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To the careful and the cautious:

My name is George Collis.  Professionally I am a financial advisor, with specialties in mortgage advisory and divorce financial analysis.  Both areas of endeavor demand accuracy, attention to detail and the ability to keep both the immediate consideration and the big picture in focus at the same time. When I began the steps to completing the renovation on my home I was clear that I wanted to retain the services of a contractor who would meet both project needs and my personal demands.  That contractor would have to display not simply competence, but mastery of his craft.  Communication would be an essential part of the process, as would the capacity to collaborate as a team member, and the ability to manage a total project. I interviewed six different contractors, and solicited bids from five of them.  I chose Thompson Construction Service, because he reflected multiple qualities that I value.  His bid price was in the middle of the range, and very fair in my estimation.  I did not seek the lowest price; at that end of the range one often trades quality for price.  Some of my observations follow. First, even before being selected as my contractor, Derrick thompson devoted considerable time to studying my construction plans.  This was evident when he presented his bid, along with several suggestions for modifying the structural components that actually improved the final product—things the architect had not considered.  This attention to detail and mental engagement with my project spoke volumes, both in terms of professional skill and in terms of a willingness to get involved in a job rather than simply doing a job—ahead of being hired. Second, my project is like every job of this magnitude and complexity; it evolves.  Thompson Construction Service  has been excellent at both responding to "on the fly" changes and at raising questions where a change from construction plans might be an improvement.   Third, communication and responsiveness is important in undertakings of this magnitude.  When I have needed to reach Derrick he has been accessible via phone.  When I call I do not get his secretary or office manager; I get Derrick.  He is also a heavy user of email.  Information I need in writing often comes via email.  That facilitates decision-making and work progress. Fourth, since I am a hands-on person I value direct involvement.  While assessing various bids Rob noted that his involvement does not decrease once a contract has been signed.  He does not send a crew to do the job.  He is on the jobsite leading the work himself.  Others did not offer that assurance, and that was a big factor in my decision. Fifth, craftsmanship is very important to me.  The poet Antonio Machado says that "doing a thing well is more important than doing it."  Derrick's attention to detail, and his commitment to doing things well, was something I noted in looking at some of his previous work.  I am pleased that his commitment to high standards or workmanship continues to be a characteristic of his work product.  I am a highly visual person so this matters to me. Finally, if one cannot have substantial trust in one's business relationships all else suffers.  I have found Thompson construction service to display great integrity and trustworthiness.  I have occupied my property throughout the time that work has been underway.  Because my work schedule requires me to be absent during numerous periods when work is taking place Derrick and his crew and subs are often in my home when no one is present.  He has access to my home during those times and has demonstrated the highest regard for my property and possessions.   In short, my relationship with Thompson Construction Service commenced as a business relationship, and I now consider him a friend.  His expertise and insights are valuable and his diligence is noted and appreciated.  I will continue to refer him to my friends and acquaintances.

Sincerely,   George Collis, CFP®, CDFA™

George Collis

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