The Reel Opinion: November 2011 Entries


November 30th, 2011

The Reel Opinion Classics review of...

dead pool

Rated R

Spoilers Ahead!!!

     Welcome to the final installment of "Go Ahead, Make My Wednesday". Today I will be reviewing the final Dirty Harry film The Dead Pool. After Clint Eastwood directed the great Sudden Impact, he was not back in the director's chair for this film. I found this film to be pretty good, but not better than Magnum Force or Sudden Impact. They at least put in a mystery villain. That made me happy to not know who the bad guy was.

     The movie centers around a game that is being played called The Dead Pool. In this game, people pick a number of celebrities they think are going to die. The person who loses all of their celebrities wins. Liam Neeson (Peter Swan) plays a slasher film director that participates in this game. One of the people on his list is Johnny Squares (Jim Carey), who dies near the start of the film. The now famous Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood) and new partner Al Quan (Evan C. Kim) are called in to investigate. While investigating, another person on Swan's list is killed, making Swan a suspect.

     Because this movie has a mystery villain, I won't give much more away. I will say this, though, Harry's new partner does follow the trend that all of his partners follow in the other movies. What happens after that I will leave for the viewer.

     This is a decent movie. It keeps Dirty Harry in character and he is just as good in this movie as all the rest. Unfortunately, Clint Eastwood said he would not visit the character again. I say, never say never.

     Today will be Trailer Tuesday because boneheaded me forgot to do it yesterday. Trailer Wednesday just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?

Tomorrow will be an all new Dreamcast.

Until next time – Geno

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November 29th, 2011

The Reel Opinion DVD Release of the Week...


     Though I missed a couple of the middle seasons of this series, I picked it back up a few seasons ago. Unlike the first four or five seasons, they finally started to introduce a ton of other DC characters into the stories (Green Arrow, Dr. Fate, Booster Gold, etc.). The addition of these characters helped to make this series part of a bigger universe. Superman shouldn't be just a standalone character, so this was the way to go. Though the series is not perfect and the series finale was just a tiny bit disappointing at the end, this is a pretty good show for any comic book fan. They took a lot of liberties when it came to the mythology of Superman, but I think they did him justice. Tom Welling turned into a pretty good Clark Kent for being a virtual unknown at the time. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, this series had it all. The later seasons are the best in my opinion, but a journey through the whole thing would be an adventure worth taking.

Other releases: November 29th, 2011

* Smallville: The Final Season

* 30 Minutes or Less

* Six Million Dollar Man: Pilot TV Movies and Season 1

* 30 Rock: Season 5

* Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

* Our Idiot Brother

* One Day

December 2nd, 2011:

* The Smurfs


     That about does it. Tomorrow I will have the final installment of "Go Ahead, Make My Wednesday" with the fifth and final Dirty Harry movie, The Dead Pool.

Until next time – Geno

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November 28th, 2011

The Reel Opinion reviews...


Rated PG

Minor Spoilers!!!

     This is going to be an easy review to write. I had really high hopes for this film to be awesome and it delivered. I only have one small, itsy bitsy complaint. Amy Adams (Mary) was only okay in her role. She was sometimes just there. That being said, I am going to gush over this film for a little bit. I really don't even know where I should start.

     The humor of the film was spot on. It was a mix of old and new jokes, funny songs for all ages and the timing was great. They had something for everybody. I was a big fan of the times that the characters broke the fourth wall to comment to the audience.

     They used some songs that the older fans would like plus newer ones that a new generation of Muppet fans could enjoy.

     I think that is why this film was great. It didn't just stick with what it knew would work. Yes it used those things, but it also adapted with the times.

     I give Jason Segel (Gary) a lot of credit for helping to put together what could end up being the best feel good movie of the year. He is a great entertainer as well and was great in his part.

     I was happy that Rizzo and Pepe were not overused at all. In fact, they were barely used in the movie.  Pepe's small part was pretty funny, though.  Her is great in small doses.

     My favorite part was a cameo that I didn't see coming. You get to see what Jason Segel's character looked like as a Muppet. Just when you think about what his brother Walter (Peter Linz) would look like as a human, they show you. I don't want to give this away, but I am a new fan of the show the actor is on. The cameo is perfect for fans of this show. Sorry I won't even give a hint.

     On a side note, Peter Linz was also the muppeteer behind Tutter the Mouse on one of my kids' favorite shows, Bear in the Big Blue House.

     With classic and new bits, a feel good story of a return to glory, cameos aplenty and a lot of heart, this movie is a must see. Even if you have never seen The Muppets, go see it. This would be a good jumping on point. I don't know where they are going to go from here, but I can't wait to find out.



