Parochial Schools Looking to Draw in New Students and Families


Some parochial schools in central Illinois are seeing their class numbers shrink from year to year.  To help retain ,and recruit new students, schools like Our Lady of the Lourdes are putting signs like these up around Decatur.

They're not the only ones though, LSA is also hoping to bring in new students using the signs.

Administrations from both schools say with parents showing increased interest in their children's education, they're helping students prepare for the next step.

"We can really spend some time on curriculum alignment and articulation, and really know what those students need as they enter high school," Our Lady of the Lourdes Principal Maryrose Hagenbach.
"Academically, the sports, the fine arts, just the emphasis what kids will receive on a daily basis for their education now and for college preparedness," says LSA executive director Kyle Karsten.
Hagenbach says that while the numbers may be down for her school, she has already seen an increase in parents interested in enrolling their children at our lady of the Lourdes.

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