Eisenhower High School Renovations Begin


DECATUR IL - Eisenhower High School broke ground Thursday afternoon; to begin gutting the building for renovations. This was made possible by a county sales tax that was passed by voters in 2010. District 61 looked at building a new high school, but after discussion renovating of Eisenhower and Macarthur was the best thing for the District.

School Superintendent, Gloria Davis said "We're going to do our best to make sure not only improvement of the facilities, but the continued improvement of the facilities, of what happened inside those facilities is our number one priority."

Workers have been removing computers, equipment, and even lockers. It is all being transferred to Stephen Decatur Middle School, where Eisenhower students will be attending class during the upcoming school year. Middle School students will be moved to the old vocational center.

A new gym, library, and cafeteria will be just a few things students can look forward to. The district  hopes that when Eisenhower reopens every student will have I-Pads while they attend class.

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