Jason Segel: Forgetting Sarah Marshall & How I Met Your Mother

Amy Adams: Enchanted, Catch Me If You Can & Underdog

Chris Cooper: The Bourne Identity, October Sky & The Patriot

Peter Linz: Bear in the Big Blue House


Director: I have never seen any other work from James Bobbin.


Similar film: It was like any other Muppet movie, but with a lot more weight and heart to it.


Tomorrow will be The DVD Release of the Week and Trailer Tuesday.

Until next time – Geno

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November 25th, 2011

The Reel Opinion previews...


Rated PG

     "It's time to play the music. It's time to light the lights. It's time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight." That's right ladies and gentlemen. For the first time since 1996's Muppet Treasure Island, The Muppets return to a theater near you. There have been plenty of television specials and direct to DVD projects, but it has been a while since Kermit & Company have graced the big screen. It has been far too long. This seems to be a passion project of How I Met Your Mother actor Jason Segel. When asked by Kidsday, "How did you like working with The Muppets?", he responded, "I always dreamed that someday I would do even a little part in a Muppet movie, but getting to write it and help make the movie, it was a real honor. I think the Muppets deserve to be the most famous people in the world. So it was important to get them back on the real screen." Sounds good to me.  I have high hopes for this one.

What I am hoping for:

* Classic Muppet mayhem

     I want to see the classic themes as well as some new ones. The Muppets are supposed to be fun and chaotic. That is the way it should be.

* Creative music & comedy

     The Muppets usually have creative songs to go along with a hilarious story. This trend should not stop here.


What I am afraid of:

* Too much human focus

While it is okay to have real people along with The Muppets, the focus should be more on The Muppets and not the people.

* Too much Pepe and Rizzo

     One of the more recurring themes for The Muppets of late has been the focus on Pepe the Prawn and Rizzo the Rat. This needs to stop. With these two characters, a little goes a long way. Focus more on the main characters instead.

That about covers it. I will have a review of this movie by November 28th.

Until next time – Geno

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November 24th, 2011

The Reel Opinion's Thumbstick Thursday...

assassins creed

Spoilers Ahead!!!

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

     In March of 2008, my first son Andy was born. As many of you new parents know, a new baby can keep you up at all hours of the night. Why do I bring this up? It was at this time between Andy's feedings that I started to play Assassin's Creed. It is still one of the best games I have ever played. I have wanted someone to make a movie based on this game for a long time. Recently, there has been news that this might finally happen.

     All the ads for this game made it seem like it was a period piece game and it was for the most part. One thing I didn't know going in was about the sci-fi element. The main character of the game is a man named Desmond Miles (voiced by Nolan North). He is forced to relive his ancestor's memories to help a company called the Abstergo Corporation find an unknown artifact from the past.

     His ancestor, Altair (voiced by Phil Shahbaz) was an assassin during the Third Crusade and the main focus of the memories. After breaking the rules of the Assassins' Brotherhood and is demoted of his rank. The story revolves around Altair working his way back to the top and solving the mystery behind the mysterious artifact.

     If done right, this game could make a series of incredible movies. I hope that the movie companies don't mess this up like they mess up most video game adaptations.


Dreamcast: Here are the people I would like to play some of the main roles for this film.


Desmond Miles: He should be played by Tom Hardy. This part needs an actor with some range, plus one that can kick a little butt when the time comes.


Altair Ibn-La'Ahad: For this role, I am afraid they are going to go with some young actor that has no business being there, like Jake Gyllenhall in The Prince of Persia. This role needs someone that can play a dark and mysterious guy with no remorse that is good at killing people. I have mentioned my appreciation for Jim Caviezel's work before on this blog. I think he would be perfect for this part. He has done excellent period pieces before in The Passion of the Christ and The Count of Monte Cristo. He also has the ability to act the part of a man with a killer instinct. His work on Person of Interest showed me that.


Lucy Stillman: This is a no brainer. Kristin Bell voiced and used her likeness for the game. Plus she is a very capable actress anyway.


Warren Vidic: Though the games voice actor Philip Proctor would do fine, I would like to see Donald Sutherland in the role.


Robert de Sable: If you saw the latest Robin Hood film, Mark Strong pretty much looked the part of this character. He also has the villain acting chops to pull it off.

That about does it. Tomorrow will be my preview of The Muppets.

Until next time - Geno

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November 23rd, 2011

The Reel Opinion Classics review of...


Rated R

Spoilers Ahead!!!

