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Specialty Programs


Bariatric Care

McKinley Court's Bariatric Program is a specialized, in-house service for severely obese individuals, designed to improve physical, mental and emotional well-being, leading to the fullest possible quality of life.

Utilizing a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach that combines exercise, physical therapy, psychological counseling, behavioral modification, nutritional education, and medical support, we are able to help participants change the underlying practices and patterns that often perpetuate obesity and create barriers to wellness.

Cancer Care

McKinley Court has extensive experience providing cancer patients with personalized, integrated rehabilitation and support services. These include physical and occupational therapy, therapeutic exercise, nutritional management, psychosocial counseling, stress and pain management, wound care, and lymphedema treatment. Services are tailored to each resident's specific condition and approved as part of a comprehensive plan of care with the resident's oncologist.

Diabetes Management

The diabetes management program at McKinley Court provides comprehensive services and diabetes education for patients and family members. This program was designed both for patients with a new diagnosis of diabetes, as well as those who have had diabetes for many years.

In addition to specialized treatments, comprehensive diabetes education is provided to empower patients to take an active role in the management of their disease and also learn how to prevent medical complications associated with diabetes.

Specific services include:

•Inpatient medical treatment under a physician's direction
•Specialized insulin therapies, including insulin pumps
•Neuropathy treatment
•Wound care
•Specialized services and equipment for obese patients
•Oral medication management
•Individual and family counseling and education
•Nutritional counseling and behavioral modification leading to effective weight control and risk   reduction of diabetic complications, including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and non-healing wounds
•Amputation therapies
•Adaptive equipment training

Stroke Care

Our specialized stroke program has helped restore many residents to the highest possible level of function, master methods to compensate for decreased capabilities, regain greater independence in accomplishing tasks of daily living, and enjoy an improved quality of life.

Highly personalized, integrated programs incorporate, physical, cognitive and psychological components, including:

•Physical, occupational and speech therapy
•Gait, balance and mobility training
•Psychological support
•Dysphagia therapy


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