls for above average temperatures in the Midwest the warmest being across the Dakotas with equal chances of precipitation. November, December, and January we see the temperature outlook staying the same with warmest across Dakotas and in the Midwest while we see below average temperatures in the Gulf Coast and Florida plus below. Finally December, January, and February in the outlook is saying above average temperatures across the same areas and below average precipitation across eastern Kentucky and Tennessee. While in contrast below average temperatures in the south east and above average precipitation. If you want to see the maps go to this link:
Finally, you may have noticed so far things have been very quiet in the Atlantic basin with only a couple named storms so far. There is another wave that is brewing but not named as of today. During an El Nino year we usually see a quiet Atlantic hurricane season which is totally different from when we saw , all the activity during La Nina.
I hope this will give you a better understanding of how El Nino works and how its impacts on central Illinois can impact our daily lives. Take a few minutes and head to some of these links I have posted in this blog entry and surf around you might find some really cool facts that you might not have known before.
Sizzle Out!



August 24, 1982
Five tornadoes touched down south and east of Bloomington. The strongest one traveled from Merna to Cooksville, destroying 5 homes and damaging 125 others. Total damages were around $2.4 million. The storms were unusual in the fact that four had unusual changes in directions of movement.
Check out this link to the survey of the wicked storms from last Wednesday...
Sizzle Out!



Went to go visit the noon AMBUCS club today in Decatur and wanted to say thanks to the group. We are going into an unsettled weather pattern over the next couple of days. Then by the weekend expect sunshine and pleasant temperatures.
We went to the Cubs game on Sunday and we drove al, l the way up and it was nice and sunny. The air and water show was going on and there were tons of jets all over the sky that day. I am an airplane junky so it was really cool to watch the planes fly over. We got into the park and Ashley and I went right to the hot dog stand. There is nothing better then hot dogs at baseball parks! They sang the National Anthem and the jets did a fly over and it started to rain. You think the weatherman would have picked a better day to go to a baseball game? They started to bring out the tarp and then it stopped so they rolled it back up. The starting line ups were announced and just before the Cubs took the field it started to pour and they brought back out the tarp. Ugggggg we sat there for 3 hours and then at 4:15 they came on, and said the game has been postponed. There was a couple sitting behind us and I really wanted to turn around and tell them to be quiet because they complained the whole time. It didn't rain for about and hour but we were expecting more rain. By the time they would have got the field ready and the players warmed up the rains would have come again. They didn't understand I don't think. It was a good weekend even though we didn't get a chance to watch a game but still fun to head up to the city and hang out. To make things worse Kevin Gregg last night comes into the game and blows another one. Atleast we have the Bears to look forward to watching soon or maybe the Wild Card?
Sizzle Out!
August 18, 1999
Hail up to baseball-size fell in Schuyler County, especially to the north and west of Rushville.  Hundreds of cars were damaged by the hail.  Numerous houses sustained roof damage, and thousands of acres of corn and soybeans were damaged.   Crop damage was estimated around $4 million, and property damage over $750,000.

August 18, 2002
Severe thunderstorms in central Illinois produced hail up to 3.75 inches in diameter northwest of Lincoln in San Jose, as well as a brief tornado touchdown 5 miles north of Mason City.  Scattered wind damage from these storms occurred as far east as the Indiana b, ord, er.  Six people were injured in Atwood by flying debris.



August 14, 1992
Parts of central Illinois were in the midst of a record dry month. Peoria only reported 0.25 inch of rain during the month, marking its driest August on record. Other records were established at Canton, with 0.55 inch, and Galesburg with 0.88 inch. Springfield's total of 0.46 inch was its third driest August on record.

August 12, 1993
Thunderstorms moving across east central Illinois produced 5.32 inches of rain in Champaign on this date. This is the most rain to ever fall in a single day in Champaign, since records began in 1889. This was over half of the monthly total of 10.02 inches, which set an August record.

August 12, 1999
Severe thunderstorms developed in west central Illinois during the early evening, and moved to the Indiana border during the next several hours.  Winds gusting over 80 mph caused over $50 million in crop damage to Schuyler, Mason, Menard, Logan, Cass, Morgan and Scott Counties.  Miles of power lines were blown down in Cass County, and numerous trees were damaged through the area.  There was also damage to property, caused by falling trees and tree limbs.



August 11, 1976
A tornado hit the north part of Cuba, in Fulton County, destroying two trailers and tearing the roof from a house.  One person was injured.



August 6, 1977
Severe thunderstorms produced nearly 20 tornadoes in Sangamon and Christian Counties. Many of these only affected open fields.  However, one tornado did cause extensive damage near and east of Chatham. One tornado just south of Lake Springfield was unusual in that it had a clockwise rotation, in contrast to the usual counter-clockwise rotation found in tornadoes. The thunderstorms that produced these tornadoes caused a large swath of destruction from strong winds extending from southwestern Morgan County east to far southwestern Macon County.