     Welcome to the fourth installment of "Go Ahead, Make My Wednesday". Today is the fourth film in the Dirty Harry series, Sudden Impact. Finally, Clint Eastwood stepped into the director's role for this film. I will come right out and say it. This is the best film of the series. Magnum Force is a very close second, but this one takes the prize. Eastwood just knows how a movie should look and feel. Normally I don't like knowing who the villain is in police stories, but the way that it is handled in this film just works. There is a lot of gray area when it comes to who is the real villain of the story.

     The movie starts off with a woman seducing a man inside of a car. She then kills him by shooting him in the groin and then the head. We find out a little later through flashbacks that she and her sister were gang raped and the man she killed was involved. Her sister was left in a catatonic state. She then leaves San Francisco and goes to San Paulo to search for other people involved in the rapes.

     We switch to Harry getting into yet another violent situation. Harry gets into a shootout at a cafe where he utters his most famous line, "Go ahead, make my day!" while pointing his .44 magnum at him. This makes the last surviving criminal surrender.

     A crime lord is let off because of the way Harry ran the case. Harry ends up giving the crime lord a heart attack that kills him by showing the crime lord a supposed confession from a call girl the crime lord killed.

     After all of this Harry is ordered to take a vacation. He spends his time learning to use his new .44 Magnum Automag. We then meet his friend who may or may not be a former partner of Harry's. The movie does not say. An attempt is made on Harry's life, so they let him come back to work. He is sent to San Paulo to investigate the murder from the first of the film.

     Jennifer Spencer (Sondra Locke), the woman that killed the man in the car continues to track down and kill the people involved in the rape. Throughout the film, we see inside of her mind to try to better understand what she is going through. Is she crazy or just angry? Is she evil or justified in her actions?

     Harry and Jennifer meet by accident and end up having a relationship throughout the rest of the film. Harry's friend that was introduced earlier is killed by the last remaining rapist, thus keeping the trend going of his partners getting injured or killed. That rapist kidnaps Jennifer and is hunted down by Harry in classic Dirty Harry style. Harry ends up putting all of the murders on the last rapist so that Jennifer can go free, blurring the line of right and wrong.

     I know a lot of this sounds like the other movies. A lot of it is like the other films, but the analyzation of the killer and why she was committing her crimes really help set this movie apart from the others in the series. Watching Harry tiptoe the line of right and wrong is always fun to watch as well. Though a lot of this movie is similar to the others, it has a different feel and depth to it.

     Next week is the final installment of this series. The last Dirty Harry movie The Dead Pool will the covered.

     Tomorrow will be another Thumbstick Thursday. It will be about a movie I felt should have been made ever since I played the game for the first time.

Until next time – Geno

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November 22nd, 2011

The Reel Opinion DVD Release of the Week to Avoid!!!...


Rated R

Spoilers Ahead!!!

     I am doing this segment a little differently this week. Today I am going to tell you about a DVD release you should avoid like the plague. The original Conan movies may not exactly be masterpieces, but this movie just stunk. When the little boy version of your main character is better at being the title character than your adult actor, you have a big problem. The first 15 minutes or so of this movie was awesome. Watching Kid Conan (Leo Howard) take out a bunch of bad guys was really cool. Having Ron Perlman (Corin) as his father didn't hurt either. The movie had so much promise...then Conan grew up. Jason Mamoa (Conan) is atrocious as the main protagonist. The way he acted made it seem like his character knew he was in a movie. The movie is long and boring and only worth seeing Conan as a kid. I have heard Mamoa is good in Game of Thrones. I have never seen that show and I will still suggest you watch that instead of this horrible film. By Krom, this movie stinks!


Other Releases: November 22nd , 2011

* Super 8

* Spy Kids: All the Time in the World

* Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special

* ESPN Films: 30 for 30 Blu Ray

* WWE: Vengeance 2011

* Scream 4

* Dr. Who: The Complete Sixth Series

* 12 Angry Men Blu Ray


     Today is also Trailer Tuesday.  Today's trailers are for Mirror, Mirror and Rampart.  To see them, just join The Reel Opinion's Facebook page.  To do that, just Hit this link and like it.

     Tomorrow will be the next installment of "Go Ahead, Make My Wednesday". The movie reviewed will be the fourth installment of the Dirty Harry franchise, Sudden Impact.

Until next time – Geno

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November 21st, 2011

The Reel Opinion reviews...

twilight bd pt 1


Minor Spoilers!!!

     As many of you know, I was not looking forward to this movie. After watching the weirdness of the love story from the first three movies, I just wanted to get this over with. I have to say after seeing this film, this was the best of the series so far. That is not saying much, but I at least enjoyed a lot of this one. Am I now a TwiHeart covert or whatever the fans of this series call themselves? No, but at least I kind of want to know how it ends now.

