Roger Beasley


Roger Beasley


456 lbs

2nd weigh-in: 431

Final weigh-in: 411, 45 lbs total loss

Age: 62

Height: 5'9"

Chest: 57 before, 55 now

Waist: 70 before, 51 now

BMI: 65 before, 60.7 now

Occupation: Retired

Why did you sign up for the Biggest Loser?

I need help and support in changing my lifestyle.

What are your personal goals for this contest?

To follow the rules and regulation and to lose weight and exercise under supervision.

Tell us about yourself.

I have had a weight issue for over 50 years and have tried many different approaches to lose weight. Lately, I have encountered health issues and I believe that losing weight will help a lot.



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