August 4, 1968
Thunderstorms in east central Illinois produced 5.40 inches of rain at Danville. This edged out a 5.08 inch rainstorm in 1949 to establish a 24-hour rainfall record for the city.



This has been a record breaking July this year and we are not talking about heat but lack there of. Temperatures that we have been experiencing for July is typical for central Wisconsin during the summer months but not for central Illinois. The reporting station that you will see listed below have not had a 90 degree temp at all this month .We usually average about a dozen 90 degree readings during the month of July. Here is some information that the National Weather Service Office in Lincoln has compiled from some communities across central Illinois.
Here is a list of the top 5 coolest Julys on record for Peoria: This July 70.8 (4.3 below normal) Record for coolest highs reported on July 1 (69), July 18 (71), July 19 (73).
Ye, ar
Avg. Temp
Here is a list of the top 5 coolest Julys on record for Lincoln:
Avg. Temp
Through July 30th, the average temperature for Lincoln is 69.4 (5.6 below normal) and ranked as the coolest July on record. Record low highs were set on July 1 (70), July 17 (72), and July 18 (71).   Lincoln tied a record low of 49 degrees on Monday morning July 20.
Here is a list of the top 5 coolest Julys on record for Springfield:
Avg. Temp
Through July 30th, the average temperature for Springfield is 71.3 (5 be, low normal) and ranked as the 2nd coolest July on record.  A daily record low high was set on July 18 (71), while Springfield set a record low of 52 degrees on the 20th.

Here is a list of the top 5 coolest Julys on record for Champaign-Urbana
Avg. Temp

Through July 30th, the average temperature for Champaign is 70.5 (4.5 below normal) and ranked as the 2nd coolest July on record.  Daily record low highs were set on July 4 (67) and July 18 (73).
Here are the average July temperatures for other central Illinois cities.
Bloomington/Normal... 70.0
Decatur........................ 70.7  This July could be the coolest on Record!
Mattoon........................ 71.3
Lawrenceville............... 72.8
The only oth, er time that we have not hit a 90 degree reading was back in 2000.
The warmest readings for communities for July are listed below
Peoria: 85 (15th)
Lincoln: 87 (28th)
Springfield: 87 (28th)
Champaign: 87 (28th)
Decatur: 86 (28th)
Mattoon: 87 (7th)
Bloomington: 86 (15th)
This information shows us just how cool it has been this July. The first part of August looks to start off on the cool side with temperatures again in the lower to mid 80's. Thanks again to the National Weather Service for the information listed!
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July 29, 1981
Springfield reported a total of 10.76 inches of rain during the month, establishing a July re, cord. Much of the total were because of two major rainstorms during the month, one of which produced 3 inches of rain, and the other, 4-1/3 inches.



I wanted to share and e-mail I received tonight.
Note that weather data entry on July 20, 2009 states that Springfield has an extended period of 12 years where the temperature has not reached 100 degrees whereas it is reported that Peoria had a temperature reading of 104 degrees on July 24, 2005.   This is at minimum a 5 degree difference wherein most instances the Springfield temperature is hotter than Peoria.
I thought this looked like and interesting research project so I went looking at data from different station all over central Illinois and here is what I came up with.
Here are some of the reports for the dates ranging from July 20th through July 25th 2005 for a few towns.
  July                   20           21             22         23        24         25
Peoria                97            98            94         91       104       101
Lincoln               93            97            89         90       100        98
Bloomington        92           93             88         88        99         97    
Springfield           92     &, nbsp;      95            91         91        98         96
Decatur               92            94            88         91        97         96
Champaign          90            90            85          87       93          93
Mattoon               92            94            87          90       97          98
This is interesting because of the cool summer that we are having here in 2009. I did some research and Peoria yes sometimes has warmer temperatures then Springfield. There are many factors that we have to take into account for that question about. Did we have some clear skies over night and then have clouds r, oll in before peak heating. Did Peoria that day have clouds overnight which would hold temps up and then clear out in time for solar noon which would cause temps to be warmer? Those are factors that could cause places to have warmer temps then others. Also factor with atmospheric moisture because the more moisture in the air the more energy it takes to warm that air and cool it. I didn't put anything in for the 26th because on that date we say precipitation move through and temperatures dropped on the 27th to the upper 70's to lower 80's. That is a huge drop compared to the heat wave we saw from the 20th through the 26th. Just wanted you to see also how lucky we have been so far this July with temperatures!
The coolest high temperature recorded at the airport in Decatur this month was 69 on July 1st. It was cloudy and cool that day. The coolest low in Decatur this month was 56 recorded on July 19th. The coolest temperature for the Stormcenter 17 viewing are was in Lincoln on the morning of July 20th of 49 degrees which tied the record set back in 1929. We have also had record cool high temperatures for 3 straight days in Lincoln this month. Most places here in central Illinois are running on average for high temperatures 5 to 6 degrees cooler.
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July 28, 1992
All-time record rains for a single month were in the process of being broken at the following cities: Decatur, with 16.72 inches; Tuscola, with 14.03 inches, and Champaign, 13.82 inches.



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