     I was happy that for the most part, they toned down the weird romance. I went into this movie trying to forget the courtship and it helped. The wedding and following reception were actually really funny. I mean laugh out loud funny. I liked the lighter tone and was glad that it didn't take itself so seriously.

     I was happy that they actually gave Bella (Kristin Stewart) some real emotions other than just creepy and depressed. The pregnancy angle gave her some real reasons to become a decent character. The issues covered surrounding the pregnancy were actually interesting and you wanted to know where they were going to go with it.

     I still did not like Jacob (Taylor Lautner) at the first of the movie, but the way they ended up using his character fit really well into the story. His actions near the end of the film were a good thing for the character and made him more likeable and respectable.

     Edward (Robert Pattinson) was still a decent character with a lot of conflict. He had a few moments that you didn't like him, but it all played into the story.

     The music of the movie still bothered me. The lyrics of these songs are just weird. The worst use of music was at the end. The music they played over the double ending (Yes, stay part of the way through the credits) was strange. The music didn't fit the mood or feeling of the film.

     The double ending itself was weird as well. There were plenty of people around me saying things along those lines. One lady said, "That was just dumb!" The ending was weird, but in its defense, it is hard to end a film that is only half of the story.  Also, the credits between the two ending are some of the most visually annoying credits I have ever seen.

     Strange ending aside, this film wasn't as bad as the other ones. I am not going to call myself a Twilight convert any time soon, but I was actually able to kind of enjoy this one. If I wasn't doing this movie reviewing gig, I would probably just rent the final chapter that comes out later, but the fans of the series will probably see all of these in the theater no matter what. I do want to know where it is going, though. I never thought I would ever say that.



Robert Pattinson: Other than this series, I have not seen any of his other films that I can remember.

Taylor Lautner: This movie was the best I had seen him in. They finally gave him a good purpose of being there other than his pining over Bella.

Kristin Stewart: Same as Lautner, She actually showed some real character other than her usual real self. She was okay in Panic Room and I do want to see her play Joan Jett in The Runaways.


Director: Bill Condon's best works would be Gods & Monsters and Dreamgirls. He is also directing the next Twilight film as well, which is a good thing considering how the other turned out.


Similar movie: In a way, the pregnancy angle reminded me of Rosemary's Baby. I would compare it to the other Twilight films, but this one felt different than the others.


Tomorrow will be the DVD Release of the Week and Trailer Tuesday.

Until next time - Geno

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November 18th, 2011

The Reel Opinion previews...

twilight bd pt1


Minor Twilight Series Spoilers!!!

     It is that time again. After starting this blog, my first classics series was called "Movies I Swore I would Never Watch". For the last week of the series, I watched all three Twilight films that were out at the time. It was my intention to only watch the first one. In the end, I needed to watch the others not because I enjoyed them so much, but because I just didn't get the phenomenon. I thought that the love story was weird. A vampire stalks a girl who ends up liking it. He even says that he is afraid to be around her because he might kill her, but she falls in love with him anyway. She has another guy that falls for her and she plays both guys for fools. She gives them no real reason to like her, yet they both pine for her. I actually like the character of Edward (Robert Pattinson). He is just creepy and stoic. So if I were anything, I guess I would be Team Edward (HA!). I kind of like some of the supporting characters and surrounding story arc, but the weird love story just takes me out of it. The love story is the main focal point. If it were better, I might have liked these movies more. I can get over the vampires that twinkle and the strange soundtrack, but I can't get past the main love story. So now the story continues.

What I am hoping for:

* Improved love story

     I will try to go into this movie with fresh eyes. I will try not to judge it based on the past films. Now that Edward and Bella (Kristin Stewart) are getting married, I will try to focus on that and not the strangeness of their courtship.

* More focus on surrounding events

     One of the things I liked about the first three films were the stories surrounding the main love arc. If they focus more on those, I might like the movie more.


What I am afraid of:

* Emo Bella

     The character of Bella is a real downer. No matter what happens to her, good or bad, she is just so depressed. Even when she is supposed to be really happy, she seems down in the dumps.

* The love story

     Now that the courtship is out of the way, let the love story just be part of the whole plot, not dominate it. If they revamp it a little bit and not make it so in your face, it would help the movie tremendously.

That about covers it. I will have the review for this movie by Monday, November 21st.

Until next time – Geno

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November 17th, 2011

The Reel Opinion's At First Glance...


Minor Spoilers!!!

