Logan County Holds Emergency Training Sessions Thursday


Lincoln - Emergency responders in Logan County got a refresher course on what to do incase of emergencies involving chemicals Thursday morning.

Firefighters and police met at the Logan County fairgrounds.  They responded to a mock scene of a crash involving a spilled anhydrous tanker.
It wasn't just the emergency responders involved in the action.  Actors did their part by acting as victims of the crash, something one volunteer says can help responders save lives later on.

"Well it's just wonderful to know that they're prepared and we're able to help them prepare by acting like we're sick and feeling nauseas and all the symptoms.  So it's really cool to see them and help them to prepare," says volunteer Aaron Cantrell.

The HAZMAT training was just one part of Thursday's training exercise.  Police were also trained on what to do in case of a bomb threat as well as weapons of mass destruction.

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