Spores N More Mushroom Hunt Canceled


Shelbyville - Some people in central Illinois just love wild mushrooms and the challenge of trying to find them.

But this year, the annual Spores N' More Festival in central Illinois will be without it's main event:  the mushroom hunt.

That's because this year's warmer than normal spring has mushrooms already popping up, which is about a month ahead of schedule, and that means there wouldn't be mushrooms to hunt during the event in April.

"Usually you see the gray's and the white's on the tail end of the mushroom season, and people are picking those right now," says Pam Doty of the United States Army Corps Engineers.

And without mushrooms to find, people wouldn't fill out hunting registrations for the festival.

"We rely on some of the application fees for paying for the cost of the buses and for paying for the hunt site and things of that nature," says Spores N' More coordinator Gene Davis.

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