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Martina Gadberry, Clinical Assistant. "I have enjoyed working in health care for 25 years. After having 3 children, I found myself overweight and unhealthy. I wish I had been able to find a place like PCW while I was on my weight loss journey. PCW has not only inspired me to eat healthy, but also how to help others overcome their unhealthy eating habits."

Chris Gadberry is a Life Coach and Billing Director for PCW
Since I was a little girl, when people would ask, "What do you want to do when you grow up?" I would say, "I want to have 3 kids and help people."  I have been so blessed to be able to do both! I believe that this team is one of the biggest reasons our participants have such success and to be a part of this team has been a very rewarding experience."  Chris is always there to talk to you and help you keep your feet planted on the path that leads to the healthier, happier you that you have been searching for. Chris can also answer your insurance billing questions and process all Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance claims.

Joe Young is a clinical assitant.
Joe assists with blood pressures, weigh ins, screening and biweekly lab draws, and medical concerns. Joe began his weight management career in 2005 after overcoming his own struggles with maintaining a healthy weight. He started as a Personal Trainer, but soon found himself drawn into the medical aspect of weight management. Joe has been with PCW for one year, and still enjoys every class and clinic. "I love the PCW team! They are a great group of people that truly want to help others succeed with their weight loss goals." Joe also enjoys being able to share in the clients' successes. "Weight loss can be a personal experience, and getting to share that experience is a very special thing."

Lauri Bowman is a Life Coach and Office Assistant.
Hello, my name is Lauri Bowman. I love working for PCW. I can't wait to share my love for healthy living with our patients and team. As a life coach I will add to PCW's compassion and commitment to the healthy lifestyle we all need so much.

Sam is my Registered Dietitian.
Hi, I'm Samantha Strimpel and am a Registered Dietitian with Physicians Choice Wellness. My career goal and passion is to help our clients achieve a healthier lifestyle by providing the tools and foundation to have a balanced, nutritious diet and become more physically active.  At PCW you will find that as a team, we firmly believe in this principle and are inspired lead by example.  The road to a healthier you does not just consist of a "diet" but rather a change in lifestyle.  This road will be a fulfilling journey, one that I hope to accompany you on.

Jackie is the Advanced Nurse Practitioner on the team.
She does screening physicals and medical monitoring rechecks. She likes to provide the patients with education because feels that knowledge is power. Her happiness with participating on the PCW team is seeing improved quality of life, health, wellness, and self-esteem with the PCW participants.

Michelle Smith is a Registered Dietitian with PCW.  
Hi, I'm Michelle Smith, Registered Dietitian with PCW.   It is my goal to help our participants realize they can have a healthy relationship with food, and that making balanced food choices to maintain a healthy weight  is a lifestyle change they are capable of achieving.  I'm a firm believer that "all foods fit" into a healthy lifestyle and that sound nutrition is key to living a healthy life.

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