Group Speaks Out Against MMA Fights


DECATUR- It's a popular sport with millions of fans across the country.  But one advocacy group says local MMA fights send the wrong message to kids.


Dove Inc. works to prevent domestic violence in the community and assist women who are victims of violence.  Teri Ducy, the program director of domestic violence, worries MMA events set a bad example.  

"Going and attending this may simply provoke what's going to happen later that evening."

"I think it's clearly sends a message that it's ok.  That violence is ok.  That that's a form of entertainment."

Jason Reinhardt disagrees.  He promotes MMA events in Decatur and is a fighter who has fought in the UFC. 

Though he says the sport is brutal, he says the message in the cage is not to spread violence.

And he hopes no one in the audience will re-create what they see

"If they do that, I am very much against that, big time."

Though it's legal here there are places that have bans on cage matches.  Ducy says members of Dove will continue to speak out against MMA fights in town.

Reinhardt says he has an event coming up in Champaign and will continue to promote events here in Decatur.

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