Lovington School to Auction Off Items Saturday


Lovington - Lovington high school will be torn down next month, but before then, the school will auction off items inside that school this weekend.

The money raised will go towards paying off the school's debt.
Former students and administrators say seeing the school come down is a sad moment for anybody who has ever walked the hallways.

"Just looking at everything out there and knowing that it would soon not be there, it was heartbreaking," says Lovington alum Dee Frantz.

Lovington Superintendent Kyle VonSchnase says,"the school is a very ionic type building, and there's been a lot of support for keeping the building, and it's a very impressive building, and you hate to see something like this with such a rich history, you know, being torn down."

Lovington elementary students will continue to attend school in Lovington.  The high school students will start attending class in Arthur this fall.

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