     Coming this December is the release of the new Sherlock Holmes movie. I am excited to see it for many reasons: The first one was awesome, the action was incredible and the acting was spot on. One reason for me is that a certain young lady returns to play Irene Adler. This lady is Rachel McAdams. Yes she is beautiful, but she can also act. The first time I saw her was in The Notebook. I am a sucker for most of the Nicholas Sparks inspired movies. I have liked all of the ones that I have seen, but The Notebook is by far the best. The story is sweet, sad and keeps your attention the whole way through. It is tied for my favorite romantic story along with The Princess Bride. The main reason I love this film is Rachel McAdams.

     Once she stepped onto the screen, I was glued to this movie. She puts herself into this part and you don't even realize you are watching a film. I think here biggest advantage with this film was that she was relatively unknown at the time with only a few major motion pictures under her name. The thing I like about her most is her acting. Any part she plays, I forget that I am watching her play a role in a film. She is that good. I was wanting her to be cast as Katie Holmes's replacement in The Dark Knight, but was glad she was not, because that character was killed off. Like a lot of my favorite actors, I will watch anything with her in it, even if the movie doesn't peak my interest. She is that good.

Other Projects:

* Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

* Morning Glory

* Sherlock Holmes

* Red Eye

* Mean Girls

* Hot Chicks


Tomorrow will be my preview of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1.

Until next time – Geno

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November 16th, 2011

The Reel Opinion Classics review of...

the enforcer

Rated R


     Welcome to the third installment of "Go Ahead, Make My Wednesday". Today is the third Dirty Harry movie, The Enforcer. After a pretty good second film with an actual mystery, I hate to say that this movie goes back to the formula of the first film. Granted I liked this one about as much as I liked the first one, but knowing who the villains were kind of hurt it a little for me.

     The movie has the usual "Harry (Clint Eastwood) just walks in on a crime being committed and takes care of business" scenario that has become typical, but enjoyable, in these films. This time he arrives at a liquor store being held up. Harry goes in unarmed and the robbers demand a police car to get away in, so Harry provides them with driving it through the front window. He then proceeds to take out the bad guys in typical Dirty Harry fashion.

     This movie covers the issue of a woman doing a "man's job". A new inspector, Kate Moore (Tyne Daly) is put with Harry as his new partner. Of course he is not pleased by this. Over time, he begins to respect her and to keep the theme of Harry's partners either being injured or killed, she is shot and killed by the villains near the end of the film.

     In terms of plot and action, this film is pretty much like the first one. Maybe they did this because the second one was so different, I'm not sure. I think it hurt the film to be so similar. Harry Callahan is a great character in the three films so far, but the plot in the first and third films dragged his character down a little.

     Good thing is that Clint Eastwood finally got in the director's chair for the fourth Dirty Harry film, Sudden Impact. Join me next week for "Go Ahead, Make My Wednesday" for the review for that film.

     Tomorrow will be The Reel Opinion's At First Glance. I have a little bit of a crush on this actress. Those that know me probably know who it is.

     Friday will be my preview of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1.


Until next time - Geno

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November 15th, 2011

The Reel Opinion DVD Release of the Week...


Rated R

     I am a big fan of shows like Behind the Music on Vh1. I just really enjoy the stories behind famous musicians and actors. I don't know why, but I think the stories help me to appreciate the artists and actors more if I know where they came from. God Bless Ozzy Osbourne should be an interesting ride. I think this movie might be a little self serving. His son Jack and wife Sharon are the producer and executive producer respectively. Either way, the story should be an interesting look into one of the true characters in rock music. There are many stories about Ozzy out there. Maybe this movie will put them into perspective. I am going to check this one out.

Other Releases: November 15th, 2011

* The Lion King (DVD)

* Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (DVD)

* West Side Story (Blu-Ray)

* Looney Tunes: Platinum Collection 1

* Tom Cruise Blu-Ray Collection

* Larry Crowne

* Evil Dead 2 (Blu-Ray)

     Today is also Trailer Tuesday. Trailers for Snow White and the Huntsman and Red Tails will be featured on The Reel Opinion's Facebook page. If you are not a member and would like to join, just Hit this link and like it.

     Tomorrow will be the third installment of "Go Ahead, Make My Wednesday" with the review of the third Dirty Harry movie The Enforcer.

     Thursday will be a new installment of At First Glance.


Until next time - Geno

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November 14th, 2011

The Reel Opinion reviews...

j edgar

Rated R

Minor Spoilers!!!

     I don't claim to know much about history. I have never really been a fan, but I am always interested in law enforcement stories whether they are true or fiction. One thing I can say is that I have heard some of the jokes about J. Edgar Hoover. You would hear a cross dressing joke here or there, but I really didn't know anything else about him going into this movie. If this is truly who he was, he was an extremely complicated individual. This film was definitely a character study in what made the man tick. Was he a patriot or was he a threat to the nation? Was he protecting America or was his actions bad for the country? This film covered it all and did it without compromise and I applaud the film for it.

