Free Dental Care In A Bad Economy


Springfield - The loss of a job often means giving up optional medical or dental care.  That's where Advanced Dental Care of Springfield steps in each year.

"They're people who have had some bad luck," said Dr. Matt Vandermolen whose office participates in Dentistry From The Heart.  "They've been trying to do things to take care of their kids and put themselves second.  So, they're very happy we provide this."

Friday was the third time Advanced Dental Care provided free dental services to adults.  Over 300 hundred people were served the first two years and another 150 were expected to take advantage this time.

Kathy Davis of Springfield tells WAND News she could not afford most dental services, so she came in for a free cleaning.  "I need a cleaning.  So that's what I am here for.  Since I quit smoking I keep my teeth clean."

One individual was on line Thursday afternoon to wait for the 7:30am Friday opening.  Others got on line at two or three in the morning. 

Some people have never had dental care in their lives.  Advanced Dental Care's Emeley DeClerk said one woman in her 20's had never been treated before.  "27 year old we had come through here.  Her first time ever coming to the dentist.  And her first time was an extraction.  But she did awesome.

Advance Dental Care plans to provide the free service again in 2013.  Nationwide, over the past nine years, Dentistry From The Heart has contributed $10 million in free dentistry and helped more than 50,000 patients.   

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