Walking trail bridge fire cause determined


Piatt Ill. - On Monday, June 11, 2012, the Piatt County Sheriff's Office concluded its investigation into the fire that damaged the walking trail bridge that crosses the Sangamon River between County Farm Road and Railroad Street, in Monticello. 

Originally being investigated as arson, the investigation revealed that the subjects involved, six high school aged juveniles, did not start the fire intentionally. 

The fire started when a mortar firework, was lit and thrown into some dry brush.  It was unclear if the lighting of the firework was intentional or accidental while simulating lighting the firework.  Once in the dry brush, a small fire broke out which the subjects involved attempted to put out.  After leaving the scene, the subjects returned when they saw that there was more smoke.  They found the fire had re-ignited, attempted to put the fire out a second time, and left the scene without notifying the fire department.  The case has been forwarded to the Piatt County States Attorney for review. 

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