     I will start with what I didn't like. My biggest problem with the film was all of the time shifts. Sometimes it would be confusing knowing what year they were in, especially if Leonardo DiCaprio (J. Edgar Hoover) or other characters looked about the same between the time changes. I can forgive the film of this fault, but it was its biggest problem.

     The other thing I didn't like was a minor problem. When the character of Clyde Tolson (Armie Hammer) was in his elderly makeup, it looked kind of fake at times. The other problem was some of the actors playing famous parts didn't fit the role right. The example I can give was Christopher Shyer as Richard Nixon. I have seen other actors play the part so much better, it was just hard to watch. He wasn't in the movie that much, so it didn't hurt the film.

     Here is where I get to eat my words. Leonard DiCaprio has just played the best adult role of his career. Unless it was the younger version of him, I would forget it was him I was watching.  That to me is the sign of a good actor. The prosthetics and makeup they used on him were flawless. He made this part his and I am thrilled to say I was wrong. Good job, Leo, good job.

     The supporting cast was incredible. Other than a few people that didn't fit, like Nixon, the people surrounding DiCaprio were outstanding. There are too many to name. Most of the cast stood out in their own way.

     Clint Eastwood hits another homer for his directing of the film. He knows how a film should look and feel. The look and feel of the movie makes you feel like you are there.  You get lost in the film.  I have nothing bad to say about him.

     I will not call this my favorite film this year, but it is on the list. Go see it. The only place in Decatur that had it was The Avon Theater, but I am sure that will change in a little bit.

Actor: My favorite Leonardo DiCaprio roles are still What's Eating Gilbert Grape and The Quick and the Dead.  J. Edgar is being added to the list, though.

Director: Clint Eastwood has directed some of my favorite films. Gran Torino, Sudden Impact and Unforgiven are just a few of them.

Similar movie: The movie this reminded me of was JFK. It felt like the same, uncompromising type of film.

Tomorrow will be the DVD Release of the Week as well as Trailer Tuesday.

Until next time – Geno

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November 11th, 2011

The Reel Opinion previews...

j edgar

Rated R

     I like a lot of movies about government agencies like the CIA and FBI, whether true or fictional. I am kind of excited to see this one. I am a fan of Clint Eastwood as a director, so there is another reason. The wild card for this film is Leonardo DiCaprio. I know he can be good. My problem with him is that he still comes off as really young to me. I don't know if I am going to be able to buy him as an old man, but we will see.

What I am hoping for:

* Leo to be good

I know I come off as a hater, but I really do like some of Leo's roles. The Quick and the Dead is one of my favorite movies of all time and he played a major role in it. I hope that I can finally buy him in an adult role.

* Clint Eastwood's direction

I like a lot of Clint Eastwood's films, so I hope the trend continues.


What I am afraid of:

* Could be boring

Some historical movies just drudge along. I have a feeling that this might be the same.

* Leonardo

Like I mentioned earlier, Leo always looks so young to me that I have trouble seeing him as an adult. Funny thing is, he is four years older than me. Maybe someday I will get over this. I hope the day will come today.

That about covers it. I will have the review of this film on November 14th.

Until next time – Geno

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November 10th, 2011

The Reel Opinion Debate...


     We as movie goers know that movies come in trends. Some stay around for a long time like romance movies. Some overstay their welcome like remakes. Some are unwanted like 3D films. Genres come and go and sometimes come back again. What I want to know is, "What is the next big trend in movies?". This can be a genre or some kind of technology. It can be the reemergence of an actor or actress. I just want to know what your opinion is. To join in on this conversation, just join The Reel Opinion's Facebook page. To do that, just Hit this link and like it.

Tomorrow will be my preview of Leonardo DiCaprio's new film J. Edgar, directed by Clint Eastwood.

Until next time – Geno

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November 9th, 2011

The Reel Opinion Classics review of...


Rated R


     After watching Dirty Harry I was ready to watch the next film, Magnum Force. I wasn't sure how they were going to continue with the series because of the way they ended the first film. I think they handled the reasons pretty well. Instead of being off the force, Harry is on a short leash for his actions against Scorpio.

     After a criminal is acquitted in court, his car is pulled over by a motorcycle cop. The cop kills all the people in the car with a .357 Magnum and the mystery begins. I was hoping that maybe they were going to frame Harry with the murder, but Harry carries a .44 Magnum, so that was not the case. I did like not knowing who was behind the killings. The motorcycle cop goes on to kill others as well.

