Disabled Veteran Gets New Home


DANVILLE -- A disabled veteran says his life changed Saturday at his Habitat for Humanity groundbreaking ceremony.

Sean Shields is getting a new home, but it's not just a roof over his head. He's breaking ground on a better life.

"I don't have to worry about busting my knuckles or squeezing through doors," said Shields.

Shields, a disabled Navy veteran, is a father of two. After serving overseas, he returned home and started working until a motorcycle accident left him in a wheelchair.

Ever since, he says life has been different -- and difficult. He's been living with family members who help him get around.

Shields says it's difficult fitting through doors in a wheelchair, and any place with stairs is out of the question.

Danville Habitat for Humanity Executive Director, John Graves, says that won't be the case anymore.

"Sean will be able to live a fairly normal life," Graves said.

Shields' new house is being build to ADA standards. According to Graves, Shields will be able to "roll right in... and roll right out" of his new home with ease.

Due to special wheelchair-friendly amenities, building the house will cost more than the average Habitat home.

But, Graves adds, changing a life is worth the added cost.

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