Decatur Man Trying to Ward off Prostitutes with Sign


DECATUR-Signs are made to grab your attention and alert you of a problem.  One Decatur man has made his own sign to do just that and he's raised some eyebrows in the process.

Timothy Ryan, who lives in the 800 block of North Edward Street made the sign himself.

iIt reads: "Notice: prostitutes.  Do not parade your a** in front of my house or my children."

"I wanted to be blunt and straight to the point," Ryan says.

He says he's seen prostitutes on his block for years.

"I'm seeing the same girls being picked up by cars and dropped off right here in the same area," Ryan says.

Selling sexual favors, in front of kids.

Ryan's wife Juneann doesn't feel comfortable letting her kids outside.  

"It's sad when you can't even let your child ride around the block on a bicycle 'cause you're afraid who might pick them up," Juneann says.   "Continuous prostitution. It's just disgusting."

Krystal Johnson lives across the street and feels the same way.

"I've called the police plenty of times," Johnson says.  "Me and my neighbor but all they say is there's nothing they can do as long as they walking up and down the streets."

"I guess you have to catch them in a money transaction before anything can really be done," Tim Ryan says.  He says most prostitutes who walk his street are regulars, but he thinks this message is getting across to some of them.

"I've basically convinced a couple of them to not be in front of the block here, they decided they was gonna move on down and stay away from the children," he says.   

Whether or not the sign stops the problem, neighbors like that someone's sending a message to take back the streets.

Police say they know prostitution is common in this area.  They have had officers go undercover and do stings.  But in general, unless they catch a money exchange, or other illegal activity and have proof of it, there's not much they can do. Still, police say you should call and give as much information as possible to help build up a case.

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