     The audience is introduced to a old grizzled cop named Charlie McCoy (Mitchell Ryan). You are made to think he is the cop behind the killings. However, it is pretty obvious that this is not the case. It was pretty easy to figure out who is behind the murders, but it is still a good plot nevertheless. Unlike the first film, most of this movie is centered around finding out who is behind the killings and less about Harry's other actions. There are still a few moments not about the case, but they are just there to help reestablish the Dirty Harry character. In the end, the bad guys are put down in ways that define Dirty Harry and yet again Harry loses another partner. This time he is killed by a bomb. There seems to be a trend starting here.

     I liked this film better than the first one. So far I have liked both films in there own way. Next week, I will cover the third film in the Dirty Harry series, The Enforcer.

Tomorrow will be The Reel Opinion Debate.  Friday will be my preview of J. Edgar.

Until next time – Geno

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November 8th, 2011

The Reel Opinion DVD Release of the Week...

harry potter

Release Date: 11-11-2011

     The DVD Release of the Week is a group of films that I have not seen all of. I have only seen the first two, but now that they are all out, I plan to watch them all sometime. I give a lot of credit to the actors of these movies for there dedication from the get go. With the exception of Richard Harris, who died after the second film, the rest of the main cast were involved in the rest of the films. That takes a lot of guts for the young actors especially. They are going to be known by their characters in these films even when they play other parts in other films. They have all seemed to handle this very well. I look forward to catching up with these films. The first two were just okay for me, so I skipped the rest. I then started to here really good things about the rest of them. I will have to make time to watch these.

Other Releases:


UFC Rio (134): Silva vs. Okami

UFC Ultimate Knockouts 9

UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2011

Doctor Who: Series 6 part 2

The Change-Up

Mortal Kombat: Legacy

Doctor Who: Colony in Space

Law & Order: The Complete Series



Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2


     Today is also Trailer Tuesday. The trailers for Safe House and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol are on The Reel Opinion's Facebook page. To see them, just Hit this link and like it.

     Tomorrow will be the second installment of "Go Ahead, Make My Wednesday" with my review of Magnum Force.

Until next time – Geno

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November 7th, 2011

The Reel Opinion reviews...




     I don't really know what to say about this movie. Was it supposed to be funny or serious or what? Though I wouldn't say I hated this one, I really can't say I liked it either. It was just kind of there. I didn't like a lot of the characters or the plot, but I still wanted to see what was going to happen. Of course, everything I thought was going to happen did happen, so there were no real surprises. Then there was the ending. The movie just kind of ended. Some things were resolved, but some things were left wide open as if to leave it open for a sequel. This movie does not need a sequel.

     If you saw the trailer, you saw most of the best jokes. In the context of the movie, they were still a little funny, but not that funny. This movie didn't have a lot of laugh out loud jokes. This movie had a lot of dry humor that just didn't work for me. It would have served itself better to make fun of itself a little more. The heist itself tried to be a little funnier, but it was too little, too late.

     I thought Ben Stiller (Josh Kovacs) was not used to the best of his potential. He just seemed a little out of character except for one scene involving a golf club and an expensive car. Eddie Murphy (Slide) was way underused. You probably could have put anybody in the role and it would have worked. Matthew Broderick's character Mr. Fitzhugh just got a little annoying after a while, while Casey Affleck (Charlie) just seemed to be there to collect a paycheck.

     The only characters I really liked were Odessa (Gabourey Sidibe) and Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda). The reason I liked both of them is that they were both over the top in their performances, something this movie could have used more of from the rest of the cast. Odessa for her ridiculous accent and the things she said. Arthur Shaw was interesting because of his Bernie Madoff attitude. You loved to hate him and wanted to see him get it in the end.

     I would say that if you want to see this one, wait to rent it. Me, I probably would not watch it again. I didn't find it interesting enough to even want to see them make a sequel, but I have a feeling that they will.



Ben Stiller: Meet the Parents, Tropic Thunder, Madagascar

Eddie Murphy: Eddie Murphy: Raw, Both 48 Hours movies, Beverly Hills Cop series, Coming To America, The Distinguished Gentleman

Matthew Broderick: Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Lion King, Election, Glory, The Cable Guy


Director: Brett Ratner's best films are the Rush Hour movies, with the third one being a toss up.


Similar movies: This was like any caper movie really. In a way it kind of reminded me of the Ocean's movies, 11, 12 & 13.


Tomorrow will be the DVD Release of the Week as well and Trailer Tuesday.

