Herrick Raises Money for July Fourth Celebration


SHELBY COUNTY -  Herrick, a small town in Shelby County was afraid they would no longer have their annual Fourth of July celebration, but thanks to the women of the Fourth of July Committee, the tradition will continue.

The celebration will take place the second, third and fourth of July. In order to have the event Yvonne Mathias and Kathy Durbin raised money year round to pay the twelve to thirteen thousand dollars in expenses.

They hope to bring back the old days, where everyone in town participated. Mathias said "there would be no grass left at the park because there were so many people in Herrick."  Throughout the whole weekend the carnival rides will be free.

The women held a haunted house, bake sales and one brother and sister kept dropping off large denominations of cash. Allen is happy that everyone will be able to come to the celebration, "just to be able to enjoy it without worrying about, you know, they are going to have enough for everybody to enjoy themselves."

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