Nearly naked for animal rights


SPRINGFIELD -- One organization has a beef with you eating meat, and they're fighting for animal rights without many clothes on.

It was a silent protest outside a steak restaurant, but they were grabbing your attention by being nearly naked.

A girl with almost no clothes and splattered fake blood was the sight on the corner of Veteran's Parkway in Springfield Tuesday afternoon. But there was no emergency.

Animal rights activist group PETA says it was supposed to be a "live" meat package, and it's all a park of PETA's new campaign to go vegan. That means having a diet totally free of meat and dairy -- anything involving an animal.

PETA campaigners say they're doing it so you think a little more about what's on your plate -- before it was slaughtered.

"They have their throats slit while they're still fully conscious and able to feel pain," said PETA campaigner Tracy Patton.

According to Patton, some pigs have their tails, testicles and teeth cut off without any painkillers, and other cows are skinned alive.

"It's appalling to think about cooking a human being to eat, but people would really lose their lunch if they saw how a hamburger or hot dog was made," said Patton.

So what's with laying on the trays? PETA says they wanted to mimic real meat packaging and spread the message that flesh is flesh -- whether it's a human, cow, chicken or fish.

PETA says it's not just spreading the word in Springfield. They're heading to Carbondale to do the same Wednesday.

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