ISP Issues Reminder to Motorists



EFFINGHAM, IL -The Illinois State Police (ISP) is reminding motorists that warmer weather means an increase in motorcycle traffic. "Motorists should be aware of the increased presence of motorcycle riders and be prepared to share the road with them. By driving defensively, motorists and motorcyclists can prevent an unnecessary tragedy from occurring on Illinois roads," said ISP District Twelve Commander, Rick Britton. The following are tips for motorists and motorcyclists this riding season:



For motorists

· One of the most frequent themes in accidents involving cars and motorcycles is visibility; the motorist did not see the motorcycle. As a result one of the most common accidents involving cars and motorcycles occurs as a result of a vehicle turning in front of a motorcycle.

· Motorcycles are often being overlooked. They are smaller and move differently, they are often not seen or recognized in traffic by other motorists. Look twice for motorcyclists.

· Never tailgate a motorcyclist. Allow at least two seconds following distance between you and the motorcycle in front of you.For motorcyclists

· Take some time to reacquaint yourself with your bike. Practice basic techniques such as braking, shifting, turning and swerving in an empty parking lot or other safe area before going on the road.

· Remember at this time of the year there may be large amounts of sand on the road left over from winter. Potholes can be extremely dangerous to a motorcycle and are also more common in the early spring.

· Also, keep in mind that animal activity often increases in the spring.


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