Gale Thomas


Gale Thomas


173 lbs

2nd weigh-in: 167

Final weight-in: 170; 3 lbs total loss

Age: 55

Height: 5'2"

Chest: 42

Waist: 40 before, 35 now

BMI: 31.6 before, 28.3 now

Occupation: Homemaker

Why did you sign up for the Biggest Loser?

After several years of medical problems, including a hip replacement, the weight kept coming on and I could not seem to get in gear to get it off. This is going to help me get on track and inspire me to lose weight.

What are your goals for this contest?

I don't want to be skin and bones, just healthy and feel better about myself.

Tell us about yourself.

I am a happily married woman with one son. I am a stay at home wife, but lead a water aerobics class with a group of wonderful ladies. I love animals and nature. I love walking and bike riding also. I live in the county and won't live anywhere else.  


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