Macon County One Step Closer to Having Rural Transportation


Decatur - Imagine you live in a small town with no grocery stores or doctor's offices.

For some people in Macon county that's an everyday thing, and that could soon be changing.

Rural transportation has been a long sought after service for the people of Macon County.

"We've been talking to Macon County for over 11 years," says Chenoa-based Show Bus director Laura Dick.

If rural transportation is brought in, riders will be asked to make a suggested donation of $5.00 round trip in the county, and $7.00a for crossing county lines.

It's not just seniors in the county who are in dire need of transportation services according to Emily Dobson of Soyland Access to Independent Living says this will help people with disabilities looking to become an active part of the community.  In fact, they handled 16 calls wondering how soon it would be before this service is available in Macon County.

The county board is expected to discuss and make that decision as early as next Thursday.

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