Look Out Below! Windsor Cancer Survivor Skydives Saturday


Taylorville - Four years ago doctors diagnosed Judi Denton, of Windsor, with stage four lung cancer.

Doctors initially gave her just months to live, but so far Denton is beating the odds.
Looking to enjoy life to the fullest, on Saturday she jumped from a plane and went skydiving.
Throughout it all, Denton says her family is what has inspired her to keep going. 

"They've been with me the whole time.  When I'm too sick to do anything they do it.  If I need to go somewhere I can call one of them," says Denton.

For her family, it's her strength that inspires them.

"My mother is an inspiration to everybody we know.  She's one of the strongest people I know," says her daughter, Heidi Nees.
In addition to skydiving Denton has managed to ride a bull, as well as climb the Rocky Mountains, all since being diagnosed.

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