Vehicle Service Consolidation Could Mean Savings


Springfield, Ill - Sangamon County is looking to save money by reducing the cost of service vehicles.

According to Sangamon County officials, up to $70,000 each year can be saved by consolidating maintenance for all department vehicles to one garage.

"Everybody had to cooperate in this. There are a lot of areas that haven't been tested before," Chief Deputy Jack Campbell told WAND News.

County Highway Engineer Tim Zahrn echoed Campbell's sentiments. He believes the county garage on the northwest side of Springfield can accommodate all department vehicles. The best part of the plan: no layoffs.

"The new department is going to have a manager. He is currently our foreman in our maintenance department. He'll be fleet maintenance manager and we'll move the sheriff's department mechanic out here. He'll be our lead mechanic on our auto side," Zahrn said.

There are some initial start-up costs. The county plans to spend about $60,000 transitioning. Some of the money will go to added security for Sheriff's Department vehicles.

The plan has caught the attention of the city of Springfield, as well. The city plans to make similar transitions. City leaders hope to have their consolidation efforts complete this summer.


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