Smokers rush to buy cigarettes before tax takes effect


DECATUR -- In a couple weeks, price of cigarettes will be hiked by a dollar a pack. And now, you can't stock up at some gas stations.

An upcoming dollar-a-pack tax is putting cigs in short supply. It's sparking anger for smokers like Doug Perry.

"It's causing people to make a decision when they don't have to," Perry said. "If they want to smoke, they should be able to smoke."

Smokers can still smoke, but just can't buy a whole carton at the BP on South Shores in Decatur.

A sign is posted inside telling customers of the temporary ban on cigarette carton sales.

Employee Tom Rutherford says they're already low on stock, and don't want people to order "an exorbitant amount."

"You do have a few people that are upset," said Rutherford, "because they do want that whole carton."

But cartons aren't the best sellers there. According to Rutherford, most people come in to buy two or three packs.

For smokers like Perry, a higher price will help put out a bad habit.

"I think I'm gonna quit," Perry said.

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