G & D Integrated Closing Decatur Location


DECATUR- G & D Integrated, a logistics company, handed out roughly 200 pink slips today. That's their entire Decatur workforce.

The company which collects, warehouses, and delivers products, told employees in a notice they're closing this location for unforeseen circumstances. 

They told employees caterpillar inc is terminating a major contract with G & D Integrated and as a result they have to close the facility.

Though hundreds of employees here are losing their jobs, City Manager Ryan McCrady says Caterpillar will still need workers to provide these services, so he's optimistic many people laid off here will find new jobs in the community.

"The work has to get done," McCrady said.  Somebody will have to do that work.  The good news is we know we have people in our community that have the skill set to do that work.  We're just hopeful they'll have the opportunity to be re-employed to do the work has to get done by whatever party's doing it."

Because of this possibility of re-hiring, McCrady says these layoffs are not likely to deal a big blow to the local economy.

The facility will be fully closed in September.

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