Family Receives 58th Decatur Habitat For Humanity Home Sunday


Decatur -  The Decatur Area Habitat for Humanity gave away the keys to house number 58 on Sunday.  The new owner says the experience has been about more than just building a new home, it's changed her life for the better.

Shardae West is a single mother who works hard for what she has.  On Sunday she was given what every family needs.  a home, something completely different from the apartment she previously lived in.

"I had a neighbor, you know, you can hear people coming in, up and down the stairs.  You can hear a lot of noise on the side.  But it's more like sharing with your neighbor, you know," says West.

More importantly her new home is a chance to create a better life for her and her daughter.

West adds,"I'm looking for a brighter future.  This is like a first beginning for me.  There's more to come after this.  I'm going to build onto my house and I'm just happy to be a home owner."

In order to receive keys to the new house, West had to provide 300 hours of sweat equity in the community.  Now that she has her home, she says she's going to continue to help others.

"I like it.  I worked at the good Samaritan volunteer hours and i liked it there.  I'll definitely be going back just to do some hours for them," says West.

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