Springfield considers banning minors from tanning booths


Springfield, Ill. – The city of Springfield may soon ban minors from using tanning beds even if their parents say it's okay to tan.

"The evidence is in that artificial tanning from ultra-violet sun lamps in these tanning salons is a health hazard," said Alderman Sam Cahnman.

Cahnman is behind an ordinance designed to keep minors from tanning even with a parent's consent.

"Cigarettes, tobacco products, alcohol you can't buy with a parent's consent, this is the same thing. This is a carcinogenic product," Cahnman said.

Cahnman says not only do medical experts support his argument, many parents do, too.

However, some parents disagree.

"That's ridiculous. That's just one more parental right they're trying to take away. It's our choice – our kid," one parent told us.

The Springfield City Council is expected to vote on the matter tonight.

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