Until next time – Geno

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November 4th, 2011

The Reel Opinion previews...

tower heist

Rated PG-13

     The first time I saw the preview for this movie, I thought it looked pretty funny. I have only seen one other preview for it that had all the same jokes. My hope is that this movie will have more to offer. I like both Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy, but not when they are being too kid friendly. If the comedy is like Meet the Parents for Stiller and Beverly Hills Cop or 48 Hours for Murphy, I will probably like this one.

What I am hoping for:

* On the edge comedy

     I want this movie's comedy to be a little over the line. Get on the edge of the PG-13 rating. That is where Stiller and Murphy are at their best.

* Rush Hour Brett Ratner

     I like Brett Ratner, but he can be off sometimes. If he does the job that he did on the Rush Hour movies for this film, it could be handled well.


What I am afraid of:

* Cheesy humor

     If the humor is too goofy, it could make this a long, uninteresting film. I hope the whole movie keeps or exceeds the humor of the trailer.

* X-Men 3 Brett Ratner

     The Rat was the director of the awful movie X-Men 3. It wasn't mostly his fault, though. He was told what he had to shoot for that film. I haven't hear any horror stories coming from this film other than the video on demand story.

I will have the review for this movie by November 7th.

Until next time - Geno

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November 3rd, 2011

The Reel Opinion Dreamcast casts...


     This should be a fun one. I actually thought that Anna Chapman should be The Black Widow in The Avengers movie. Why did I think this? She is really a Russian. She is cute. She really is a spy. Last but not least, she is a good actress. She fooled the American government for a couple of years. That being said, I think they will eventually make a movie about her. Who would play the part?

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Tomorrow will be my preview of Tower Heist.

Until next time – Geno

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November 2nd, 2011

The Reel Opinion Classics review of...



Rated R


     I am a big fan of TV shows and movies about police officers.  It is a big surprise to me that I had never really seen the Dirty Harry series of movies.  I have seen bits and pieces of them, but never the full films.  I decided that since there is five Wednesdays in November and there are five Dirty Harry films, I would dedicate this series to the Clint Eastwood classics.  This is the first installment of "Go Ahead, Make My Wednesday".

     Dirty Harry begins with a woman being shot by a sniper calling himself Scorpio (Andrew Robinson).  He leaves a note saying that he will kill again if he is not paid a ransom.  This is where we are introduced to "Dirty" Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood), a "do it his own way" police inspector.  The movie covers his investigation of the crime, but also follows him throughout his day.  While eating lunch, he foils a bank robbery and utters the famous "Do I feel lucky?  Well, do ya punk" line.

     Harry has a couple of run-ins with Scorpio throughout the movie.  When Scorpio is finally captured after kidnapping and killing a woman, he is let go because of the force Harry used to get the information as to the girl's whereabouts plus he obtained evidence without warrants.  Harry's partner is also injured and leaves the police force.  Harry decides that the system doesn't work and takes the law into his own hands.

     I enjoyed this movie as a whole, even though it was pretty over the top.  My biggest problem is that we knew who the bad guy was from the start.  I enjoy cop shows and movies where I don't know who the villain is.  I really enjoy Eastwood's portrayal of a cop that does what needs to be done in order to complete his job.  Harry is judge, jury and executioner to a man that the system helped because the system has flaws.  Harry did what the law couldn't do: deliver justice.

     The movie is crude, politically incorrect and violent.  That is what made it one of the more believable cop movies.  It wasn't perfect, but it was pretty good.  Given the ending, I don't think the filmmakers planned on making sequels, but there are four more.  Next week, I will cover the next film in the series, Magnum Force.

Until next time - Geno

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November 1st, 2011

The Reel Opinion DVD Release of the Week...



Rated R

One my favorite cop movies get the Blu Ray treatment.  Cop Land is a film about dirty cops living in a small town.  The hero of the story, Sylvester Stallone, is a small town cop that has to put his personal feelings aside to keep himself safe.  He finally has enough and to give away any more would be criminal.  This movie is full of gritty violence, a great story and intense characters.  If you haven't seen it, watch it.  This is one of Stallone's greatest performances.  He is surrounded by a great cast as well.  This movie is a very hard R rating, so it is not one for the kiddies.

Other releases: November 1st, 2011

* Water For Elephants

* Cars 2

* Californication Season 4

* Hell's Kitchen Season 6


Today is also Trailer Tuesday.  Today's trailers will be for 11-11-11 and Roadie.  To watch them, just join The Reel Opinion's Facebook page.  To do that just Hit this link and like it.

Tomorrow will be the first installment of "Go ahead, make my Wednesday".  Dirty Harry will be the first film of the series.

Until next time – Geno

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