Extreme heat causing air conditioners to quit; repair business booming


MAHOMET -- Scorching temperatures across Central Illinois have some folks losing their cool -- literally. The heat is causing some air conditioning units to quit, and cooling companies are trying to keep up with all the calls.

Kevin Fluke works for Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning, and his Saturday has been non-stop with repairs. He says fixing folks' failed air conditioning units has been common during the recent streak of hot temperatures.

Running your A/C unit on full blast for several days means you could be forcing it to run on more than it can handle, according to Fluke.

So to keep up with high demand for fixes, Fluke has been working long hours -- averaging 12 hour shifts the past few days. But even when outside in extreme heat, the job is still rewarding.

"It feels very good," Fluke said. "They're in need and I'm able to help. And even if it's something temporary, I do what I can to get them cooling."

Nine calls were scheduled before 9 a.m. Saturday morning, and more even more calls are anticipated throughout the day -- and until the heat lets up.

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