Talking To Kids About Colorado Shootings


Decatur - Kids are familiar with Batman.  News about the Colorado theater shootings that killed 12 and wounded 71 during a screening of the new Batman movie could raise questions in young minds.

If children ask questions about the incident the best advice from experts to parents is tell the truth.  Keep it simple.  Don't lie.  If a six year old asks what happened tell him, "A man with a gun went into a theater and hurt some people."  According to the experts don't get into graphic details since most young children simply need basic answers.  Tell them "Bad things happen sometimes, but not too often."

Tom Moll, a licensed clinical social worker at St. Mary's Hospital in Decatur, agrees to keep your answers to kids questions simple.  "The best rule of thumb is to answer questions they have as honestly as you can," Moll told WAND News.  "Keep in mind their developmental level and their ability to process information.  They may have a simple question about the events that happened in Colorado.  Keep your answers simple as well."


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