Horse Racing Draws Big Crowd In Decatur Sunday


Decatur - It's a sport that draws fans, and riders, from all over the state to Decatur each year.

Day three of the Macon County Fair saw plenty of exciting horse racing action on Sunday.  Fans filled the stands cheering on their favorite riders.

A dying industry, Sunday's horse racing fun could be a thing of the past.  One horse owner says if things don't change, the horse racing industry may cease to exist in Illinois.

"Our industry right now is hurting, real badly in the state of Illinois.  The governor needs to help us out.  It's more than simple arithmetic.  These people have many things that they have to buy and keep their families going.  That industry is hurting very bad if the governor does not sign that bill."

The Macon County Fair wrapped up all of the horse racing on Sunday.  The fair goes on all week and ends next Sunday.

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