Doctors say heat could affect mental health, too


DECATUR -- Some doctors are saying this extreme heat could affect your mental health. The hot weather is taking a toll on the greenery outside, but it could be drying out your patience.

With hot temperatures like Monday's, experts say many folks can't enjoy their normal activities to relieve stress. That's leaving some people angry and irritable, according to St. Mary's Hospital counselor Steve Rathnow.

But Rathnow says there's a key rule to staying cool and calm.

"Learn to roll with the punches," Rathnow said. "People are real good at doing that when the punches only last a short time, but this one [the drought] is dragging on for months and months, and there's really no end in sight. We have to learn to accept what we cannot change."

Doctors advise trying to find relaxing ways to beat the heat.. and beat your stress. According to Rathnow, doing something simple like reading a book can combat stress while keeping you cool.

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